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the rise of the remanant

Sorick Hoften

transmission begins to all imperium members
2 months after the fall of the imperium,

" men and women of the imperium , these last couple of months have been horrific but hope is not over"
The big muscular bulky man said in his vong armor " our empress may hand us over to the artzy empire and the sith empire may be hunting us, but do we give up now? do we give up our hard work? and all we work for ? no we are true men and women of magnificence, and if we give up now then our lives are worthless. We are not worthless , let us rise and fight for our idea, for the imperium may be gone but we have something better then that, we have strength, honor and dedication"
The big muscular sith said after pausing " Join the imperial remnant if your man enough to still fight for that special dream, and if you do come meet me and my men who are willing to fight for it ! meet me at utapau we have much to discuss "
*transmission ends*
now to wait the long hour's hopeing some will heed his call .... two hour's later a general would come he whispered " now to wait "

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