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Work In Progress The Stormhounds



  • Name: Stormhounds
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Viridian Viridian
  • Average Lifespan: 5000
  • Estimated Population: Interplanetary (100,530)
  • Description: The Storm Hounds are a species of wolf like creatures. They are red furred, and have antennas. They also have a horn on their head that glows whenever they use their Force Powers.
  • Breathes: All Types.
  • Average Height of Adults:
    • Male: 71–76 cm, Female: 68–71 cm.
  • Average Length of Adults:
    • 50 - 60 cm.
  • Skin color: Gray
  • Hair color: Red, Black, Gold, Purple, Dark Blue.
  • Distinctions: The Storm Hounds are a red furred wolf-like creature that travels in packs. Standing at 71 Centimeters for males, and 76 for females, these red furred creatures have cloud / lightning bolt markings on their body. They also have antenna sticking out of their foreheads, as well. They also have a horn sticking out of their forehead, as well.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: High

Force Strengths:
  • The Stormhounds possess a unique connection to the weather, their main ability with the Force. They can sort of "predict" the weather by sensing atmospheric patterns, and changes in the wind. They can also sense Earthquakes when they have their paws on the ground. This is not all they can do, though, not at all.
  • Their second ability is to unleash a sort of devastating Howl that can smash a battle droid or kill a normal human with ease.
  • Their third and second to final ability is that they can manipulate the weather.
  • Their fourth is that they can turn into a mist to teleport.
  • Their fifth is that they have limited use of telepathy (Communication with their owners)
  • Their sixth is that they can use telekinesis to operate basic machinery, and devices. They can also use this to 'fly.'
  • They can adapt to a multitude of environments.
Other Strengths:

  • Loyalty: When a Stormhound is properly domesticated it is fiercely loyal to the owner. It will follow orders, and do whatever it takes to see the owner safe - even sacrificing it's life in the process.
  • Quick Learner: The Stormhounds can be taught to do a variety of tasks, like fetching, playing dead, hunting, attacking your enemies, guarding your treasures, guarding people, etc.
  • Long Lived: They have long life spans.

  • Fruit: Fruit is poisonous to them, and will cause them to die over a matter of hours unless it is pumped from their stomachs, and all traces of it removed. This is all manner of fruits, btw except Pears and Oranges.
  • The Howl: The Howl can't kill humanoid species if they're not directly hit by it, or are wearing any sort of armor. At best, it could only break bones if it hits armor or misses directly.
  • Force Light: Force Light would be a method to torment the Stormhounds, as they are creatures of the Dark Side of the Force.
  • Ylasmari / Force Nullification: As the creatures rely on the Force for most of their defenses, they would be nearly defenseless should they be stripped of the force.
  • Munitions: Most manner of Guns would be effective on them.
  • Raw: Raw Meat is toxic to them. The same is true of raw eggs.
  • Bond: When the owner of a Stormhound dies, the Stormhound itself dies.
  • Needles: Needles cause the Stormhounds to freak out.
  • Diet: These primarily are Omnivores, though they prefer eating Sushi, Seafood, and Rice. Mushrooms are also another favorite of theirs, as is vegetables. They do not like the taste of red meat. To them all manner of fruit is toxic except Pears and Oranges.
  • Communication: Barks, Yips, Body Language, Telepathy.
  • Technology level: Galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A
  • General behavior: The Stormhounds have a high value on family. When they are domesticated, they view the owner and his family as part of their "pack" and are fiercely loyal and protective of them. Trying to hurt their master is a way to earn the ire of the entire pack. They hunt for seafood, and vegetables themselves. They usually vary between Nocturnal and Diurnal. The Stormhounds will obey any orders that their owner is giving them. They're usually friendly when they're domesticated, loving to snuggle their owner and play with them. However, they are very afraid of needles. They also aren't sure how to feel about Jedi or Sith.
Sith Spawn were alcehmic creations made by the Sith using their twisted sciences. Inspired by such, Viridian decided to make a species that he could command. One that would be useful for a wide range of tasks, and activities. Choosing a species of hound that was more like the Tu'kata, he experimented on them, creating a new species known as the Storm Hounds. Hundreds of alterations later, he managed to give them the abilities he wanted them to have, namely the power to tap into the Force to a degree. Upon completing his experiments, he deemed them ready. Most of them were sold to a client who put them on a planet. A few who were sold to private investors, and he kept some for himself, as well. Now these inhabit a few worlds across the cosmos.
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Ylla Caeli'runa

Codex Judge
Hello there Viridian Viridian ! Thank you for your patience with me on this one. There are multiple things that we'll need to look into expanding here.

Description | I pulled this excerpt from this field, "Standing at 71 Centimeters for males, and 76 for females...", and I believe you've switched up your numbers here. According to your lengths above the Description. it should be 76 for males and 71 for females.
Force Strengths |
Force Howl (Scream)
After looking into the Force Scream wiki page and a biiiit more research on wolf howls, I don't see how the two would mix. Force Screams are often involuntary and violent outbursts of Force energy. Howls, being the main form of communication for wolves, are definitely not involuntary. So, that leaves me with a few questions: What's the range of this ability? Does this ability extend to all of their howls?When does it happen, Does the size/length of the howl effect the range or power of the damage done to droid or humanoid being? Is it sustainable or does it die out quickly?
Weather Manipulation
Same issue as above. The idea of weather manipulation via Alter Environment is cool. It just is. But, again, it's very broad and generalized which is very iffy when it comes to Codex and making sure things would work the way they're intended while still in keeping with fairness and the rules of Chaos. So, what kind of manipulation? Is it limited to storms or rain? Can they clear clouds to make it sunny? How long can they manipulate weather on average before being burned out, is it sustainable? Is it a draining experience that requires a ton of focus?
As with the others, a few things to consider here. Can they do it at will? Is there a "cooldown" time between teleports? How far can they teleport away?
I believe it'd be best to also add Force Flight to the links in place of telekinesis and add weaknesses that take their Force abilities into account. Like for flight, if they lose concentration, what happens?
Historical Information | Please correct the spelling of alchemy as well as the Tuk'ata. Please also link the Tuk'ata species here.