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The Shadows of Belkadan

The S90 shuttle rocked as it descended through the thick atmosphere of the planet Belkadan. Vinyata was strapped in dawning her normal Sith attire, black robe covering her upper body with purple inscriptions and symbols woven in, garnet red amulet on a silver chain around her neck, tight black pants with armorweave embedded in them, and multipurpose assassin gauntlets covered in black, silver, and purple. Vinyata’s crimson skin and fiery eyes provided a stark contrast to her jet-black hair that was streaked with a radiant purple. Around her elite commandos clad in camouflage armor sat with their high-tech weapons ranging from sniper rifles to assault cannons in their laps or hands.

The shuttle rocked as it leveled out, extended its landing gear and settled down on a small landing pad. The door to the troop bay opened and Vinyata lead her commandos out the rear of the troop bay.

The hot air of the rainforest slapped Vinyata as she walked out of the shuttle, lacking the combat armor of her troops to keep her body environment at a comfortable temperature. Looking around, Vinyata could see engineers and troops loyal to the Sith constructing a secret base of operations. It was hidden and secluded where only those who knew about its location would find it.

Vinyata pulled out her datapad, looking at its display, which was showing a graphic of the projected completed look of the base, its various structures, and how soon to completion it was. 75% complete the datapad graphic read. Good, the troops are ahead of schedule. Vinyata thought eagerly.

The operation requisitioned by Darth Nafeas was going as planned, soon the Sith would have a secret military base on Belkadan from which to conduct strikes against their enemies.

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Tormax Tryte

Lord of Dread
His shuttle landed in the center of the camp that was being constructed. And why not? It was his base, and this was what he was building. He figured with the one Watts-Class in orbit, he wouldn't have anything to worry about if an enemy had decided to come along and try and investigate this planet.

He brought his comlink up to his mouth and he walked into the main building that had been set up in the direct center of the base camp. "Apprentice Vinyata, once you have arrived come to my office." He said, and then he stopped the transmission and folded his arms behind his back when he crossed the foyer and got into the turbolift that was going to bring him to his office.

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Romeo Sin

Arriving to the planet finally, on a ship he had to 'borrow', Romeo walked out of the small fighter of uselessness. He opened his comms. " @[member="Darth Naefas"] ?" He questioned. He wasn't sure why he had come, or who this man was.

To make matters worse, he yes never been I'm this planet before. Cladded in his mask, he didn't see anything appealing of this place. 'Irrelevant.' He thought to himself. The place felt weird, and this was apparently a remnant of the Sith. He wasn't stepping a foot further inside till he saw this man out in the open. He'd even wait if necessary.

Whatever he was being called here for, Sin was almost certain to be used. The way he saw the Sith.
As Vinyata made her way across the diligently working soldiers and engineers, she recieved salutes and grants of acknowledgements. Vinyata had made a good reputation for herself as a commander in the Battle of Korriban, only being forced to order a retreat when the Republic forces overwhelmed the incompetent Sith Empire's forces and so called "Sith".

Vinyata made her way to @[member="Darth Naefas"] office, and walked in as requested.

Tormax Tryte

Lord of Dread
He pulled his comlink from the table in the room when he heard a question and his name from it. He heard the voice of his former master's apprentice's voice. Romeo Sin. He had finally found him, he promised Isis he would kill him. But today, was not that day, and if plans were completed properly the day wouldn't come soon.

"I will see you within an hour, Romeo Sin. Entertain yourself, but do not have any intentions of harming any establishments or personnel underneath my employment." He dropped the comlink on the table, and forgot it even existed as the door opened and Vinyata Nicashii exited.

"If it isn't the beautiful Pureblood." He said with the most sarcastic sound he could muster when his eyes glanced over. In truth, she was beautiful, but he wasn't meeting her in his private office because she was beautiful. There was business to attend to. "You have done well Vinyata Nicashii. On Korriban, and in service to me." He turned to look out the window, it was best if his grin wasn't seen.

"Who are you, girl? And do not intend on lying unless you wish to die." He said and he turned around after looking out over the planet of Belkadan. His yellow eyes were piercing, there was a tinge of crimson within his yellowish orange eyes.

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Vinyata stood confidently, choosing not to take the death threat seriously. Although this Darth was more powerful than she, Vinyata was not scared about taking anyone on in a duel, it was a strength and a glaring weakness.

Vinyata observed the powerful Darth in front of her. He was strong, confident, and possessed a powerful aura and connection to the dark side. Although Vinyata was not impressed by the lack of powerful Sith in this modern age, she seemed to be surrounding herself with competent and skilled ones. Darth Avara, Darth Ayra, Darth Nazari were all Sith that Vinyata had fought alongside and had provided Vinyata with one form of training or another. Now Darth Nafeas, a warrior whom Vinyata had observed as a force to be reckoned with, was likely to be her master.

