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Character The Nobody - Hiding in God's Blind Spot

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Height155 cm
Weight60 kg
Force SensitiveFalse - Force Dead


The Nobody is a short, blonde male with a thin figure. He wears loose garbs familiar to a green military uniform. His skin is pale and stretched over his bones, and his eyes are lifeless. He carries a flat frown on his lips constantly. Mysterious tattoos are traced into the skin of his ankles, elbows and collar bone, but the meaning is unrecognizable to most.


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The Nobody is a capricious individual who is prone to secrecy and conspiracy. He is eccentric and morally ambiguous, flatly carrying out orders from a higher power without a moment of hesitation. Despite this, his actions are generally for the benefit of many people, but the road he paves to get there is usually layered with bodies. The Nobody's cunning and keen perception is emboldened by a desire to learn as much as possible. His curiosity is boundless, and insatiable. He believes whole-heartedly in the cause of the organization he works for, which works towards the containment and study of extraordinary biological specimens or unnatural phenomenon.


  • The Nobody is well studied in multiple different subjects, including physics, mathematics and biology. Due to the nature of his career role, he is personally subject to a number of strange phenomena that he must contain or sedate appropriately. The Nobody has overseen multiple research subjects and has learned intimate knowledge about topics like the force, historical relics and biological anomalies.
  • The Nobody is backed by an unnamed corporation dedicated to the procurement of dangerous artifacts, anomalous biological specimens and the containment and sedation of unnatural phenomena. This gives him access to a sizable budget spent on equipment and necessary resources for his job.
  • His public information is entirely wiped from any system capable of identifying him. In the eyes of any government, The Nobody never existed.


  • The Nobody is physically weak - relying on gadgets and technology to defend himself. He is also unable to wield the force, leaving him vulnerable to supernatural abilities.
  • Due to the nature of his role, The Nobody is unable to make connections with other people and cannot exist within the public zeitgeist. When he isn't on a mission, he is hidden away alone on transport ships or in bunkers installed for the purpose of scientific research. Due to his commitment to the strange and unusual, this has left The Nobody a little bit mad from the isolation, only provided company by his study subject during these periods of disengagement.
  • The Nobody is reliant on his employers for purpose and self-preservation. They provide him all his necessities in exchange for his intellectual capability. Failure to uphold the veil of secrecy that shields the helpless public from the existential threats pursuing them without their knowledge will result in The Nobody's elimination. He is a tool - nothing more.


The Nobody was born with no name and no legacy. He entered the world with an enhanced perspective on reality and sought knowledge at every turn and corner of life. His entire life, he was primed and educated to pursue the anomalies of the universe. He inherited the dreams of an entire conglomerate - he wanted to unlock the secrets of life, down to studying the tiniest speck of dust to the overwhelming complexity of the force itself. This seed of ambition was planted in him before his conception - his mind was designed to absorb information like a sponge, and to deconstruct the dangerous questions that manifest in their universe. He never needed a name, or a sense of self, as he felt comfort in his mission and newfound purpose.
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