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Approved Starship The Negotiator class Corvette

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John Ash

Only by Fire do we become Ash.

  • Intent: To create a personal ship for [member="Duxil Rylver"]
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Classification: Personal Transport
  • Length: 150m
  • Width: 40m
  • Height: 20m
  • Armament: Very Low: Quad laser canon turrets x2 (1 star board side & 1 port side)
  • Defenses: Low: Alusteel hull; deflector shield
  • Hangar: 4 speeder bikes or 2 speeders or 2 speeder bikes & 1 speeder; 1 small shuttle ship
  • Maneuverability Rating: High
  • Speed Rating: Very High
  • Hyperdrive Class: 1
  • Anti-ion tracer
  • Communication system: Receiving, transmitting, and encryptions
  • Internal security system: cameras, B4J4 security droids, remote control of blast door locks, and internal coma gas dispensers.
  • Holonet connected
  • Roomy interior
  • Luxury & Comfort
  • Distress Beacon
  • Escape pod x2
  • Cozy- The Negotiator class Corvette is a personal transport ship designed for luxury and comfort. Because of this the focus is more on the ships speed and maneuverability than on its armament and defenses. This means that the ship is able to out run and out fly most other ships of its size. On top of this the inside is built to be cozy for those who are inside. This sense of coziness is further increased by the advanced security measures on the inside for the protection of the ship's passengers and crew. Combined they create a ship perfect for those seeking to travel rather than to wade into the middle of combat.
  • Frail- The Negotiator class Corvette is a personal transport ship designed for luxury and comfort, so that means it sacrificed many important aspects of its design for defending itself for this. It has only a pair of turrets on either side to use to defend itself with, and while they do offer a wide firing range for the ship they must be manned in order to be used and so are subject completely to the individual skill of the shooter to be effective. The other thing is that the ship has an alusteel hull and a single deflector shield for defense. The alusteel offers a mixture of protection and lightweight for speed, but it is not thick enough to handle more than light fire from other ships. The deflector shield as well is meant to protect more from environmental hazards than it is to protect from ship fire as well. This combination means that if the ship can not outrun its opponent then it is highly likely it will be gunned down.
Description: The Negotiator class Corvette came to be following a contract for a personal ship. Ashhearth Industries took the details of what the client, [member="Duxil Rylver"] , wanted from her ship and then got to work on creating the original designs for it. It took some time to find a good balance for what the client wanted, but eventually they had the prototype worked up. Once the prototype was built they began to test it out in various conditions to find any flaws. There were a few that needed to be worked out, such as the coma gas tanks releasing accidentally when someone went to activate the door to the cockpit and the blast doors becoming completely locked when using the remote activation, but once those were done the Negotiator class Corvette was finally ready.

The Negotiator class Corvette is made from a alusteel frame and hull with ship and electronic componenets in between. A deflector shield generator was added on with a pair of quad laser canon turrets, one on each side, to give it some semblance of defenses. The outside of the ship was painted to have purple highlights and yellow decals on it. The real work went into the interior of the ship. It was divided into several areas on the inside each with their own unique structures:

Living Quarters: The ship comes with a set of living quarters for the non-security members of the ship's crew. Each crew member has their own room that includes a desk with a holoprojector, a seat, a bed, and a personal closet. A lavatory is also included in this area for the crew members to use that is separate from the rooms.

Barracks/Security Office: The ship includes a barracks for the small security crew and a room to act as the security office. The barracks includes an armory closet, sets of bunks for the security members, desks with chairs and holoprojectors for personal business, and a lavatory for the crew. The security office houses the control panel that controls all of the ships security features and receives the security feeds from the cameras. The communication system and holonet feed also are connected to the control panel in the security office as well.

Common Area: The ship includes a common area between the Living Quarters and the Barracks/Security office for the use of all crew members. There is several small seating areas with tables to be used to eat and play various hologames, a large couch with a large holoscreen connected to the holonet in front of it, and a kitchen area. The crew is able to eat and relax in this area as they please when they are not on duty. The kitchen is also used to supply food to the other areas of the ship.

Main Quarters: The ship comes with a master bedroom for the ship's owner to use. This room is spacious and can be furnished to the owner's desire, but includes a few bare minimum features. A private bathroom is located here that includes both a shower and a bath, a pair of personal closets, and a bed that can be pulled out of the wall are all included with the room. An additional bed and more furtinture such as desks, dressers, and drawers can be added in until the space is all taken up if desired. This room also includes a small kitchenette.

Medical Bay: The ship has a medical bay in it that is for the use of the crew, owner, and guests. It is a standard medical bay that can handle everything except what a bacta tank is needed for. It can handle up to 4 patients in it at a time, and comes with a standard medical droid in it that can be switched out.

Guest Quarters: The ship has an area dedicated to housing and entertaining guests. The ship can house up to twenty guests, each with their own room. Each room includes a personal bathroom, a bed, a desk with a holoprojector built into it, a greel wood chair for the desk, a nightstand, and a dresser with every piece of furniture being made out of greel wood. A personal closet for valuable and fragile belongings is also included in each room. A lounge is also included that has tables of various sizes, chairs and couches made from greel wood and soft cushions, and holoprojectors connected to the holonet for entertainment and business purposes. This area also includes a kitchenette that can be used for beverages both hot and cold.

Communication Room: The ship was given a room to be used for communication purposes. This room includes a long, oval table lined with chairs all made out of greel wood in the center of it. A large holoprojector rests in the middle of the table and infront of each chair is a smaller holoprojector and holopad. A terminal is included that is connected to the communication system and holonet so that the room can pull up things from both.

Every other area: The rest of the ship is made of every other area that is required for the ship to function properly. This includes hallways, the cockpit, a small hangar area for some speeders and to load up onto the small shuttle craft docked here, the engine room, a small cargo hold to store supplies, the turret controls, and the escape pod loading areas.

When Duxil Rylver did not arrive to pick up the ship with payment at the agreed upon time and did not respond to further messages, John was upset. It was an expensive ship to make and befitting an executive or senator. Instead of finding a new buyer however, John decided to put the ship to better use for his company and his system. It is now the official property of Ashhearth Industries and the Pii System under the use of Emilia Delane.
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