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The PIC VS The Infection

@[member="Asha Seren"]

Josh gritted his teeth as his head tilted up a bit. The world was blurry... Where the kark was he?

And what the kark was THAT!?

The monster rancor, three times the size of a regular one, purple in color, and ooze dripping from it obviously infected by the shards that were plaguing the planet... And as his vision came into focus, his eyes drifted past the monster Rancor, instinctively going to the wall where Asha had left a big imprint in the wall as the Rancor had smashed her hard into it....

And somehow, Josh felt even worse... As if feeling her pain along with his... But his biggest concern was Asha as she tried to get to her feet.

"A... A.... ASHA!" Josh yelled out in concern, painfully. Was she Asha or was she Cery? He was too dizzy to know... Was he Jose right now, or was he Josh DragonsFlame?

It didn't matter... Josh could feel the adrenaline coursing through him... All he could think about now was Asha... Cery... And the rancor that had harmed her... Despite his own pain, he struggled to his feet, gritting his teeth. He didn't feel hate toward the Rancor... But he wanted to skin it alive regardless.

Josh's lightsaber slipped into his hand as he telekinetically sent it toward him... Just in time for him to roll out of the way as the Rancor slammed it's large fists into the ground again.

This time, without hesitation Josh slashed it's open knuckles with the lightsaber, causing the rancor to lift it's hands and let out a roar in pain.

"COME ON!" Josh shouted challengingly at the rancor, the adrenaline at an all time high...
the bedbound bard
Ooft, pain spread through her body, searing down her spine the moment her back hit the cave wall. Breathing in sharply she tried to recover as quickly as possible. @[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"] had been injured, too, she could... She could feel it, more so than she would had it been purely an Empathy-based-sense.

Pushing away from the wall she began to stagger towards the crazed, corrupt Rancor. "Swarm it" she murmured, but she wasn't even aware if she said it, whispered it or merely thought it. Instead the Knight span out her second lightsaber and ignited it in a flurry of pure white energy. She did not want to harm it, much less kill it, but this creature was in pain, the shard was twisting it from the inside... It was unnatural, and something within her knew that had to put it from its misery, the shard was an after thought.

While Joshua distracted the Rancor from the front Asha once again leapt to its back, and slammed a lightsaber down through it's thick hide to remain in place. The resulting screech pained her, threatening to split her head open, but she couldn't halt. Using the lightsabers she made her way up the back of the beast, heading towards its head, and the roof of the cave. Please keep it occupied she thought, not wanting to become a flattened corpse. As a precaution, she threw a barrier around her body, and prayed she could make it hold should the worse happen.
Josh could hear the words "Swarm it" sound in his head. He didn't know how, but he knew one thing for sure and that it was Asha's voice.... But where was it coming from? It sounded so close, yet there was Asha, climbing up the rancor's back...

Josh could feel her thoughts of regret... Not wanting to kill the rancor, and he shared them, despite his frustrations at it harming Asha. But they both knew it was for the best... The creature was in pain, and if anything they were saving it...

"Please keep it occupied" sounded in his head as the rancor let out another scream in pain. Somehow, it was as if they were communicating in ways beyond humanely normal... But in this situation, he took it.

"Be safe...." rang through Asha's head, she could hear his voice as he thought it...

And then the Rancor began to raise it's ginormous fists again, likely to squash Asha before she could harm it.

But suddenly, something stopped it. Something held down one of the fists, and the rancor looked down...

Josh had grabbed it, with both hands. With his superhuman strength, Josh was holding onto the rancor's hand with all he had.. Keeping it occupied and giving Asha the opening...

@[member="Asha Seren"]
the bedbound bard
Disgusted by what she was about to do, Asha raised her left hand and brought the lightsaber down against the skull of the Rancor, hoping to put it swiftly out of its misery. Her body trembled slightly, as she fought to hold on... Not only to the Rancor itself but her sanity, her light. How could she do this to a creature of the Force? Feeling sickened she closed her eyes and waited for the moment to be over, her breathing growing heavy. I can't do this she thought, part of her hoping the creature would just buckle and fall already.

When the creature tried to throw her off she clung tight, and applied more pressure to the left blade, desperately holding on with the right. Suddenly Joshua's words were in her mind... The mind which had never before been penetrated, save by her own connection with another.

This shocked her so much so that she released her grip of her lightsabers and tumbled to the floor. The creature, who'd just had his skull punctured, screeched and flailed around, while Asha's body slammed into the stone. What had happened? With a grunt she tried to roll aside, away from the Rancor, while her lightsaber hilts fell down beside her.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh had held on as hard as he could, trying desperately to hold the rancor so Asha could end it quickly...

But then he heard I can't do this and she fell... And then a sharp pain struck through Josh as Asha hit the stone, causing him to let go and tumble to the floor...

The rancor began going crazy, flailing around in pain. Josh was more sore then he had been since becoming a Jedi Knight, and then he saw the Rancor raise it's fists to try and strike Asha while she was down...

Josh gritted his teeth, before taking off into a run...

The fists came raining down toward Asha as she rolled on the ground, her lightsaber on the ground too far from her to grab... Josh quickened his pace...


Josh had bent down and scooped up Asha's lightsaber, before taking off in a run, barely scooping up Asha on the ground and diving out of the way of the rancor's fists as they left a massive crater, as if powered even more by it's rage, or perhaps even the shard realizing it was in danger... Right where they were just seconds before.

As the rancor flailed around in blind rage, Josh held Asha close, breathing heavily.. He had almost lost her... He pressed his forehead to hers as he held her close... Taking a moment to breathe... They only had a short amount of time before the rancor would regain it's senses and attack again...