"I am a Sith Inquisitor, Sith Assassin more specifically." Vinyata replied. She possessed all the markings of a Sith Inquisitor, she had elaborate if practical clothing, she wielded a saberstaff, and she bore jewelry resembling of an Inquisitor.

"Have you ever heard of Lord Nicashii?" Vinyata said. Vinyata hated talking about her past, although it was what defined her as a person.

"I should have finished my life 5,000 years ago." Vinyata continued, in a rare display of trustworthiness about who she actually was. "I lived during the days of the Old Republic. I survived the Academy as an acolyte, was made an apprentice to a Dark Council member, became a Lord after fighting the Republic, won a Kagath, and was almost a Darth." The word almost seemed to pierce Vinyata's heart, even though she remained cold on the outside. "I was on an intelligence-gathering mission when my Harrower dreadnought was ambushed by a fleet of pirates, undoubtedly the op had been compromised by Republic Intelligence. They hired the pirates and equipped them with advanced tech. After having to hyperspace away from the fight, my ship crashed on an uncolonized planet in the Unknown Regions." She vaguely remembered being mortally wounded, she should have died, if it wasn't for Jeran. Vinyata thought. The loyal commander and survivors had managed to gather what bacta they had and heal Vinyata while they foraged the desolate planet and crashed ship for supplies, while holding off beasts and wild creatures.

"I was put in a stasis, but for events I do not know, most of the survivors died, leaving my Commander Jeran and ten other soldiers to put themselves in stasis. Only after an earthquake destroyed the chambers 5,000 years later did we awake, and I had lost most of my power." Vinyata continued. "Force Storm, gone, Force Destruction, gone, basically all my force powers are gone, in addition to the armies I once commanded and the power I once weld."

Darth Nafeas kept standing facing the window.

"Now I am a mere apprentice again, strong but not as strong as I once was. I have answered you honestly Darth Nafeas. What does the only other pureblood left in the galaxy have to tell me?"

Tormax Tryte

Lord of Dread
He kept his back to her. Five thousand years ago? Curious. He doubted it, but there was no way he could prove her wrong. Besides, she was one of the only Sith Purebloods that were still alive. He would need to make sure the ancient race survived.

"How dedicated are you to mine own cause? The cause of the Sith." He finally turned around to look at her. He didn't bare his helmet and his eyes bore through hers. The crimson within it, seemed to almost flicker and he grinned slightly. "How do you propose to preserve the line of the Sith?" And there was the question. "Only you and I can assure the future of our lines. And to do that...Well, I'm certain you can figure it out." He still remained unmoving when he looked at her. He was completely serious about it. Everything he did, was for himself and for the future of the Sith Order. The only true Sith Order.

Bane's Order.

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Vinyata admired the Darth's willingness to preserve the order. It was Sith like him that had the characteristics of loyalty and devotion to worthy comrades that would keep the Sith intact, and from blindly backstabbing each other instead of concentrating their forces against their enemies. Although Vinyata hated to admit it, this Darth had eyes of fire just like her. Perhaps we have something special in common Vinyata thought, a smile creeping onto her lipstick lined lips.
"Only you and I can assure the future of our lines." the Darth said. Vinyata was a supporter of Darth Marr in her day, and had despised Sith such as Darth Thanaton that expended an unnecessary amount of resources fighting other well-intentioned Sith. This being said, Vinyata still believed in preserving the culture and ancient ways of the Sith. The path to power according to Vinyata was through research and gaining artifacts. Sith also needed to be able to be able commanders of armies and navies. There was a lot of things that Vinyata could think of, but for time's sake and not to bore the Darth she summed up her thoughts as best as she could.

"Stay united. Eliminate all weakness in our ranks. Learn the ways of our ancestors, and through guile and brawn bring the galaxy to its knees. Subversion is just as deadly as raw force, and when blended together the two are unstoppable." Vinyata said confidently. And you are the raw power, and I am the subversion Vinyata thought, hoping @[member="Darth Naefas"] shared her vision.

Tormax Tryte

Lord of Dread
He watched her and started to walk towards her. He moved as if he were stalking his prey, a Tuk'ata stalking the weak Sith acolyte in the Valley of the Dark Lords. She would recognize it, until his hand snapped forwards and grabbed her chin. He doubted there was anything she could do to stop him from holding her face, and then he pulled her forward and brushed his lips over hers before pressing harder and actually kissing her.

Both of his hands found her thighs and picked her up, planting her on the table beside them, all the while still pressing his own lips into hers. "How dedicated are you to preserving our lines?" He said when their lips broke the contact.

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