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Approved NPC The Resurgent Legions

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  • Availability: Common
  • Deployment: Mass
Strengths & Weaknesses
  • [+]Standard: The Resurgent Legion's aren't exactly the best trained troops in the galaxy, but they get the job done. They go through a rigorous boot camp, gain expertise in various fields, and are a step above most Militia's and standard Planetary Defense Forces. Though they are no match when compared to more specialized units, the Legion's can hold their own against most armies across the galaxy.
  • [-]Standard: As stated above, The RL's aren't exactly Special forces. Though they have decent training, some more specialized and experienced units found among other factions will simply outlcass them. The Legion's have good backing and training, but some simply have better.
The Resurgent Legions came into existence due to the growth of the Empire as a whole.

Originally the military fielded by the Resurgent Empire was simply made up of a teeming mass of Massassi Warriors. These fierce mutants were off-shoots of the standard Pureblood species and for thousands of years they had served as a way for the Hiearchs of Athiss to make war upon one another. The Massassi are tall, strong, and incredibly fierce warriors, any one Massassi is well capable of taking on an entire squad of regular soldiers. The trouble however with Massassi is their tendency to be rather fond of blood. The creatures are often prone to falling into rages, making them difficult to control militarily.

Along with this, the Massassi also simply don't have the numbers to sustain a galactic campaign. Though there are plenty of Massassi on Athiss, and indeed they make up a majority of the population of the remaining Sith, there simply aren't enough of them to sustain an entire military on a galactic Scale. Because of this a void was created that quickly needed to be filled as the Empire expanded.

Massassi were of course pulled back, reserved for more brutal engagements and difficult stand-offs.

In their stead came the Resurgent Legions.

This army was forged and created of natives of the Caldera. Made up of Chiss, Humans, Twi'leks, Zeltrons, and pretty much every other species contained within The Empire the Legions are a constructed force to stand as the Empire's standard military. Troopers are trained for sixth to eight months depending on their specializations, they are then sent attached to a division were they will serve five years.

Troopers in the Legions are paid well and their families are given preferential treatment on Imperial worlds. Though one can be compelled into service in the Legions this is more often than not rate, people will happily join the military due to the increased status and lifestyle it offers.

The Resurgent Legion is hardly the best Military force in the galaxy, but it serves it's purpose well enough.
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