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The start of something... strange


Kraxon floated gently against the cockpit ceiling of the ship his form just a dense fog above the head of his personal slaves. His ears and feet sat silently as pilot and co-pilot accordingly working the controls his pious body couldn't operate. It was the one thing he wouldn't admit to himself in truth he needed these slaves. They'd transcended from slaves to body parts and he cared for them as well as he would have himself. That being true they were his and they had come to accept their roles to such a degree they wouldn't know what to do otherwise.

The ship was highly modifiable but at the moment he lacked the credits to do everything he had in mind. At the moment though he had a twenty Hutt legionnaire war droids in stand by mode in what was the hanger. They would bring about his fortune and the changes he dreamed of. His hands were in gunner seats just waiting for the right prey. A transport was preferable, but he'd take what he could he needed to pay the premium on these war droids.

They were heavily preferable to fleshies who it seems were a little too unenlightened to understand the slave trade. He was taking the burdens of life away and giving each a purpose. A good master didn't destroy his property on a whim but cared for them and kept them strong. How many homeless walked the underbelly of the vaunted Republic. Would their lot not be better served living with purpose and towards their own transcendence? He would free them all from burdens of the flesh so they could live with purpose and freedom of their minds.

At the moment he operated outside of any of the powers that be sphere of influence but as he grew that would change. He would bring them enlightenment and freedom from their own nature. Below the floating apparition sat his mouth. The Herglic sat in a meditative blissfully unaware state. The deathstick barely gripped in his hand as he transcended beyond the physical layers. These were the only living things he allowed to see him. He lived through them and they through him found peace and transcendence.

The Herglic when it had a name was constantly feeling uncomfortable in its own body. Its largeness constantly pointed out as he had difficulty moving through doors made for smaller races. It was angry and its mind contained in its disharmony could not transcend. Klaxon had freed him, his flesh was the weakness not the mind. When the mind was free did it matter what purpose the body worked towards?

Kraxon lowered himself to his mouth enveloping him and the cloud of smoke that trailed from his mouth. “Soon you shall have more brethren, and we and them will be one. We shall create purpose and freedom of the mind. We shall show them the limits of their bodies then teach them to break those bonds.” His voice was a hypnotic whisper as his formed wrapped around the Herglic bringing the smoke back up to his blow hole. ((OOC: That is just weird to say for some reason))

He could feel the smooth texture of his skin and taste the air as he exhaled. It was amazing these fleshies had no idea what it was like to become one with another creature. Their acts of coitus were simple and instinctual they simply were too bound to the physical. He was not and never would be of their world he'd floated for years amongst the clouds bathed in light and thought, but he would enlighten them, even if these were the means.

“We have found an appropriate ship. Its a small shuttle should be a good test run.” It was his ears which spoke is voice soft and low. In his earlier life he'd been a human body builder but now his flesh was gaunt as he sought enlightenment and pushed away the needs of his body.
“Excellent, take out their shields and engines and then we shall loose the droids amongst them.”


The shuttle wasn't prepared in the least for what happened. How could it be with the crackdown galaxy wide on the slave trade and the growth of central governments the major hyperspace lanes were considered safe. The Mara Corridor was a no man's land as for as those powers were concerned they simply hadn't stretched their influence that far yet. It was a waiting haven for the enterprising business man, and was ripe for harvest.

The heavy freighter moved in close to the shuttle sending out a short range distress beacon. The beacon itself wouldn't travel more then a few hundred thousand kilometers away but it was enough to bring the shuttle closer. Once they got in close range his hands followed his orders to the letter. The first few bursts of fire were enough to weaken the shuttle's civilian shields. After that they simply kept in close firing at the engine and its casing until the light of hope departed and the shuttle just floated limply like a dead animal. Kraxon eyed the damaged ship without pleasure. He'd need to change the lasers out for ion cannons. If the hull had been ruptured he'd have lost the entire harvest.

His ghostly body floated up stretching out to near translucence as he moved down the ship towards his droid soldiers. This test run would offer up many opportunities to learn and grow if he paid attention and simply observed. He found the metallic bodies of the droids fascinating. Droids weren't like fleshies they were not trapped by their flesh but rather enhanced by the metal. The sentient droids could choose their shapes, and parts. They were not limited by the bounds of flesh, bone, and muscle which had a predetermined potential a fleshie which could met but never exceed.

His enterprise cemented with the Hutts as his only current buy would grow, and in the end he would free them all from themselves. The lights in the bay suddenly turned on brightly as the two ships were sealed together. “Go, my metal children, capture the unenlightened ones. We began here but soon our reach will know no limits.”


They'd already sliced into the shuttle and killed his lights, so Kraxon floated in like a layer of fog above the heads of the droids. He was gaining an affinity for these efficient metal creatures. He even heard that in time with enough processing they could become self-aware, and that was his purpose in the galaxy to let it become truly aware. Fleshies defined themselves by their limitations, but they could find enlightenment he believed.

He had heard of force users who could go beyond the physical and some who even after death became 'one' with the force. They transcended beyond the physical beyond all limitations. Perhaps they didn't need his aid, but he wasn't sure of that it seemed only the rare few could claim that much freedom. For the rest of the galaxy he would bring them to states of ecstasy where the wants of the body vanished and the mind was all that mattered.

The droids were already making their way onto the shuttle the sounds of fear echoed among the ship's corridors. The darkness was nothing for the sensors of the battle droids though as they moved through the ship with a steady speed. The sound of the cold metallic feet pounding o n the metal corridor's floors left a hollow echo throughout the entire ship. The dead ship's systems were silent now only its artificial gravity remained to make the capture of its inhabitants easier. The fog form of Kraxon invisible in the blackened ship.

He tried to imagine it from one of the shuttle's passengers point of reference, the only light the red light of battle droids as they filed into the last corridor leading into the cockpit. Fifteen huddled bodies coming together as the cold analytic droids raised their weaponry and fired into the mass. It was only a stun setting but it would tingle more then just a little. Their sudden lack of screams let Kraxon know they were all unconscious and with a feeling of satisfaction he lowered himself amongst his newest harvest.

He could feel the fear and heat radiating off their prone bodies. Sinking himself further into the pile of bodies he enjoyed the warmth they radiated. Their slow breath entered and exited out of his gaseous form as they took his essence into themselves. They were his now and he would bring them freedom, and no amount of resistance would see him denied. “Take them into the ship and have my ears come aboard to bring this ship down to salvage.” It was time to test out the holding cell he'd mocked out of one of the passenger rooms.