Star Wars RP

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The Odyssey of star Wars

Baifa Monü Zhuan

Beside his father's maimed and broken form.
He crouched to hear a breathless whisper drop.
It bade Luke lift the helmet and the mask.

"But if I break the armor you will die.
I came to face you and to save you."

Weep but soon he acted for well he knew.
That nothing now could stop his father's end.
The skywalker at last discerned his son.
The last of the jedi.
His voice came human and his eyes clear.

"Oh son of Padme, Leia's brother, Luke.
Behold the man you saved... for you were right.
What was I but a child of prophecy.
Slayer of Jedi, slayer of sith.
Fated to bring balance to the force?
Have I become what I was born to be.
Greet you sister and tell her you were right."​

From the odyssey of star wars

The book just released and well it is hard to spoil the original trilogy but mini review from me... if you want to have a little fun with it. This is a fun way to go as you get a greek style epic.

The main negative I have for it is that it is only the original trilogy but hopefully this will sell well enough for the prequels.