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The Moross Crusade #2

Cedric Dorn

What is the The Moross Crusade?
The Moross Crusade is a faction that centrally lies around a religion and religious worship. The Faction itself is follows the leadership of Menoetius, Jacen Cavil, and Soliael Devin Talith under the guise of three distinct gods within the Moross Religion. Force users within Moross are neither Sith, Jedi, or Dark Jedi(Though they can identify themselves as whatever they want.) they are simply seen as Prophets, Crusaders, and Disciples each with a careful place in the Crusade. None force users are ordered into a distinct military structure wholly different from other current factions. The Moross Crusade is simply a coalition of planets held together by the religion of Moross.

What is Moross?
Moross is a religion created by Menotius and Soliael in order to subjugate several planets beneath their heel. The religion of Moross is centralized around the goal of getting into what is known as the “Great Hall”. The Great Hall is essentially heaven. If one serves the Pantheon of Moross faithfully at the end of ones life one of the Ten Divines will guide the follower into the Great Hall where they will find peace, and whatever else they could ever hope for. In Moross there is Ten gods each one with a distinct identity, purpose, and even emotional skillset. Moross is neither inherently good or evil. Even though it is currently run and created by Sith some of the gods within the Pantheon can be considered “good”. This means that through the oceans of change that occur within the galaxy the religion of Moross and its followers can theoretically become an ocean of good instead of conquest.

Moross itself is run by a triumvirate of three men and women. These three men and women are well aware of the falsity of Moross and are ever changing. When one reaches a certain level of knowledge within the religion of Moross it becomes clear that the whole thing is a lie. The Three “gods” that run the entire faction are just very powerful force users. When this is realized it is possible for one of the high Prophets to “challenge” one of the gods in private. If the God is to die in this challenge then the Challenger takes the identity of another one of the Ten gods.

This same thing occurs if one of the Gods was to die in battle with the enemy. Another high Prophet is chosen and he essentially becomes another god. This is never questioned of course because God's cannot truly die so instead of dying they are just returning to the immortal plane then returning when they come back. This means the nature of the gods is cyclical, you could have one showing up every other time.

For more detailed information and the list of the pantheon click here.

To read a more detailed account of Moross and how the religion came to be click here.

What type of people are allowed to join?
Everyone! Absolutely everyone is welcome within the Moross Crusade. Force Users, Non Force Users, everyone is welcome. There are many hundreds of types of characters that could exist within the Moross Crusade. You could have a religious Zealot that stands for one of the Ten Divines more than anything else in the world. You could have the reluctant convert that has only recently joined Moross. You could have the unbeliever who has no choice in being in the faction, and of course you could have the guy trying to ruin it all.

We welcome everyone to join and have fun.

For More information on the Rank Structure click Here.

What is the Moross Crusade like?
The Moross Crusade is neither good nor evil. Depending on which “Gods” are currently in charge many things can change. If the three gods in charge are mostly Warlike then it is far more likely for the planets beneath the Moross crusade to be more militaristic and war like. If however the three gods are some of the more peaceful then the absolute opposite could be said. Generally however the Pantheon consists of a mix of the two. Within the borders of the Moross crusade life is good, the people are not abused or subject to slavery, nor are they forced to labor away in places they don't want to be. Everyone has general freedoms and rights. This is mostly to keep the people complacent underneath the rule of Moross Triumvirate. After all they could not risk rebellion.

It is entirely different however when Moross invades a world. When the followers of Moross attempt to spread their religion it is often at first with kindness. Prophets, Crusaders, and even Disciples are first sent to a world of unbelievers, they then perform “Miracles”. They heal the sick, feed the starving, work with the poor to make things better. They bring the religion of Moross to the unbelieving world, and then give them time. If however the unbelievers do not accept the religion of Moross...then the Crusade comes. The followers of Moross make quick precise work of the unbelievers, decimating everything in their path and obliterating entire worlds until they finally submit.

What is the Ultimate goal of the Moross Crusade?
The Ultimate goal of the Moross Crusade is of course to bring the entire galaxy under the arms of Moross and the Ten Divine. They are completely and utterly devoted in doing this and it is their goal above all.

Relationship with other factions:
While harsh and unwilling to stop their expanse to unconquered worlds the leaders of Moross are not fools. They know they cannot go to war with every faction in existence and because of this they are more than willing to deal with other factions. They spread their religion as far as they can, and when it comes to diplomacy they offer what they can while also offering education within the religion of Moross. This kind face however should not be accepted without question. This is because as soon as the Followers of Moross see an opening, they will strike.

If you have any question either PM Menoetius or I or post them here!

Cedric Dorn

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Cedric Dorn

The Matter Materializer was built by an Englishmen, therefore it is English.