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The Most Dangerous Game

[SIZE=11pt]Bone City[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]… A hive of pirates. The name given to one of the most villainous states in the galaxy. All over the bones of long since extinct species lined the walls of buildings. A giant wall of bone and adobe had been erected to keep out the rot god. Inside of the walls ancient ships lined with more bone served as housing and spice dens for those who called this place their home. In the center of the city sat a giant tower that was actually another ship just waiting to take off on another raid. The whole city was a place of vice and suffering. The main grind for dough? Slaving. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Even the bartenders were in on it. Beneath each social hub were a maze of tunnels that led to cells and arena dens. The bars were all rigged with trap doors and if you weren’t careful you might just find something in your drink. Then you’d wake up a few days later in a cage or with an organ missing. It was in one of these bars that Causstik found himself. The place was filled with his Dread tooth warband. A group of mercenaries born and bred for war. They were roudy and presumptuous, having their way with whatever came their way. Whether it be a simple beer to a serving girl. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The lizards were all hands and fist. The bar was ill lit and several of the tables had been upturned. A trandoshan had passed out on the floor and a few of his comrades had gathered around him to laugh at his expense. Someone was taking a leak in the corner and the bartender was dead behind the lounge. Another Trandoshan had taken up his spot and was serving his buddies. The whole place reeked of piss and the floors stuck to your every step. Causstik eyed the whole scene through jaded eyes. It wasn’t until a human entered the building that his attention was truly captured.[/SIZE]

Just when she had thought she had seen it all, Zesiro discovered Bone City. The pain, torture and pleasure to be found here filled her with sweet longing and desire. The sounds filled her ears, making her want to howl and join in. She stalked through the town of downed ships, abandoned by their pilots in ages past and commandeered by the local residents. They had been transformed into realms of joy for some and misery for others.

A few tried to approach the young woman, but either none lived long enough to get close or ran when they saw what happened to their comrade. Her blue eyes glittered in the excitement of it all. Surrounded by the bones of the dead, Zesiro added more to the mess easily. Replacing her lightsaber to her side, she continued on, coming upon the loudest of places offered, she walked in.

Her corn flower blond hair certainly stood out amongst the rowdy trandoshans and various other species. A perfect place to wreak havoc. Her eyes played across the seething bodies and her smile grew vicious.

[member="Causstik Rahn"]
[SIZE=11pt]Causstik watched as the human entered the bar. His tongue flicked the air and he tasted the scent of blood on the wind. A blonde devil surrounded by an aura of death. Caussitik excused himself from the filthy booth he was sitting at and approached the bar. He stepped over the Trandoshan passed out on the floor and made his way around the counter. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Causstik way laid the Trandoshan behind the bar with a swift hay maker to the face. He felt the creature’s jaw crack beneath his powerful blow and the trandoshan slumped to the ground limply. Causstik looked to the rest of his comrades and let out a low growl. They hung their heads and simply walked away. None wanted to challenge the leader, for they knew it would be the death of them.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Causstik began to withdraw two mugs with stains and specks lining the length of them. Causstik washed the mugs out with the filthy water from the sink and a rag, but the mugs ended up just as dirty as before. He set them down with a Clink and began to pour up a couple glasses of ale. He set them down atop the bar and then withdrew a cigarra from his pocket. He placed it between pointed teeth and beckoned to the woman with a wave of his hand and a big toothy grin. Causstik lit the cigarra and waited for the female to approach.[/SIZE]

Letting out a single belly guffaw, she watched the lizards move away from [member="Causstik Rahn"] as though he ruled them. He poured two mugs of what had to be strong ale and motioned for Zesiro to join him.

Deciding to take him up on what was likely to be a drinking challenge, she kept her hand on her saber hilt as she seductively glided through the crowd. The empty are in the middle of room she avoided since it might lead to a pit for fighting or a cage of some sort. As she passed the different beings in the room, her hands touched them and sometimes her body pressed against theirs.

She made her way to Causstik and gave him a smashing smile when she reached the bar next to him.