@[member="Asha Seren"]
the bedbound bard
Her body rolled with the impact, and she swore that one of her ribs cracked under the pressure of the blow. Sucking in a breath she found blinding pain spreading through her body, and could barely focus enough to keep an eye on Joshua. No, her eyes were closed, her head felt as though it were being cracked open.

She could feel a breeze as the Rancor's hands began to lower towards her, and by this point she was willing to let it happen.

But before she was crushed her body was swiped from the ground and into warm, safe arms. She winced in pain, but it was better than having all her bones crushed by giant fists. The rebound from the crater shook both of them, and Asha swore aloud, hissing in pain.

Joshua had done exactly what she needed however, and jolting her so suddenly had brought her to her senses. She pushed against him, and moved in the opposite direction, trying to ignore the cracked rib. "Move!" she yelled, not wanting him to be killed.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh swore as he could feel her pain. But brushing that aside, Josh dove in the opposite direction of Asha as instructed, just as the rancor brought a foot down on where they just were.

Josh quickly picked up his lightsaber, tossing it, using the force to guide and spin it as it slashed across the ankle of the rancor. It let out a roar in pain as Josh guided the saber back to his hand...

@[member="Asha Seren"]
the bedbound bard
Josh had her sabers...
... So she pulled them back to herself through the Force, cringing as she did so. If there was one thing Asha despised it was misuse of the Force, but given the circumstances, given that any chance it got the creature would flatten them both, she thought it best not to risk it.

When they reached her hands both blades ignited into a flurry of white, before spinning in her grasp. As ever she built up a momentum before she leapt forwards to strike.

The slash was aimed at the back of the creature's feet, specifically the ankle, hoping to tear apart at the tendons and render it unable to move.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh let go of Asha's sabers as he felt her trying to get at them, and he allowed them to fly back to Asha....
.... He took a breath as he watched the Rancor let out a scream from their duel attacks at it's ankles. As the Rancor began to hobble, Josh began to climb the leg of the beast. Hopefully he could manage to climb up to the back of it's head and finish it quick and painlessly...

As Josh got up to the beasts's back, it started to flail and shake. Josh hung on for dear life...

@[member="Asha Seren"]
the bedbound bard
Success, the creature began to flail, unable to remain balanced on its legs, unable to support its own weight, it threatened to topple... But Josh was up on top of it, which wasn't a good sign.

Grasping his body through the Force she turned her attention to keeping him there, and in turn she lifted him up even further so he had a chance at hitting the mark. She did not want this creature to continue suffering, it was unfair, unjust...

NOW she said, directly into his mind, straining to keep him up. Even her forte, Telekinesis, was proving difficult to focus on, what with the broken bones and the darkness around them.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh could feel the Force keeping him steady, elevating him faster as he climbed the flailing beasts's back. It was a damn good thing too. If she hadn't kept him steady, at this point he would have fallen off and either died from the fall, or the rancor would have crushed him and killed him right then and there.

Josh made a daring leap from one part of the rancor's back to another as it slashed a claw at him, narrowly missing. Grabbing the scaly body again, Josh continued his climb. This was one of those times where he wished he had gloves, as he could feel blood pouring down his palms from being torn up by the scales as he climbed.

As the monster near toppled after missing him, Josh saw the back of the monster's head...

Taking a risk, Josh made a daring leap, risking everything for just that one shot...

.... Just barely. Josh managed to grab the rancor's ear. It let out a roar in bloodlust as Josh took one more leap...

He managed to grab the back of it's head, pulled out his lightsaber...


The saber stabbed right through. Blood poured like a fountain from the beast as Josh twisted and smashed the saber around inside, trying to end this thing as soon as possible.

The rancor toppled.

Josh's eyes widened as he hung onto the saber for his life. As the ground came into sight, Josh pulled the lightsaber out and deactivated it, leaping off, hoping the fall wouldn't be too brutal..

Luckily, he had himself some cushioning as he accidentally landed right on Asha, sending them both to the ground.

Josh sat up as he looked down at Asha, basically sitting on the girl's lap.

"Well hey there..." He breathed weakly. Normally he would have made a joke about the sexual straddling position, but he was a bit too tired for battle humor. He was quickly brought back to his senses, the "moment" ruined as the rancor landed, dead, beside them, the impact making a loud crash that made Josh's eyes widen as he rolled off Asha.

@[member="Asha Seren"]
the bedbound bard
Asha watched as the beast began to topple, and Josh... Flew through the air RIGHT AT HER. When he hit her she felt winded, and pushed him fro her body with a grunt.

Then she rolled aside and stepped towards the beast, slipping her blade across its chest, so it tore through its lower abdomen. Innards fell out to the ground, including the shard, which Asha immediately caught through the Force bubble, in order to protect it and them.

"Lets go" she said, somewhat deflated, the Knight was exhausted, and she had no doubt that @[member='Jaxton Ravos'] was ready to have the Darkstaff in a safe place.

Turning she wandered off, glancing over her shoulder to ensure Joshua was following.

@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]
Josh coughed violently as he tried to regain his composure. He stared a moment at the monster they had just slain...

He watched calmly as Asha cut the shard from the beast, and nodded slowly, before getting up. He walked over to Asha, nodding at her statement.

His mind wandered back now, to during the fight... He realized what had happened now... It was a Force Bond...

He couldn't believe it... A Force Bond? He had heard of them, and knew they were dangerous if abused... But to have one, with Asha... It... It fit.

Josh's hand instinctively moved to shakily loop his fingers with Asha's, shaking a bit as he tried to wrap his head around all that happened. He squeezed her hand a bit as they walked, and he breathed slowly to try and regain his composure...

They would have time to talk about this in future... A Force Bond wasn't something to take lightly...

@[member="Asha Seren"]