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The Turn [Alessandra]

Fiolette Fortan


Chunapur District, Kala Trade Centers
Meeting With [member="Alessandra Creed"]


Fiolette had a meeting with the Minister of Commerce and to be honest she suspected that a meeting with someone within the Confederacy. Minister of Commerce? She arched a brow in the mirror. The suit frustrated her a bit and so she took off the bow tie and decided to make do, Primo Victorian Shipwright had recently opened up a trade station over Druckenwell and on Shimia, a design office and were looking to get in on the stock exchange here within the KTC. The small studio flat above the office served to give Fiolette time to make sure she looked alright for this meeting. "Our droid starfighter programme, our programme offers the latest in-" Fiolette exhaled, and shook off her nerves as she looked herself over in the mirror. "Fiolette Yvarro, Primo Victorian Shipwright. Good morning Minister," she opened her jaw wide and got look at her teeth a moment and sighed.


The protocol droid waddled over, "yes madame?"


"Your meeting with the Minister of Commerce is within the next hour at the Naantai." Naantai had been highly rated by many on the holo and when Fiolette reached out to the chefs at the Druckenwell station they confirmed it was the best place for a true Bharatan brunch. "You then must meet with your designers with regards to finalizing the Mara station design, then we must be on our way to meet with educators for our Thanos location."

Fiolette nodded in acknowledgment, "and how's Petrovsky?"

"Good madame, he sends his regards."

Sven Petrovsky had been sent to a university, Alderaan if she wasn't mistaken. He would no doubt be back at her side barking up a storm about her diet soon enough, not that he didn't already do so from where he was. Or ask if she was maintaining her exercises. Honestly, Petrovsky perhaps knew more about her than she cared to admit. "And Ms. Galeway and Ms. Montague?"

"They are currently enjoying the Nupasar District, and such lovely photographs."

A delighted look crossed her features, "excellent, now then shall we?"

"Of course, we've made the reservations and I believe we can make a small visit to the trade floor once we're done."

"Good, let us be on our way." The retired grand admiral left the flat early enough and headed down for the speeder pad.