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The Second Coming.

Lord Depravious

Shaidin Kamari
Upon Dromund Kaas a terrible disturbance was felt through the force as the Sith Lord stepped down from his shuttle. His eyes gazed at his surroundings, piercing through all that stood in his way of seeing what was beyond. There was absolutely nothing that escaped his vision, those fiery red eyes that held eons of hatred, all in one man. As the man took a few more steps the force began to twist and contort around him. Every being on Dromund Kaas could sense the descent of the Sith Lord on the surface.. The hairs ran up their necks, chills hit their skin down to the very bone.. The presence that was felt was strong, and it forebode resistance from the oppressive aura that Dromund Kaas now succumbed to.

With each step the bogan nexus upon the planet didn't fuel him, it was fueled by him. The cold wind upon the planet kissed the skin on his face as he began to step forwards towards the temple, the very essence of it seeped into his pores, bringing him comfort. He now realized that he couldn't drown his demons, they knew how to swim, he had to confront those demons. He had to confront the ageless darkness that plagued his family, his ex-love, his brother never returning to strike him down like the prophecies had foretold, the war that was waged against brothers and sisters.. The screams of his people on that battlefield resonated through his mind, each and every moment that he sat upon this planet. The civil war was no joke, it was no easy war fought or won.. Depravious had to strike down his brothers, watch their tears coat their blood as they fell down to the ground, people he had trained, people who had trained him, people at one time who he looked up to, all fell before him and his armies in the war. Each one of those bodies that fell on Eisalai or better known as Ziost today filled his memory, and resonated in his mind. The destruction of their home planet, the gem planet, was the end of the war. It was the desecration of heresy, a symbolic action to end the war of his people. And yet, it ended a part of his history that he would never be able to garner again..

Finally, he came to the massive pillars that were the entrance to the temple. But this was no normal return to the order, this was a declaration that the death and plague that the Order had succumbed to against the Republic and now what seemed to be the Omega Pyre was going to stop. The Sith once again would become strong people, brothers and sisters with each other. The galaxy would know the domination that was once the Sith Empire, Coruscant would be decimated, Jedi Temples burned to the ground and the cold that the Sith felt every day when they awoke from their slumbers, would be the cold felt by every Jedi in the galaxy before Lord Depravious would have left. Planets would be left completely frozen, peoples hope left completely cold. There would be no salvation under the power of Lord Depravious.. Now only to see if the Dark Lord of the Sith would allow it. Should he not, it would perhaps get very fun for the two Sith.

He slowly ran his hand along one of the pillars, taking the feeling in for the moment. As his skin slid along the rock, the feeling sending his nerve impulses into a frenzy because of the power of the Bogan Energies on the planet he briefly smiled taking some form of joy from the meeting of skin to stone. However, after a few moments he stepped from the pillars and stood in the doorway of the temple. His eyes gazed upon what was before him, narrowing down at any sudden movements before he brought his hands into the air. Each of his hands stood fourty-five degrees from his body, his shoulders rolled back and his head arched back. But in that moment the force manifested around him, and he expelled the full power of his aura. The thousands of dead that resided within his aura, expanded through out the order. A power so strong that the walls themselves shook, perhaps from the power, perhaps from the joy of the return of the Sith. As dust fell from the walls, slowly pattering onto the ground, Lord Depravious brought his head downwards his eyes now fixed on the order before him. The true son of darkness had returned.
the bedbound bard
Following their reunion on Korriban, Depravious had insisted the young girl, who had once been his last remaining hope in the Empire, accompany him back to Dromund Kaas. Hardly able to deny him she had followed without refusal, unable to fully comprehend the turn of events she had been subjected to. Part of her felt as though Depravious had thought wrong, back on Maramere when he found her and enticed her to the Darkness, but even now, even with his disappointment in her clearly showing, she could sense some small hope still residing within him. Had he really been led to her through the Force? The notion seemed ludicrous, yet had he not done it a second time, now upon his return to the Empire?

Their journey to Dromund Kaas had been a silent one, with Saeldar having confided herself away in personal-recollection of former events, she was trying to figure out how everything had spiralled out of control, how she had come to this state in her life. Depravious was disgusted with her shedding her personality, and deep down she knew why, she understood... So she spent the entire journey in reflection, trying to work it out within herself, within her mind. Where was she to go from here? Yet even in meditation the Sith Lord intruded upon her, his presence flaring continually, dangerously even. Yet to look at him you would not suspect it, he was so calm in appearance, very cold and calculating, as though there were no emotions raging within.

Only there were, as Saeldar had learnt first hand, as she had felt when she extracted the name from his mind. He must have permitted it she reflected, he was not like the others she had done so with, and doubted he would unwillingly have anyone enter his mind. Depravious wasn't even his name, she knew, it was his title, so to speak. Which meant that unlike the others she had stumbled across Saeldar knew less about this Sith than the rest. When they landed upon Dromund Kaas she stirred from her meditative state and rose, meeting him at the ramp which would lead them down to the surface below. She remained a respectful pace behind the Sith Lord as he descended, his presence flaring furthermore as he touched Sith-soil. Having grown somewhat accustomed to it she was less shocked than those close-by with regards to his sudden emergence and the power which radiated from him, but to see it in its full form was astounding all the same.

The young girl did not say a word while they walked towards the Citadel, the main seat of the Sith Empire, allowing the Sith Lord his time to muse over his thoughts. He had come here with a purpose, and Saeldar was merely a thing in comparison, something which could become an irritation, a burden, and she quite liked living... To disrupt him may result in the loss of such. Or not, she was no longer certain where she stood with regards to Depravious...

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