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The Spirit of Druckenwell

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Destroyed during the Omega Event

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Intent: To continue the trend of resubmitting the ship after it changes hands and documenting changes, from the Atrisian's Emperors's Shield to Vos-class Praxeum Ship Tranquility from the CIS forces which had captured it from the Republic as the Teferi-class Star Defender Shepherd.
Development Thread: Acquired here

  • Kuat Drive Yards (Originally, Republic)
  • Druckenwell Shipyards (Confederacy of Independent Systems)
  • Junbei Hao (Atrisian)
  • Corellian Engineering Corporation (Omega Protectorate)
Model: Teferi-class Star Dreadnought
Omega Pyre with Galactic Alliance
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, Turadium, Glasteel
After the fall of the Atrisian Empire, the Emperor's Shield was stolen away to hide it to be used by the future Atrisian queen. However, it wound up in Protectorate hands through a convoluted series of events culminating in its reappearance over Druckenwell against, ironically enough, against those who had first stolen it where it proved instrumental in routing the Confederate's forces and later in preventing the total obliteration of the planet below.

Renamed The Spirit of Druckenwell, the ship was first put into drydock to begin augmenting the ship to match Protectorate standards and to ensure there were no traps or backdoors left in the ship's database. All of the old Atrisian datacores were wiped and removed, with new models brought in and installed with Protectorate security measures. In addition every corridor, turbolift, ventilation shaft were scanned for leftover traps.

The first thing done after the ship was deemed secure was the clearing out of an entire wing of the ship to make room for a secondary main gun; two heavy quad long-range hypervelocity guns. Taking up much of the interior with magnetic accelerators, primary and secondary capacitors, dedicated power generators, and the cannons themselves, these weapons are every bit as effective as those found on the terrifying Indomitable-class Star Defenders or on the Leviathan itself. In addition, this wing houses dozens of smaller weapons testing labs.

After a little rearranging, the next task was the complete removal of all the old Atrisian tech and fighters. Most of these went straight to scrap, evaluated as sub-optimal at best, useless at worst. However, the Tora drop pods were interesting and left alone for study and eventual duplication. The entirety of another two wings were converted solely for military operations. One of the wing's was mostly hollowed out to all for the mass deployment of the ship's nearly six hundred starfighters. The hanger is secured with a massive turadium bulkhead during non-combat operations, and is sub-divided into fifty different subhangers for individual squadrons.

The third wing was altered and contained one hundred seventy-six entire decks devoted solely to live-fire combat training. Often times the teams are divided into two different colors and pitted against one another to build camaraderie and experience in a variety of environments, from desert and ice to urban and zero g. The wing is fully stocked with every kind of Protectorate weapon, armor, and vehicle imaginable. However, as only a pair of elevators run to the exterior of the ship, none of the vehicles are available for use in actual military operations.

The fourth wing has been converted into a large academy for sciences and art, as well as housing much of the ship's recreational facilities. Numerous research labs fill the wing and are constantly engaged with researching the plagues and maladies of the galaxy, such as the Denon zombie virus, Sith poison, and even the Gulag Plague itself. Each lab is isolated from the others and sit within vacuum chambers. In the event of contamination, the single lab is exposed to unshielded output of several solar ionization reactors before being jettisoned into space. Greenhouses, nature-filled atriums, parks, and other physical exercise facilities fill the interior of the wing and are open to all.

The fifth wing was converted into the ship's primarily support wing, filled with hydroponic bays, massive water reservoirs and recycle plants, and contains the primary storage facilities for much of the ship's inventory. Amongst the thousands of storage units are a number of specially marked pods designed to house dangerous Force artifacts, creatures, or beings. Lined with nullification resin, these areas are under constant surveillance with strict orders to shoot anyone on sight not cleared first to come down.

The sixth wing is devoted solely to crew housing and care. Special facilities, both recreational and professional, are housed here and limited to permanently stationed crew members. Psychological evaluations are performed every six months. Given the number of crew members, the evaluations are actually constantly being performed, as are other routine medical evaluations, year round. About two hundred personnel are scanned and cleared each day without noticeably affecting morale or ship operations.

Much of the expensive nature of defending the ship was already graciously paid for by the Atrisians, which simply left it to the Protectorate to crew and oversee the defenses.

