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The Sword in the...Carbonite

Cedric Dorn

Diana held her blade Tyrfing in her right hand. She allowed the sheen to pass over the blade as sunlight struck it. Here on Cato Neimoidia the sun was bright, passing through the few clouds with no problem at all. For a time the Jedi Councilor simply marveled at the blade, watching as the light bounced off the blade and allowing it to gleam in a strange blue hue with tiny bits of red wavering through it. Red for the blood of the men it had killed, red for the blood of an Emperor, Red for the blood of Sith that had been spilled upon it.

For what seemed like an age Diana simply stared at the blade, wondering if she had been right in using it, if it had ever been right to use such a weapon. Tyrfing had been a blade of death, a blade that had been used to kill, to sever limbs and the force. It had been a blade used to cleanse with light.

Some had called it the Blessed blade, the blade that had ended Velok, nearly killed Mikhail Shorn, and had sliced the Emperor enough to force him into a surrender. It was a blade that by right most Sith feared. It was a blade that would burn anyone who had touched the darkside, a blade that would destroy shadows wherever they were. It was not a blade to save lives. It was a blade to kill. Not a Jedi's weapon, not in any sense of the word.

Diana watched as the light glimmered off the blade, letting it softly reflect onto the white temple stone around her.

A few Jedi seemed to watch her as she did this. Most of them knew her by name, she was a common sight here on Cato Neimoidia, this was her favorite world after all. The Jedi here however had no idea why she was here, or what she was doing with Tyrfing. Most of the time the blade only exited its scabbard when it was time the kill, and most knew that. Obviously Diana did not intend this today, she had something else in mind.

With short but slow steps Diana walked to the center of a small dais in the center opening of the temple. It was a raised platform surrounded by pillars of pure white marble, on the ground of It was a massive scrawling mural of pure blue flames, accumulating at the center in a pure ball of fire that could only be seen as a sun.

Slowly the Jedi Master stepped onto the dais, turning around her blade with a quick flick of her wrist.

Then with one solid swift downward stab Diana shanked her blade into the center of the burning sun. Tyrfing wrenched deep into the ground, stabbing with no problem deep into the marble. The stone did not splinter or crack, but instead accepted the blade with only a soft shink sound. Tyrfing embedded itself in the marble, sticking in place almost perfectly in the center of the mural.

Diana's eyes once again took on their normal listless qualities. She frowned slightly however as she looked at Tyrfing as if still displeased. Slowly the Jedi master stepped off the dais and with a soft wave of her hand motioned to a set of droids near her.

The two drones hovered towards the blade, and with soft but loud beams of carbonite began to embed the blade deeper within the stone. The droids sealed Tyrfing in place, making it nearly impossible to draw the blade with anything less than a starship drive working to extract it. The carbonite hardened almost immediately.

When the automatons were finally done Diana smiled, nodding to herself as if pleased. With a quick turn of her heels the Jedi Master turned about.

She walked away from her blade.