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The Silent Conclave

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
So Jax, what is 'The Silent Conclave'?
Well, the Silent Conclave is a collection of Force Users who are tired of the galaxy's crap, specifically the manifest destiny attitudes of the Big Three, and their needless bloodshed and conquering. Many members of the Silent Conclave were formerly a part of the Jedi and/or Republic, an organization they thought was an instrument of spreading peace and hope throughout the galaxy, but they too fell victim to the 'need' for expansion, as evidenced by the aggressive conquering of Cato Nemoida, the Bay-of-Pigs like scenario on Contruum, the War Crimes committed by a Master of the Jedi Order at Metalorn, as well as the Jedi Order forcing ones of it's masters to step down and leave the Order to put a puppet ruler in control of the Senate. The members of the Silent Conclave instead hold true to many of the tenants the Jedi thought they held themselves too, that is the peace and protection of the galaxy.​
So, you're like a new offshoot of Jedi?
Not at all. The Jedi, as they are and were for most of their history(though not all), were a sort of unofficially state-sponsored Force Religion, adhering to their tenants as well as the political beliefs of Republic or Galactic Federation they were serving, using their territory as a sort of 'reaping ground' to find recruits as well as serving in military capacities, to the point where any sort of halfway successful political coup required the alliance or annihilation of the Order. By contrast the Silent Conclave, after it's initial wave and creation, will not recruit, instead trusting that those who are true servants of Peace and the Force will find their way to the Conclave. Further more the SC won't be linked to, nor truly support any government, nor really publicly expose themselves at all, only arriving at the help of the squandered and oppressed when situation dictates it.​
Who can join then?
The Silent Conclave, if I had to put a D&D alignment on it, would be neutral-Good, however, that does not single out Lightside characters and former Jedi as it's only members, as several members of the SC are neutral in alignment-Force wise. For example, @[member="Qae Shena"] quit the Jedi Order before his character began RPing, and has taken various oddjobs in security and management at various levels, but joined the SC because thought it was a good chance to do good, as well as try to counteract the stomping of the larger powers on those not beholden to a national government. The only alignment that would truly be excluded from joining would be 'want-to-be' darksiders, as their beliefs in using the Force in pursuit of power is directly contradicting to that of the SC. That doesn't mean a character couldn't come in as a darksider hoping to get redeemed, but a darksider hoping to stay a darksider won't be accepted. However, I, along with the others who have assisted me in creating this faction are rather stringent in what sort of character we believe will fit in our Order, and we wish to keep it small for the most part anyways, so I will be going through and personally approving and denying each character, and I anticipate more denials and approvals. Unless I get a crazy influx of requests or work simply becomes too much to handle I'll attempt to send people PM's regarding why I don't think their character won't fit in the case of denial, and you're of course free to return a PM or hash it out on skype with me if you believe I've missed something.​
So, if Jax is gonna be the GMasta, can I join with my master and get a cool title?
The Silent Conclave believes first and foremost in peace, and pursuit of the Force. While individual growth in the Force is encouraged, it a pursuit moreso in enlightenment than of power. As such, the SC as a whole does not give out titles for anyone. For example, while Jaxton Ravos is the 'leader' of the SC currently, it is an unofficial role and he'll never assume the title of 'Grandmaster' or any such similar parallel, instead leading by example and due to the respect other members have for him in the conclave and voicing his decisions while moderating in democratic discussions between the conclave as a whole. His leaderships is a sign of the respect others have for him, and if others lose respect for him or another member of the conclave garners more respect it is a clean and simple transition, as no official 'power' was lost, only influence.​
So, what are you gonna be doing?
Well, to start we're going to be setting up shop on a temple on the planet Teth(And it is a beautiful one), graciously provided to us by one of our members, who happened to have a temple there already. After that we'll be creating a backup, as I've put a sub together for a Temple Ship that will allow us a bit more maneuverability, as well as escape from Teth if things get dicey. After that, well, we'll be helping people and serving the Force. Plots will be made, people will be helped, and of course everyone will pursue their own personal plots, as long the existence and location of the Silent Conclave is kept, well, silent.​

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
As the one responsible for the Republic's 'Dirty War' on Contruum I'd like to point out that Bay of Pigs is an incorrect analogy. Given that we were arming and inciting a homegrown, workers' revolution with strong leftist beliefs against reactionary plutocrats. :p

Nonetheless best of success!

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Ah yes, Cato Nemoida and Contruum. Two of my favorite threads. A pity when I went on LOA the republic let the rebels on Contruum perish en masse.

It shall be interesting to see where this faction goes.

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
Morna Imura said:
Alright now my second question. Would you allow (OOC) a Fire shaper that is trying to redeem himself?
I'm going to send a few PM's to you about what you're wanting to do with the faction and such, and we'll go from there. Nothing against you or anything, but I haven't read a lot of you personally. I'm currently in the process of making forums and such in the faction and posting in our faction thread, so it might take a little while. Hope to do some RPing with you soon man.

EDIT: And for the rest of you who want to join who I haven't already talked to, that'll probably become a standard, just a little looking around at backgrounds and stuff. As this is a Conclave, a lot of it is going to be run by the popular opinion of the members, and if you can convince two or three current members you belong I can pretty much guarantee you'll get in unless A)We get too big to where more opinions are needed or B)Both members missed something really big and conflicting about your character.

Cedric Dorn

Jaxton Ravos said:
Thanks. I actually used your Moross guide as a rough template for how to put this up. Good luck with running your Crusade.
I'm a trend setter. I hope some of your members come over to us...were big on...what was it freedom? Yeah thats it.