Atrisian Description:
After the theft of the Shepherd/Tranquility from the CIS by Je'gan Olra'en and his crew -- @[member="Rosa Mazhar"], @[member="Moira Skaldi"], Jorus Merrill, @[member=Triko], @[member="Cody Weadge"], @[member="Cora Passek"], @[member="Junko Ike"], @[member="Rexus Drath"], @[member="Lucien Cordel"] and @[member="Jared Ovmar"] -- the vessel was rerouted through a heavily trapped asteroid field to shake pursuers, then sent on to a refit setup near Galactic Empire space. There, under the guidance of the man who had helped design it in the first place, it was refit into a balanced combat vessel. The huge ion cannons were replaced with a proportional turbolaser loadout, and two and a half wings of starfighters found a place inside the cavernous hull.

Its more fragile bits of undercarriage were restructured and armored, as the space city became a halfway functional dreadnought. This increased durability came at a cost: The former space city is, if possible, even slower than it was before.

Crew numbers increased significantly as the vessel attained a proportional number of guns to its size. It sacrificed two of its four layers of shielding in order to balance power draw, especially from the immense main battery. The remaining two layers still leave it nearly impregnable in most circumstances.

Anti-intruder defenses have been put in place, including enclision grids, turadium blast doors, well-monitored ventilation shafts, and automated, free-flowing ID waypoints. Additionally, all computer systems have been completely replaced; no remaining Republic or CIS backdoor codes can possibly work. Likewise, the bridge is now a CIC-style room deep within the ship, and all access turbolifts are, as a rule, indirect and broken by monitors. The bridge itself, as well as Main Engineering, is heavily secured and well guarded.

The contents of the sanctum archives and holocron storage facility had mostly vanished during the evacuation portion of the heist. As a result, those areas, as well as the meditation chambers, were co-opted for military purposes. Officially, after all, the Empire would never cater to its Force-using population so blatantly.

CIS Description:
In the wake of the Auction of Contruum, the Teferi-class Star Defender came into the ownership of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Straightway, a meeting was held amongst the leading members of the government in order to decide what exactly to do with the ship. Some voted to tap into its enormous potential for utilization as a warship, through fitting the vessel with a tremendous sum of cannons. However, the majority vote ruled that the Teferi-class Star Defender would remain very similar to the state in which it came into the Confederacy's possession and would fulfill the role it formerly played within the Galactic Republic. As such, it was renamed, re-colored, re-fitted, and re-classed. No longer would it be known as the Shepherd, or Teferi-class Star Defender...for the Vos-class Praxeum Ship: the Tranquility, had been born.

As a whole, the Tranquility differs very little from its original incarnation. In fact, the most notable change, aside from the change in paint color, is the swapping out of a small number of Quad Laser Cannons and Flak Guns for Point-Defense Emplacements. Internally, there had been modifications done to a number of the chambers that were formerly reserved for farming. In total, three were repurposed in order to be large-scale, meditation wings which revolved around an individual's Force Alignment. This was done so that the Tranquility mirrored the various Sanctums about Confederate space.

However, even with these changes, "War does not make one great" is still emblazoned above the hangar doors and the chocolate fountain still runneth over with goodness.

Republic Description:
The Teferi-class began life as a warship, deep in the Unknown Regions, its creators and purpose unknown. As is so often the case in the Unknown Regions, however, purposes and tales became twisted, and the vessel was passed on from salvager to warlord to syndicate for seven hundred years. Stripped out and redesigned a hundred times, it was nearly useless by the time the Republic recovered it in operations around the newly acquired Unknown Regions world of Ilum. The fundamental structure and materials involved, however, were still moderately intact, and at the personal request of Jedi Master Synlidwirh, the Republic financed a KDY-backed reclamation effort to turn the ancient warship into a mobile praxeum.

The end result was a successor to the Chu’unthor, boasting a hundred turbolaser cannons and a wing of Jedi starfighters (a far cry from what it would eventually carry). Dubbed the Spiro -- the original and untranslatable name of the ancient warship -- the vessel embarked on an extensive and arduous shakedown cruise to test its spaceworthiness and mission viability. It served as a base for the Jedi Shadows under Synlidwirh, and as a major training facility under Asha Seren. With Seren’s death, however, and after the conclusion of the shakedown cruise, the Republic took a hard look at the cost-prohibitive vessel.

