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Unreviewed The Rah'num


  • Intent: The Rah'num are a species of aliens found far from the Galactic Core. Having lost their ties to most kinds of civilized technology they have become scattered about the Unknown Regions. Extremely prideful and aggressive they pride themselves on travel and war.
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  • Name: Rah'num
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Found on a moon in the Illyrian System.
  • Average Lifespan: 70 Galactic Standard Years
  • Estimated Population: Inter-Planetary
  • Description: There are few species as imposing as the Rah'num. Massive creatures, they appear from the shoulder to the waist to be nothing more than a larger species of human. Everything from the waist down closely resembles a horse's body. They are often seen sporting tribal tattoos that are meant to signify their place in the Rah'num Horde. They have expressions of ill temper and guarded demeanors at all times.
  • Breathes: Type I & II
  • Average Height of Adults: 2.45 Meters
  • Average Length of Adults: 3.05 Meters
  • Skin color: Tanned
  • Hair color: Black, Brown, Grey, Dark Maroon
  • Distinctions: The Rah'num are distinctive due to their massive stature, equine bodies, and their brick red eye color. Most Rah'num take to tattooing themselves. These tattoos are used to reflect how far they have traveled, how many battles they have survived, and their status amongst others of their kind.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity: Rare
  • War Body: Rah'num are such massive creatures that their bodies are sustained by a very resilient multi-organ system. This allows them to run longer, fight harder, and resist assault against their bodies at greater rates than a lesser species such as humans. All Rah'num are born with two hearts and a double set of lungs. This, along with their incredible muscle regeneration rate, allows them to run for at a near-constant rate.
  • Roamer: The Rah'num are exceptionally proficient at negotiating rough terrain. Mountains, plains, deserts, and tundra's are all biome's that they can proficiently roam and survive in. Their hardened bodies are resistant to the heat and cold for a moderate amount of time. This makes them very effective in multi-biome warfare.
  • Master Survivors: From a young age the Rah'num are taught the importance of hunting and scavenging for resources. They are capable of utilizing the terrain around them as a means of survival. Logging, rock shaping, weaving, and hunting are some of their most important talents which help them survive in a nomadic Horde.
  • Advanced Senses: All Rah'num have essentially perfect vision which allows them clear line of sight for up to a mile distance. They also have a keen sense of smell and ability to diversify the many smells that come across their path.
  • Stubborn: The Rah'num have a deeply rooted mentality which often leads them to put their pride over logical reason. It is difficult to get The Rah'num to settle into a different way of doing things and even harder to change their mentality. Rah'num who conform to the Horde are often exceptionally hostile to any outside of their own kind and this leads to even more aggressive behavior.
  • Technologically Challenged: Although The Horde does employ weaponry such as slugthrowers, vibroweaponry, and simple blasters they are incredibly inefficient when it comes to producing and repairing their own tech. This means that members of the Rah'num must steal weapons from others or enslave engineers who can produce their weaponry if they wish to utilize this technology for warfare. They have no means of mass production which can be crippling to their war efforts. The Rah'num have no wishes or means in educating themselves on advanced technology.
  • Superstitious: The Rah'num are extremely superstitious and see events tied to the Force as divine. Although there have been members of their species able to utilize the Force they are very few and far between. The Rah'num often see these chosen few as profits from their celestial deity and often slaughter them at a young age as a sign of respect to the great gods that they revere, this is a reason why Force Sensitive Rah'num are few and far between in the modern galaxy.
  • Simple Medicine: The Rah'num are a relatively uncivilized species. They believe modern medicines such as Bacta and Kolto are heretical and against the wishes of their gods. They can become extremely aggressive if any kind of anesthesia is administered to them or if someone tries to use a medicine that has not been simply crafted from herbs and spices.
  • Diet: Primarily Carnivore
  • Communication: The Rah'num utilize a broken form of Galactic Standard Basic mixed with stomps of their hooves and guttural grunts and groans to craft a complex form of sound speech.
