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The State of the Alliance | Update/Vote

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State of the Alliance
Howdy, Alliance. As you all obviously know, we recently kicked a recall notice in the nuts in spectacular fashion, and personally I have been damn proud of the effort that all of you put into keeping us around despite the recall. However, the admins have been talking for some time now, and we think that it's about time we have a clear and reasonable discussion about the future of the Alliance on Chaos, and in the map game.

Over the past few months there have been a few curious threads popping up here and then questioning our activity, and we've had a wide range of discussions on how we might be able to improve things and bring some life back to areas of the Alliance which have been waning, specifically in regards to our PvP presence. However, considering the nature of our most recent skirmishes, I think it is clear that our drive to continue as things are has been low.

Before I continue, I don't want to undervalue the immense effort that a number of you have put in, the Alliance has some amazing writers, and many have stuck with it through all sorts of trouble, I have met some of the most dedicated and welcoming writers in my life here, and everyone's efforts have been appreciated, however, it is because I and the admins value you guys, and the Alliance as a whole, that we want to be making the right decisions in the long-run.

The Alliance thus far has existed for almost three whole years, a damned long time for any faction on Chaos, and that's due in no small part to the efforts of you writers, however, the admins have come to a reasonable conclusion that, due to a number of factors - including our own personal schedules, the faction's pvp presence, activity in faction threads, etc. - that it may have come time for the Alliance to step back from its position as a Major Faction.

This is not a decision the admin team is taking lightly, but we have been hard at work trying to construct a storyline that will be engaging, enjoyable, and give a deserved and memorable ending to the Alliance after its long run, rather than a rather unsatisfactory and sad recall which may come if things continue as they are. We still do want to make sure that we are acting in the interests of you, the writers, however, and so this vote will run until 12:00AM, May 21st, PST to hopefully give everyone enough time to vote and get their thoughts in.

I encourage everyone to engage in the thread below with your thoughts on this, if you vote against the faction going minor, please let us know why, and give us some of your ideas for how we might be able to increase activity, we can't do it without you! Similarly, if you vote for the faction to go minor, give us ideas of what you'd like to see in the storyline leading towards it.

The Alliance is an amazing faction and that's because of the efforts of all the writers who fill it, and regardless of whether we continue as a major or step down to a minor faction, it's been a hell of a run, and even in my limited time as FO, I have had a blast, so thank you all for that.

Godspeed, Rebels.
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