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The Sky Kingdom

[SIZE=18pt]The Storm Kingdom:[/SIZE]
The Storm Kingdom was born out of Spintir. The Storm King a man with the Force wielding a massive blade and possessing a massive army led it with a sense of ruthless efficiency, eliminating all in his path. Following him, as rulers of the planets the Kingdom had Conquered conquered, were the Dread Lords hailed as loyal soldiers who obeyed the rules of the Storm King with brutal accuracy, leading armies into battle at the head of legions of Storm Soldiers and fleets of Death Bringers, massive ships who were the terrors of pirates near and around Spintir and the enemies of the Storm Kingdom. And, wielding the force as a tool were the Dragoons an order led the Blade Lord, one who had extreme martial prowess and mastery of the Force.

[SIZE=14pt]Blade Lord:[/SIZE] [SIZE=14pt]Leader of the Dragoons, serves as master of all Dragoons, responsible for training them in the ways of the Force[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=14pt]Dragoon: [/SIZE][SIZE=14pt]Responsible for acting as shock troopers for the Kingdom and diplomatic ambassadors in special cases.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=16pt]Military: [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]The Dread Lords [/SIZE][SIZE=14pt]acted as governors and commanded Storm Soldiers through Storm Sergeants and Storm Commanders as the brunt of the Army and Navy. While the Storm Guards acted as Special Forces and bodyguards to the Storm King.[/SIZE]​
[SIZE=14pt]Ask any questions you have below[/SIZE]​

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