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Approved Location The Molecian District

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The Admiralty
  • Intent: To create one of the industrial zones located in the city of Toronis.
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  • City Name: The Molecian District
  • Classification: Industrial District.
  • Location: Toronis, Karideph.
  • Affiliation: Kari Government | Outer Rim Coalition | Meridian Dynamics.
  • Demographics: 60% Kari, 30% Droids, 10% Offworlders (Near-humans, Rodians, Trandoshan, Gamorrean).
  • Wealth: Medium. The industrial district is not catered towards luxurious living and is focused mainly on the creation of wealth to be exported elsewhere. But the factories are state-of-the-art, the infrastructure is well-kept and the spaceports dotting the map are expansive to accommodate for the transit of goods from the factory yards to its destination.
  • Stability: High. The Kari government enforces steep regulations to ensure that workers within its borders are treated with a certain amount of dignity. Much of the district has seen investment by Meridian Dynamics. The district is inhabited by hired Kari, indentured specialists and droids. The specialists are treated far better here than in many of the MD's holdings across the Galaxy. All of them realize just how 'lucky' they have it here and they have little appetite to cause the situation to change. This ensures that the district is calm, steady and with little trouble. In return they are not shipped out to other holdings across the Galaxy, where their 'rights' mean much less.
  • Description: Much like the rest of Toronis the Molecian District is a honeycomb of efficiency. Every corner, road, building has been designed and placed in such a way to reinforce harmony. The factories are placed within the optimal distance towards the spaceports, the spaceports are placed near transit hubs and the transit hubs are a stone throw away from the residential zones within the District. This ensures a smooth and fast transition of movement throughout the industrial sector. Workers have an easy time navigating the sector as do the goods they produce within the factories.
The investments made by Meridian Dynamics has only increased this optimal state. In honor of the energy the Zygerrians have placed in the district the Kari government has renamed the district to one of the Zygerrian heroes of old. Furthermore they allowed the installation of a Zygerrian administrator. The district is still rigorously checked to see if it follows the laws of the city and world, of course.

Because of all of this the Molecian District is seen as a sort of 'holy place' for the slaves working under Meridian Dynamics. The smartest, brightest and most loyal ones are allowed to become indentured workers for the duration of their work. Receive wages and insurance. Lastly, if they work hard enough they are allowed to buy themselves free out of the contract. This hasn't happened quite often, but enough that it is a very tangible reward. The population of indentured specialists is relatively small compared to the hired Kari and the droids performing most of the labor.

  • Zone Meran: Meran has an exponentially large percentage of the refineries located within the District. From Tibanna gas to other refinement processes, Meran has specialized in the business and does it well. Located near the main spaceport of the Molecian District this combined with the low-grav nature of the world allows Meran to export its refined gasses at a fraction of the usual price.
  • Nima Spaceport: The main spaceport of the Molecian District is unusually stacked with Zygerrians. From the security guards to the administrators and more. Much of the District's output that is destined off-world moves through the spaceport and has been designated as a special interest for Meridian Dynamics.
  • Merban DryDocks: A host of land-based shipyards located in the southern quadrant of the Molecian District. The businesses on Merban DryDocks have a lot of connections with the domestic mining sector in the Minos Cluster. Much of its minerals and ores are shipped directly from within the Sector to build the ships it does. Much like Zone Meran this enables the DryDocks to produce goods in a much cheaper fashion.

The Molecian District has been a part of Toronis for a long time now, but the recent influx and changes within the district have only been occurring for the past decade or so. The crackdown on slavery and other practices that made the Zygerrian Empire rich practically forced them to find creative ways to earn money and maintain their lifestyle as best as they could. They sought investments and exponential returns to them.

What they found?


A world based on commerce, centered around a hard-working ethos and with a low-grav environment? It was basically the Zygerrian dream as far as they were concerned. They started to invest in one of the districts, buying up property and finding other means to assist with the district in their own way.

Most of the labor is performed by a combination of Kari workers, automated droids and indentured specialists placed here from other installations after they showed promise. Now the Molecian District is known as a productive and profitable pieces in Toronis' clockwork like operations.

In return the Zygerrians have a legitimized venture that allows them to fund their operations without having to worry about anyone knocking their door down to 'rescue those poor slaves'.

It works out for everyone, really.
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