"Well, hello big guy."
[SIZE=11pt]Causstik watched the woman strut through the bar. Sexy, seductive, and dangerous. Causstik let out a deep guttural laugh as he lit his Cigarra. He let out a thin stream of smoke and as if on queue someone started playing his favorite jazz. The woman was everything he appreciated in a being. A tall curvy Trandoshan took up the bar’s center stage and began to sing a soft melody that most wouldn’t think possible for a Trandoshan. The woman made it to the bar unmolested for the most part and Causstik gave her props for making it this far. The lights in the bar dimmed as the Trandoshan performer began to sing a high contralto. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Well, hello big guy,” The woman said to Causstik and he merely let another stream of smoke escape his jowls. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]He slid the cold drink to the woman. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Best in the house. On me,” Of course that wasn’t saying much given the establishment.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Drink with me,” Causstik said to the woman as he raised his glass and clinked it against the woman’s. [/SIZE]

He let a stream of smoke up from his mouth as he chewed on the of his cigarra. [member="Causstik Rahn"] slid one of the glasses of ale across to her and Zesiro picked up the mug, clinked it again his and took a draw on the brew. It certainly was strong and it was vile, but she drank it anyway. It left a sour taste in her mouth after she swallowed.

"I'm glad you got me the best."

She said this in as sultry of a voice as that of the singer on the stage. The music was way more subdued than Zesiro thought could ever come from a trandoshan.

"What brings you to a place like this?"

Leaning against the counter with her back on it and showing off as many of her curves as her clothes allowed.
[SIZE=11pt]Causstik watched carefully as the woman sipped her drink, but he did not take a single sip of his own… The singer ended her solo in a deep baritone.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“And here you’ll find, that those lost. They never find their way again…” [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The crowd of Trandoshans applauded the singer and another man came up on stage. He clipped a collar around her throat and led her away. She was a slave. Causstik gave the woman a big toothy grin and let one last puff of smoke out before he put the cigarra out in his still full drink. He eyed Zesiro’s curves appreciatively. She would make a fine prize indeed.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Only the best for a gem like you,” The one eyed lizard said to the woman. Despite his attempt to sound kind it still came out as a guttural growl. He heard her next question and nearly laughed. What else would a Trandoshan be doing in unknown space? He was a pirate and slaver. Though he preferred the words privateer and Indentured servants. And he was the bona fide leader of Bone City. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Me? I own this place. Everything you see on this planet of Mugg Fallow belongs to me and the rot god,” The lizard finished with a chuckle “Including you.” [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]He gave her a big smile, all teeth and canines. The drink she had just so willingly accepted had enough tranquilizer in it to knock out a rancor. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“When next you awake you’ll be chained to my throne and I promise to truly give you only the best,” His hand reached out to caress her cheek. A claw ran the length of her jaw and Causstik chuckled again.[/SIZE]

Her blue eyes narrowed as she started to feel the tranquilizer hit her system. She grabbed [member="Causstik Rahn"] clawed hand and shoved it away from her face.

"I will NOT be chained again."

Zesiro said fiercely and with conviction. Through the torture her master had given her, she had learned to endure and go on. Time seemed to slow down for her and instead of passing out or falling down like the trandoshan expected, she used the time she had left to try and escape. Instead of the slow, seducing gait she used before, it was a pure flash of speed enhanced by the Force.

She didn't get far though, the thugs of his band, knew what was going to happen the attractive human and completely blocked the door so she couldn't escape.

Pulling out her lightsaber, she turned on Causstik.

"I'm NOT going without a fight."
[SIZE=11pt]Causstik watched as the woman swatted his hand away. He merely shrugged. The poison would slow the woman until eventually she succamb to it’s full effects. But, to his surprise she moved with an extreme amount of alacrity. But, Causstik’s warrior’s would be waiting for her at the door. Unnoticed they had all moved from their seats and now lined the walls with weapons trained on the girl.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“I will not go out without a fight!” The woman cried out vehemently. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The Trandoshans all begin to laugh. Deep mocking guttural cries echoed throughout the entire bar. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“I’d prefer to keep you and your beauty intact, but if you want to have a fight…” [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Causstik fingered the bar counter and the entirety of the center of the bar would collapse on itself and the girl would spiral down the rabbit hole. The Trandoshan’s continued to laugh. “GRAHAHAHA!” They pointed at the woman’s dismay and could be seen leaning over the hole to watch the woman as she discovered the pit she had been trapped in.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Causstik shoved his way through the crowd of onlookers and leaned over the edge of the large trapdoor. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“A fight you shall have!”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]In the hole three doors would slowly open to expose pitch black darkness. Through the black, faint scraping and sliding noises could be heard along with the occasional growl. Finally nine Trandoshans would admit themselves from the depths of the darkness. But, something was off about these creatures. Their eyes were glossy. Their claws long as if they spent a millenia in the grave and their flesh rotting from their very bones. Entrails leaking from one’s stomach. Another with a chunk missing from his shoulder. Black ichor leaking from their eyes and mouths.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The crowd of live Trandoshans above the pit went wild. With the poison in her veins this Sith was doomed to be another victim of the dead that wandered the tunnels beneath Bone City.[/SIZE]

