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The Red Ravens

Lysle of the Hydian Way

Silent and Violent
- | Blaze of Gunfire | -

The game has changed. A decade ago the Red Ravens had been nothing but a group of criminals and friends hiding out in Frida's Spaceport Cantina, Nar Shaddaa. In time their power grew, pushing aside competitors such as the decaying Black Sun Syndicate and the bickering Hutt Cartels. Yet nothing lasts in the Underworld. Power struggles flared within the Ravens and their syndicate-empire shattered.

In the ashes of a coup all that remained were three splinters of the Ravens, all vying for power. The loyalists of Lysle, the traitors of Patricia and the corporate dogs of Daxton Bane. Patricia along with her Black Ties would later burn down the Dragon Palace Casino, former seat of power for the Ravens.

From the comfort of Neos, Lysle has watched and waited. The Mirage, a secret society keeping tabs on the criminal underworld, has gathered influence. Now as the criminal underworld is most vulnerable, Lysle has returned. Upon bloody wings a flock of Ravens are coming.

Who are we?
The Red Ravens is a crime syndicate. Their history is short but dates back to the reign of the Black Sun Syndicate in Hutt Space. For a time they were a group of like-minded smugglers that quickly gained power and control over some districts on Nar Shaddaa and dominated the underworld of Antecedent. From there their power rose exponentially, their influence stretching from the Outer Rim to the Core Worlds. They had their hand in almost every underworld dealing in one way or another. Eventually they would topple the Black Sun Syndicate from their throne and take their position as undisputed kings of the underworld.

It was short-lived, but they had never faded from history. Here and there, little birds whisper of the comings and goings of Ravens. Lysle Rigger plotted and schemed, accumulating influence with the various cartels and syndicates of the underworld. Julian Valentine continued to operate under the psuedo of an independent bounty hunter, all the while working for the Raven cause in conjunction with Svel Droma.

The Ravens have always been known for their lavish parties, premium spice and ruthlessness. They operate in spice and weapon smuggling, dealing in highly illegal goods. Under bright neon lights, the Red Ravens are prepared to do whatever act they must to gain wealth and power. In a dog eat dog world, the Red Ravens are the apex predators. Beware a warm smile, the gentle words and welcome invites, behind those masks of friendship is a knife ready to strike.

How to join?
Words hit the streets that Lysle has shown his face on The Wheel. For the first time in years the Raven fleet has appeared. As dozens of cartels, syndicates and corrupted corporations descended on The Wheel, Lysle and his flock appeared. Dozens and hundreds of small freighters jumped out of hyperspace, dotting the void. No true fleet, the Raven fleet had always been a coalition of pirates, smugglers and illegal miners. Now docked on the Wheel, they party with The Slave and Hutt Cartel. Find Lysle and his flock there before they move once more. Seek out wealth and power, or lose it all. Time will tell.

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