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Approved Starship The Nessius

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The Spacepiress of Chaos

Intent: The creation of a Unique Command Ship for the Order of the Seven Flames.

Image Source: Warhammer 40k Gloriana-class Battleship - [HERE]

Canon Link: N/a
Restricted Missions: N/a
Primary Source: N/a

Order of the Seven Flames
Asmodean class Star Destroyer
Order of the Seven Flames
Starship Components

Star Destroyer
Command Ship
1600 meters
850 meters
459 meters
Impurvium Prow-Ram
(2) Prow Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
(6) Dual Heavy Turbolaser Cannon Turrets
(18) Mass Driver Cannons - Broadside Configuration - 9 on each side
(4) Ion Cannon Batteries
(12) Quad Laser Cannons
Reinforced Durasteel-Turadium Armor Plating
Multiple Military Grade Deflector Shield Generators
Multiple Military Grade Ray Shield Generators
(8) Squadrons
Maneuverability Rating
Speed Rating
Hyperdrive Class
Very Slow
Class 10 Hyperdrive
Class 14 Hyperdrive - Backup Hyperdrive


Military Grade Sensors Array
Military Grade Communications Array
Holonet Transceiver
Main Thrusters (5)
Auxiliary Thrusters (8)
Tractor Beam Projector Batteries (8)


  • Prow-Ram - The Nessius is equipped with a massive Prow-Ram designed for the specific use of ramming and tearing through enemy vessels - forcing the remnants of those vessels to the side and clearly the path for the Nessius to continue forward.

  • Multiple Layers of Defense - Due to its size, the vessel is designed with multiple layers of defense - with multiple shield generators and reinforced armor to aid in the defense of the vessel - along with its capability to field starfighters for added defense.

  • Prow Heavy Turbolaser Cannons - A set of Heavy Turbolaser Cannons is mounted on the prow - as often seen in the former CIS Frigates during the Clone Wars - with these weapons meant to often soften up an enemy vessel before the opposing vessel is struck by the prow-ram.


  • Behemoth - The Nessius is a large vessel which is further slowed by its Prow-Ram. Likewise it is incapable of maneuvering easily like other vessels of its class - making more of a pure battering ram in terms of its capabilities.

  • Easily Swarmed - The vessel otherwise lacks any real form of anti-starfighter defenses other than the starfighter squadrons or escort vessels that it would be required to rely upon to ensure enemy starfighters are incapable of striking the vessel. An experienced or reckless commander could easily find a means to exploit this weakness to at the least strike and disable the vessel to remove it from a fight or force it into a retreat.

  • Slow Speed - Another short coming is via the vessel's hyperdrive generators which are - when compared to the hyperdrives of other vessels of its class - are rather slow. This means that it is often not always capable of joining a battle or required to jump to a position ahead of most of its escort fleet which could potentially trap it without reinforcements in the middle of an engagement.


The Nessius is an Asmodean class Star Destroyer designed and fielded exclusively for the Order of the Seven Flames under the command of the Order's current Inperantike.
Unlike other vessels of a similar size and class - that being Star Destroyers - its primary role is apparent through the vessels Prow-Ram; a weapon whose main focus is to tear through enemy formations and vessels to allow the Nessius to punch a hole into the enemy's fleet. From this position, the Nessius would be capable of unleashing a devastating broadside of its mass driver cannons - or otherwise open up an avenue for other vessels to flood through to disrupt the enemy's formation. However the vessel is not without drawbacks - many of which are a hindrance when compared to many of its strengths or are otherwise a direct cause of its strengths.
For instance, the Prow-Ram at the front of the vessel is so heavy that it requires a great effort from the vessel to attain forward momentum - even in space - thus resulting in a drastic drop in the vessels speed and maneuverability; both of which are almost non-existent. Where as many other similar Star Destroyer classes have a means to fight off Starfighters - the Nessius is an exception - having to rely more on its own starfighter compliment and escort vessels to otherwise ensure that Starfighters are screened out and prevented from striking at the vessels.
Likewise it is a lumbering beast - with inefficient Hyperdrives that otherwise slow the vessel down. This can be greatly capitalized upon to otherwise lock down or trap the vessel without its escort fleet; this is due to the Nessius often having to leave from a location prior to the rest of the fleet so that it arrives with its escorts. A crafty commander could thus potentially manage to pull the vessel from hyperspace and isolate it from the rest of its fleet - either damaging it enough to disable the vessel or outright destroy the vessel.
Thus the Nessius is more of a weapon of intimidation - a loud cry from the Order of the Seven Flames and a reflection of their stance on bring law and order to planets as though a strict parent dealing with a petulant child.

Ground Vehicle Capacity
8 Squadrons
Cargo Capacity
36,000 metric tons
6 Standard Years
Directorate Officer
The Whispering Tyrant said:
Material Starship Components Durasteel Impurvium Turadium
Impervium is a restricted material right now, which means that this will need a major faction or a Tier 4+ company to use this metal.
The Whispering Tyrant said:
Hyperdrive Class Very Slow Class 10 Hyperdrive Class 14 Hyperdrive - Backup Hyperdrive
If you want, this could be raised up a bit (to average), as hyperdrives don't count towards the balancing scheme unless they're faster than x1. If you want to keep this to partially balance out for the unique ram strength though, I'd understand.

The Whispering Tyrant said:
Ground Vehicle Capacity 8 Squadrons Accompanying Shuttlecraft
Are these same shuttlecraft the ones listed in the hangar area?

Overall, this one rating too high. Since it's a unique production starship, this can be balanced out by lowering a rating or adding a significant weakness.
The Spacepiress of Chaos
  • Removed Impervium
  • Keeping the Hyperdrive rating at Very Slow
  • Lowered Starfighter Squadrons from 6 to 4
  • Upped Shuttles from 10 to 16
    ​Removed the 'accompanying shuttlecraft' from the ground squadron section as they're accounted for in the hanger section.

[member="Gir Quee"]
Directorate Officer
[member="The Whispering Tyrant"], the way the starship template is currently set up, we keep track of whole squadrons rather than individually carried craft (though we'll often overlook it if it's a couple of non-combat support shuttles). Having this many shuttles explicitly listed is probably pushing that. Because of that, I'd recommend simply listing pure "squadrons" without any additional labelings. This also means that you can swap out squadron types as you want to, meaning that it could carry 6 squadrons of pure fighter craft for a fleeting engagement, or 6 squadrons of shuttles for a planetary assault in a different situation, or any combination in between.

Additionally, now it appears to be underpowered in terms of ratings. The Armament and Defense ratings are balanced out by the very low speed and maneuverability ratings. This means that the unique production isn't accounting for anything, meaning that you have three extra ratings that you could now up.

One thing to maybe consider if you intend this to be more of a base ship is up the hangar count, which could be up to "Extreme: 14 squadrons" if the other ratings were kept as they currently. Alternatively, another option might be to boost the speed up so that it has more of a chance to use its ram.
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