"My beauty will be the last thing you see."

Zesiro shouted this at [member="Causstik Rahn"].

The trandoshan creatures in the pit moved slow for their kind and looked really odd to her. However, she would rather face the slow moving monsters than the live ones on the edge of the ring. Narrowing her blue eyes and watching both around and above her, Zesiro still moved with seductiveness and grace.

Muttering incoherently under her breath not able to be heard by those above, "I'm going to get that lizard and make him pay for this".

When the slowly moving ill trandoshans almost got into touching distance Zesiro judged just how much room she would need to avoid them and jump over their heads. With her saber flashing, she jumped high enough to avoid the one front of her and used the one behind her to propel herself over their heads. Without looking back at them, she dashed down and into the under city.
[SIZE=11pt]Causstik watched as the woman vaulted over the undead and landed behind them.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Close the gates!” Causstik cried out and with that said a Trandoshan pressed a button behind the bar and the blackened doors would close. Causstik gave the woman a toothy grin from above. He pointed towards the pit. He had had enough of these games. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“KILL THEM ALL!” The Trandoshan’s around him would take aim at the undead and fire. Over fifty blaster’s rang out as the Trandoshans opened up. The undead would fall to the ground as laser rounds pierced their skin and ended the black ichor that lay beneath their skin. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Take her!” Causstik roared and Twelve princes of the most famed chieftains around hopped into the pit to do their lord's bidding.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Come with us girly and I promise nothing bad will happen!” One of the princes cried out. They were all armed, with Ryyk blades and phrik armor.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“The War Chief has deemed you his and we will have what belongs to him!”[/SIZE]

The poison from the drink had taken more of an effect on the young woman and the immediate danger of the undead out of the way, she now faced twelve live trandoshans. Her eyes flashing with the desire to fight, but her body not agreeing couldn't move fast enough to get away from clutches of even one of these guys.

She slowly crumpled to the floor of the pit. Her surrender is not her choice, but forced on her by the tricky leader that she will straddle one day and make her escape.

This is what thought fills her mind as the trandoshans actually pick her up quite gently for their size and pass her over as a prize to [member="Causstik Rahn"].
[SIZE=11pt]Causstik watched as the twelve warriors leaped into the pit and claimed the woman. The poison finally taking it’s full effect. The Sith was easy prey. As they lifted her one of the wariors fondled her gently and Causstik scowled. At the sight of this Causstik leaped into the pit and ended his life with a swift swing from his Ryyk blade.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]The rest of the Trandoshan princes dropped the woman and Causstik caught her in his arms and with a wave of his arm a ladder was lowered. Holding the woman in one massive arm and climbing the ladder with the other Causstik hoisted himself upwards. As he pulled himself up Causstik growled menacingly at the surrounding warriors. He exited the bar, prize in hand and made his way to the palace.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]When Causstik reached his home he gave his new prize up to a few of his concubines and they took her from him excitedly. It was not often that they got to treat one of such beauty. They attached a shock collar around her neck and plushed her face with makeup as she slept. When they finished they took her to his throne room and propped her up in the chair that set next to his own. While she might be a slave she would be a comfortable one. Some would even call her a queen.[/SIZE]

The poison effects leaving her system, Zesiro wakes up to find herself with a shock collar on and in an extremely comfortable chair next to the throne of [member="Causstik Rahn"]. Her face felt hot and she raised her hands to find out why. It was covered in make up. A slight shudder went through her spine, she was locked up again, but yet free to move around. So much like her dark room she held captive in.

She looked down at her body and if her outfit before had been revealing this left nothing to the imagination. At least her intimate parts were covered. Oddly her lightsaber was present and attached to her clothing somehow. Sitting up now, she looked around.

