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The Red Magnolia Conclave (Assassins, Scholars, Dark Side)


I know it is bound to be boycotted, destined to be attacked, I've heard what happened. That is why, before I accidentally reverted the settings, it had the fortunate priviledge of being hidden for the grand total of... a day or so. But I also know most of you aren't going to jump off a bridge just because someone told you to do it.

Are you a fan of Xhao Lin Monks? The Dark Brotherhood? Faceless Men? Then I have just the group for you.

The Red Blossom Magnolia Conclave!

Right now it is closed, private and invite+approval only, but I am looking for members early so the word gets spread. Members who will help develop and found it. I am still working on most of the material and it was in fact supposed to remain hidden throughout this process specifically because of the things going around, but I guess fate had other plans. Who am I to argue with it? While much remains to be drafted and written, all the basic concepts are already set in stone.

OOC History, It was supposed to be a private little project and sanctuary made for Aynea and Circe, as well their child, but unfortunately Circe has been compelled by other agendas, to opt out as it stands. In her place, Arcis so generously is filling in. Because it seems it is just not fated to be completely private or secluded, I now stand here, humbly asking who is interested, so that we can one day launch strong and share the fun.

Is it Sith?
Yes. I know the Empire is crumbling faster than a wet paper bag, and it is not my intention to steal any of its members. Everyone is free to choose to be here, and it is their sole choice as a writer.

Is it another Order?
No. Stripped of the outer layers of unique themes and philosophies, it is at its core, exactly what I referenced it to be. This is NOT another Sith Order, and it was not made to replace the Sith Order.

So what is it?
Space ninjas, more or less, minus the cliche ninja aesthetics.

Does it take NFU characters?
Absolutely! There will be personal tech and goodies in it for you, too. It would be unreasonable to leave all the fun to the Force, after all.
Interesting idea! Good luck!