  • Technology level: They utilize simple & often temporary means of technology to sustain themselves in whatever environment they are inhabiting in the time. They utilize blasters, slugthrowers, and other advanced technology weapons as a means to improve their warfare, however they do not have the means to produce them. Their technology level is far behind the galactic standard.
  • Religion/Beliefs: The great Ohn'Kahn or the "Spirit Rider" is the main deity of the Rah'num. They believe his ability to ride through the stars and claim them as his lands is the same power that others know as The Force. Beings who are capable of using the Force are vessels holding small pieces of Ohn'Kahn's power. The Rah'num believe it is their duty to release this power back to the great Ohn'Kahn because this power is too great for mortals, this causes them to ritualistically sacrifice those who hold the power of The Force. The Rah'num believe the Great Ohn'Kahn wishes for them to ride as he does, never settling in one part of their world and instead riding through the territories as if they are all their own. It is the belief of a Horde War-rider that everything his hoof can touch belongs to the Horde and the Hordemaster on behalf of the Great Spirit Rider.
  • General behavior: Most Rah'num belong to a group of nomadic warriors known as a Horde. Members of the Horde believe it is their duty to conquer all that stands before them. At a young age children of the Rah'num are taught to forage and hunt down prey to help feed the Horde. They work in small hunting teams with more aged members of the Horde who are no longer capable of effectively waging war. At the age of fourteen, children reach adulthood and are inducted into the warrior caste. The warrior caste, which serves as the majority of the Horde, work as scouts, trackers, warriors, and sometimes slavers. The Horde never sits in one place for long, usually taking to traveling a world and only settling one area for a few months. Most factors of life for the Rah'num are simplified as there are only considered three active castes in the Horde. The Kin, or the sustaining class is made up of children and elders who have earned a time of respite before they ride in the great sky. This class is charged with maintaining settlements, hunting, foraging, and training the next generation of War-riders. The second class, the War-riders, are those who fight and conquer for the Hordemaster, the warrior class which make up almost 90% of all Rah'num, male and female. The Great Riders are the closest thing to an elite class that exists in Rah'num culture. Each individual is tattooed to show merits they have achieved in their lifetime, which also shows their ranking in the Horde. However, there are those bloodlines which have continually produced exceptional warriors and these are known as the Great Riders, whose tattoos are outlined in a thick red ink where all others are only black. Any member of the Rah'num may become the leader of the Horde, or Hordemaster, they need only defeat the last Hordemaster in combat. This ritual is known as Kallum'num and is seen as the most honorable form of combat. The Hordemaster may select up to four of his chosen brethren to fight at his side while the challenger may select four riders to fight on his side as well. The more members in a fight, the more honorable the combat is seen by the gods.
The great riding warriors of the Illyrian System are something of a mystery to the known galaxy. They are not often seen outside of their extremely closed off society, primarily due to the philosophy that keeps them firmly tethered to their home planet, a small moon in the Unknown Regions. For most of history the Rah'num have remained an undiscovered species to the galaxy. Nearly one hundred years ago mining explorations from Illyria discovered the Horse-like warriors, however almost every expedition was slaughtered by the warriors.

They have spent most of their history roaming their world, assaulting the few Twi'lek refugee settlements that are set on the world. This has caused a deeply rooted feud between the Twi'leks and the Rah'num. In ancient years the Rah'num were a relatively peaceful species, before they were driven out of their home that was settled in the plainslands of their homeworld. An unknown species of avian warriors swarmed the Rah'num, massacring their people until they finally fled the plains. When they fled they ran headlong into a Twi'lek settlement. The warriors of the fleeing Rah'num slaughtered the Twi'lek settlement, taking their weapons and some of their people as slaves. This was the beginning of the long feud between the two.

Those warriors who once harassed the Rah'num seem to have disappeared from the planet. The Rah'num believe that the Great Spirit Rider, their deity, used his powers to smite the feathered menace from the planet forever. With the avian warriors gone that made the Rah'num the most powerful fighting force on the world, allowing them to travel the planet pillaging and stealing all that they wished as a revenge for the time when their own people were slaughtered mercilessly by an unyielding enemy.