Zesiro did not know what day or time it was, but saw it was likely late afternoon and going off how hungry and thirsty she was more than likely it was the next day. The trandoshan had yet to notice she was awake, but was sure if she moved much more he would.

Soon enough other beings noticed she was awake and Zesiro closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep.
[SIZE=11pt]Causstik’s palace was a grand one. It was covered in the finest hides gathered over a thousand hunts. Giant pillars of bones served as supports for the ceiling and in each pillar was carved a story. Usually the stories were just those of hunts, but occasionally they were of outsiders who had proven their worth to the band of Trandoshans. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]These men and women who proved their worth often left with a Trandoshan as this was the only way to prove yourself. To beat a Trandoshan, tame him and make him yours. But, their was only one way this could be achieved. Through combat. Causstik had been challenged many times and each time he added the bones of the challenger to the city streets. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Bare chested, wearing nothing but a loin cloth Causstiks muscles rippled beneath his scales. Even unarmored he was a formidable foe. Still despite Causstik’s violent methods he was a fair Chieftain to his clan. His people lined the outside of his palace in hopes of seeing their Chief. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]But, Causstik had grown tired of handling these affairs and decided to hold a special affair in celebration of the newest addition to his collection of playthings. Causstik walked to the woman and grabbed her by the jaw with one massive hand.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Wake up! We’re going out…” The one eyed war chief growled to the woman.[/SIZE]

[member="Causstik Rahn"] seemed to know when she woke up and started moving around. Zesiro gave up on trying to pretend and was looking at him when he approached her. He grabbed her by her lower jaw, waking her up fully now. She just glared at him for now until he let go.

"Where are we going?"

She spat this out along the last taste of the poison he had delivered the night before. Rubbing her chin she waited on his answer.

Ugh, she couldn't believe the outfit she was in and the make up. Her beauty was a natural kind and didn't need anything to enhance what was there.
[SIZE=11pt]Causstik watched as the woman awoke finally and he released her chin. She spat at him and Causstik growled at her. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“Don’t try my patience…” He said as he turned from the woman.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]He beckoned to the slave rather than speaking to her. He would lead her to his private chambers. The doorway that led into the room was gilded in gold, the door itself made of ebony. As Causstik opened the door a large plush bed covered in furs of 3 different animals was revealed. Several pieces of furniture carved from the most expensive wood lined the walls and a grand chandelier hung from the ceiling.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Besides it all in the corner was a mannequin with Causstik’s armor. The armor was lined with scratches and dents. A few of the precious gems that once encrusted it had been broken or were completely missing. The paint was peeled in places, but for the most part it was black as night. Even the jewels seemed tainted by the darkness. Causstik motioned to a chair lined in a strange leathery hide “Sit,” Causstik ordered his new slave. As the woman would take a seat Causstik would line himself in the Beskar Chain mail.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]An armor sacred to the Mandalorians. Viewed as the heart of a warrior detailing a man’s very reason. Causstik’s Beskar was painted gold and black. Meaning he was an agent of justice, but rather than protect the law he considered himself a punisher of the wicked. Then Causstik placed his plate armor over the chain. Black scarred phrik plate covered in beautiful jewels that he had discovered dampened the force. He found this out on his first hunt for a force user.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]Now the man’s saber sat with many in one of the display cases that were home to a dozen other trophies somewhere in the palace. As Causstik finished putting on his armor he withdrew a cape from his dresser. He threw it over his shoulders then grabbed his crown. An intricate piece of work carved from the skull of his old Chieftain and ancestor. Causstik made his way to the doorway then beckoned to his new slave once more. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=11pt]“We are going to the Arena,” Causstik finally answered[/SIZE]

Putting on a meek façade, Zesiro followed [member="Causstik Rahn"] into what appeared to be his sleeping quarters. It was very grand and showed off his wealth. This didn't impress the woman though. She was never after wealth.

She watched him dress in his gear and got a full opportunity to admire the strength on his body since she had been pretending to sleep and didn't see it before.

Hoping she's not going to be one in a fighting pit, she falls into line behind the trandoshan. Not one to fight, if that happens, she's as good as dead.

"You're not going to put me in there are you?"

Giving voice to her thought, she asks this to the back side of the warrior.

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