Teams of KDY engineers closely monitored the vessel’s structural and technical performance during the shakedown cruise. They compiled extensive data and presented a list of recommendations to the Jedi Council -- and to the Republic. The Teferi project, it transpired, had more potential and a higher budget than the initial prognosis indicated, and with the success of theSpiro, a go-ahead was given for a comprehensive reworking of the vessel.

The vessel’s immense engines and reactors were removed, rearranged and augmented, along with other key components such as the hydroponics bays, structural supports and hangers. A full re-engineering of the Spiro took place as its mass quadrupled, rendering the vessel unrecognizable. The Teferi project received funding and sponsorship from humanitarian organizations and agencies, on top of the Jedi Order and Republic construction funding budgets. The resulting ship is the new incarnation of the Teferi-class.Dubbed the Shepherd, the new city-ship is fully capable of staging medical or diplomatic intervention across interstellar distances, transporting the entirety of the Jedi Order if necessary, and even evacuating small populations. It is emphatically not a warship -- “War does not make one great” is still emblazoned above the hangar doors, and apart from a heavy complement of ion cannons, the Shepherd boasts zero anti-capital weaponry.

It is, however, defensively impregnable. Redundant Mon Calamari-designed shields from Eshan Drive Yards protect the city ship from the combined firepower of entire fleets. They are comparable to a minor set of planetary shield generators. Large numbers of quad laser cannons and flak guns protect the Shepherd from any starfighter, bomber, gunship or warhead assault, and paired tractor/pressor beams defend the city ship against debris or major impacts, even in the event that the shields are breached. The navigation centre, hidden deep within the ship alongside the hyperdrive and HIMS, operates on a large control chair, virtually a throne. A microjump-capable navicomputer and redundant hyperdrive, along with the HIMS, prevent the Shepherd from being trapped in most circumstances -- and if the vessel needs to jump to hyperspace through a fighter cloud, its shields are more than capable of handling the workload.

Classification: Event Ship
Role: Star Dreadnought, Command Station
Height: 2,200 meters
Width: 5,200 meters
Length: 6,000 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Six Solar Ionization Reactors
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2
Minimum Crew: 5,000
Optimal Crew: 60,000

  • One Heavy Long-Range Quad Turbolaser Octuple Barbette Battery (128 barrels, 1280 gun equivalence)
  • Two Quad Javelin Hypervelocity Cannons ( 8 barrels, 800 gun equivalence)
  • Twenty Heavy Quad Turbolaser Cannon Batteries ( 160 battery/640 gun equivalence )
  • Forty Heavy Dual Ion Cannon Batteries ( 160 battery/640 gun equivalence )
  • One Hundred Sixty Heavy Fast-Mount Ion Cannon Turrets ( 320 gun equivalence )
  • One Hundred Forty-Five Heavy Energy Torpedo Projectors
  • Eighty-Five Quad Laser Cannon Batteries
  • Seventy Flak Cannon Batteries
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Anti-Intruder Defenses
  • Chocolate Fountain (Confirmed)
  • CIC-style Bridge
  • Crystal Gravfield Trap
  • Diplomatic Suites
  • Encryption Network
  • Escape Pods
  • Firing Ranges/Combat Simulation Chambers
  • Flight Simulation Chambers
  • Force-User Detention Cells
  • Gourmet Mess Hall
  • Grifball Arena
  • Gymnasia
  • Heavy Tractor Beams (x75)
  • Holonet Transceiver
  • Hydroponics Bay/Vertical Farming Complex (3)
  • Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer
  • Long-Range Sensor Array
  • Nullification Resin/Artifact Containment Vault
  • Ranger Transceiver
  • Redundant Light Planetary Shield Generators (Recessed/Turadium-plated)
  • Sanctum Archives & Holocron Storage Facility
  • Standard Communications Array
  • Standard Detention Cells
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Standard Navicomputer
  • Standard Targeting Systems
  • Training Rooms (Adjustable Configuration)
Passenger Capacity: 100,000
Cargo Capacity: 450,000 metric tons
Consumables: 10 years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 9.5
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