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Runi Verin

Two pounds shy of a bomb.


Intent: To create a unique frigate for Kaleb Rathe.
Image Source: Pierre Loyvet, Omar Sabrou
Canon Link: N/A
Permissions: N/A
Primary Source: N/A


Affiliation: Kaleb Rathe
Model: SRL-8RVH Mandarb-Class Frigate
Production: Unique
Material: Farium, Hibridium, Isotope-5, Kelsh, Nightshadow, Trimantium, Tunqstoid, Starship Components.


Classification: Hunter-Killer Frigate
Length: 275m
Width: 50m
Height: 85m
Armament: Very High | Average (SLAM)
Deck Cannons (Port & Starboard)
Defenses: Average
Hangar Space: High (2)
Hangar Allocations:
Starfighters: 1 squadrons
Support Craft: 1 Squadrons
Maneuverability Rating: Average
Speed Rating: High | Extreme (SLAM)
Hyperdrive Class: Average (1.0)


The Starjammer features the whole standard array of shields, communications and systems that are commonly associated with vessels of its class.



Tinker, Tailor, Hunter-Killer: The Starjammer was purpose built for ambushes, hit and run tactics, and preying on enemy supply lines. A role it excels in.
The Need For Speed: SLAM drive massively boosts the Starjammer’s speed for short periods, allowing it to chase down smaller vessels or even make a quick exit should the need arise.
Swallow You Whole: Starjammer can field one combat squadron and one squadron of support craft should the need arise.
Invisible Jerkass: The Starjammer features a Hibridium cloaking device that allows it to effectively turn invisible and avoid sensors for a short period of time. Additional components, such as a Gravitic Amplitude Modulator and a Mag-Field Generator, have been installed to mitigate some of the cloak’s shortcomings and further enhance the element of stealth it provides.


Schoolyard Bully: Possessing only average defences, the Starjammer is not designed for slugfests or prolonged engagements with more meatier vessels.
Dangerzone: SLAM Drive consumes an immense amount of power while active, causing several weapon systems to shutdown and require a 90 second reboot once disengaged.
In The Dark: The Hibridium cloaking device creates a ‘double-blind’ that cuts off the Starjammer’s visuals, communications, and sensors while active. Due to the additional components hastily applied in a ramshackle, roughshod attempt to offset some issues, the cloak also has a tendency to overheat while active for long periods of time and can find itself abruptly cutting out as a result. Thirty seven minutes (and twenty one seconds) is the current maximum run time it can manage before shorting out.
Choke On It: Due to requiring the bow hangar bay to be open, the Starjammer is vulnerable to frontal assaults whilst deploying or recovering squadrons.


Manufactured close to a century or more prior to the current era, the Mandarb-Class Frigate was designed and built to fulfill a hunter-killer role within local sector naval forces, being marketed as the ideal weapon against pirates. Unfortunately, due to a slump in Stellarwind’s fortunes at the time, the end product ultimately failed to meet the expectations it had generated and production was quickly halted after only a brief run. Surplus stock was subsequently sold off, leading (ironically) for many of them to end up in the hands of the very same pirates they had been built to hunt.
The Starjammer is believed to have passed through numerous hands before it was acquired by its current owner, receiving numerous upgrades, retrofits and refurbishments during that time. Beyond the bare bones of its frame, barely any of the original factory model has been retained. On top of the numerous stealth packages, weapon systems and electronic countermeasures installed, the vessel was also converted to field a small detachment of starfighters and support craft, in effect turning it into a pocket carrier. In effect adding almost a jack of all trades versatility to the otherwise hyper-focused vessel.
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