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The Moon Of Naboo, Couples Coffee Cafe (Part 1)

The bell rang, and Val took a deep breath of the Naboo air. "Dookie, is everything ready?" he looked back, shouting toward his assistant, his coffee server, coffee maker, coffee pourer, cleaner, cashier, you name it. Dookie did it. Well, his services couldn't be solicited obviously, but just about everything.

Dookie nodded in a positive matter, signalling that the couples cafe was open for business. He nodded as he had to shield his eyes from Naboo's sun for a moment, it being a hot day out.

It was Naboo's top spot for couples, a place where you could take your sweetheart out for a romantic, simple date with good coffee, a good atmosphere, and nothing would probably go wrong. Why would nothing go wrong? Because Dookie was loaded.

Yep, under the counter, Dookie had a shotgun blaster. Nobody was going to be harming anyone in HIS cafe. Dookie was... Kind of a soldier in the Imperial Military, before being dishonorably discharged because he was so aggressive, that he had once ripped the limbs off of his fellow soldiers during a disagreement, with his own bare hands. Now, Dookie worked peacefully under Val, but mess with Dookie and you were bound to get your ass shot off.

Too bad Dookie couldn't use his shotgun on incredibly aggressive females, which seemed to happen quite often. Just last month they had an incident where an arguement between a man and woman turned violent, and the woman beat the man near to death with the flat of a vibroblade until Dookie quite literally threw her out.

But that was a story for another day. This was a new day, and it looked good.

"And we.... ARE OPEN!" he announced, as he flipped the sign and headed back to his office, Dookie taking his spot at the register.