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Unreviewed The Mark of Yakieer

Xobos Yakieer

Three Voices, One Mind

  • Manufacturer: Xobos Yakieer Xobos Yakieer
  • Affiliation: Private Market - Apprentices of Xobos Yakieer and those close to her.
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: Abilities can be locked by Xobos Yakieer, Mistress of Shadowcats, in an effort to make her apprentices training tougher or less dependent on certain biological or force powers.
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Alchemized Blood of Xobos Yakieer
  • The Connection: Much like the Mark of Malphas, which is already inscribed on Xobos’ forearm, the Mark of Yakieer works as an alchemized bond between two people. With this bond, Xobos is able to enhance her apprentice’s connection to the force, lock away certain abilities or hinder others, and monitor their health and mental state. The mark also allows the pair to speak freely psychotically across vast distances, sometimes across even quadrents of the galaxy. This is limited, however, to the level of concentration that both beings are able to put into communicating.
  • The Aid of the Master: Xobos continues to grow more powerful through her training underneath Adron Malvern Adron Malvern , and that power is shared between those wearing her mark. Their powers will be enhanced, when appropriate, and meditative states seem to become deeper and much more relaxing.
  • The force is your strength: The Mark of Yakieer enhances the connection of any force user with it placed upon their skin in the ways of the dark side. New abilities might come quicker to those marked, and the relative power of powers they already have are more forceful and powerful. The force feels easier to grasp and more tangible. The mark can lock away powers, forcing those that wear it to depend on other means of survival.
  • I see you…: The mark allows Xobos to keep track of all those that are marked over much more vast distances than a typical user would be able to do. The wearer’s mental state, physical well being, and internal injuries are all extra information available to Xobos upon marking an apprentice. In the rare situation, Xobos is even able to see through the eyes of a marked being, granted they are close enough physically to the Miraluka.
  • I summon thee: With this mark, Xobos is able to summon whoever might wear it to her location or wherever she might direct them. The mark will throb, painfully, until the travel is carried out, seemingly immune to any sort of pain blocker.
  • Nullified: Force nullifiers of any kind, being Ysalamir or force voids will cancel out any of the powers enhanced by this mark.
  • Always watching: Those marked by the Mark of Yakieer give up privacy in the most personal of sense. Xobos could be watching at any time, and they would have no conscious knowledge of it.
  • Creeping power: The mark, in of itself, is a conduit for the dark side of the force. Because of that, it will seek to corrupt whoever might be wearing it. Mentally unstable individuals, lightsiders, and those with no natural connection to the force would find this corruption occurring much quicker, twisting their thoughts into monstrous reflections of their past selves. It is up to the mark wearer to become more powerful in their own powers and depend on the mark less.
  • Permanence: Much like the Mark of Malphas, this mark cannot be removed by the wearer in almost any circumstance. Even arms severely damaged by fire, ice, or lightning would not be able to remove the mark’s hold. Until Xobos decides, the mark will remain, a permanent reminder of who the marked owe their loyalty to.
One of the very first actions that Adron took to controlling his young apprentice was marking her with the Mark of Malphas. It enhanced her power, helped reign in the voices that ran rampant within her mind, and made it so that the Miraluka couldn’t run off on him. She hated it, yet it was a positive part of her training overall. There is a good chance that she wouldn’t be here without her mark, so once Xobos began to take apprentices of her own on, she found it fit to alchemize her own version of the makr that could do much of the same.

The first attempts were raw and many failed before they could even begin. Creating a mark such as this one, especially when one was still growing in their own power, was beginning to look like a feat that Xobos would be unable to accomplish. That was, until Adron lent her the holocron of Kruel Zing. It taught her the necessary steps to finishing her mark.

Xobos is still growing in her power, which means the enhancement of the dark side abilities is lesser than the mark created by her master. It still, however, functions relatively the same, with the added ability to be able to see through those that are marked’ eyes. This was an ability that Xobos, a Miraluka, thought might become useful at some point if she was unable to see through the force naturally with her force sight.