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Approved Starship The Lightbringer

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Maelion Liates

The Lightbringer


Source: DeviantArt - KaranaK

Intent: The intent of this ship is to further the murderous cause of Maelion Liates and Moira Skaldi by giving them a mobile command and processing centre. As the ship is not only stealth equipped but has bulky tech, it is poorly armed and has few attack craft. It’s not a warship, it’s a sneaky ship designed for nefarious purposes.
Development Thread: Yes:
http://starwarsrp.net/topic/19106-stygian-depths-stygium-crystal-raid-vs-op/ - Raid to acquire Stygium.
http://starwarsrp.net/topic/19273-bringing-light-to-the-process-moira/ - Dev thread for the ship itself.
http://starwarsrp.net/topic/18450-v-is-for-virus-maelionrave/ - Agreement to build the ship using Iron Crown’s dockyards. Entechment technology is provided.
http://starwarsrp.net/topic/17402-the-political-process/?p=214710 – Mining magnate Aurelia Saelari is processed so that her company can fund this ship.
http://starwarsrp.net/topic/12491-aftermath-of-glory-tegaea/?p=136092 – Moira obtains plans for a special reactor core.
http://starwarsrp.net/topic/17684-i-cant-believe-its-not-ig-88/ - Significant deal with the Dominion nets the company considerable funds.
Manufacturer: Iron Crown Productions.
Model: Stealth Frigate
Affiliation: Archangel Research and Design
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel, transparisteel. Stygium Crystal stealth array.
Description: The Age of Steel is coming! Well, maybe not yet, but Maelion Liates and Moira Skaldi would like it to. However, two HRDs on Corellia cannot convert the whole galaxy, and some means was required for them to travel in secret and to process organics ‘on the fly’ as it were.
Thus the concept of the Lightbringer was conceived. The ship is designed to be almost undetectable to conventional instruments, allowing them to get in and out of a system quickly, or to hide their presence from enemies. Using a laundry list of rare and hard to obtain equipment and designs, this ship is a triumph of remorseless machine drive combined with willing organic allies’ skills.
On the other hand the ship is pitifully armed. With many of the guns and hanger space removed to make way for the delicate equipment, even the frugal droid crew could not prevent this. Basically, if the ship gets into combat it will try and escape with stealth and speed, and if it can’t…it’s in trouble.

The Lightbringer’s primary purpose is to process organics into ORDs (though usually humans are preferred as they are a well-known type). In order to do this the entire centre of the ship has been redesigned into a mad scientist’s dream. A dozen containment cells allow organic prisoners to be kept alive as the processing must occur before death if the personality and memories of the subject are to be retained.
In addition to the cells, there is the processing equipment itself. As mentioned in that submission, there is a large scanning bed linked into the entechment-boosted-supercomputer which downloads the sedated subject’s brain pattern. The subject is then disposed of in a furnace so there is no evidence. Next the subject’s thought patterns are analysed and downloaded to a droid brain and finally fitted into a droid chassis. These chassis are mass produced by the Corellian factory and cannot be much modified aboard due to lack of space. Once this is done a new HRD has arisen.
To oversee security the Lightbringer maintains a force of 50 battle droids and individual cells can be purged remotely by sealing it and filling it with toxic gas. Since droids are unaffected by this the captives can be easily controlled.

Overall the ship is designed for stealth. The Stygium Stealth Array cannot be used constantly, but can be used for up to six hours at a time, needing the same amount of time to cool down. Using it much longer will risk burning the array out. Despite this, with the modulators and dampeners the ship is extremely hard to detect. That is not to say it could waltz onto Coruscant and land on the Senate Building undetected!
With all these modifications and the cloak engaged the ship is almost impossible to detect unless it hits something. This makes it perfect for the ship’s target of undefended convoys, colony worlds and covert entries onto hostile worlds.
For weaponry, the ship is armed with 10 quad laser cannons and 4 turbolasers. This armament is rather pitiful, suitable only for dealing with fighters and the very fastest corvettes. However, since this ship is neither designed for battle, nor catchable by most capital ships, this is not an issue. The turbolasers are grouped at the front whilst the quad lasers are distributed around the ship to provide total coverage from any angle.
For defences, the ship has a standard frigate shielding array. It can reasonably resist fighter and light attacks for a while, but not heavier ships.
The hangers have been curtailed significantly to allow the bulky equipment to be taken on board. The ship still holds a full squadron of droid fighters, mainly for defending the ship and slowing pursuers long enough for the ship to escape. The droid fighters are controlled by a central control computer on the ship meaning they need to remain relatively close to the ship.

Classification: Frigate
Role: Infiltration and conversion
Height: 35m
Width: 120m
Length: 350m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Hypermatter reactor.
Hyperdrive Rating: 2.0. Backup 10.0.
Minimum Crew: 12 ‘intelligent’ HRDs, 300 misc droids.
Optimal Crew: 25 ‘intelligent’ HRDs, 550 misc droids.
Armaments: (Light Guns with reductions of half the quads) 10 quad lasers, 4 turbolasers.
Hangar: 12 droid TIEs, courtesy of a deal with Alli Wren of Baktoid. Also 4 shuttles for moving equipment/victims to and from the ship.
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • Sensor array.
  • Shields.
  • Containment cells for subjects before they are processed.
  • Stygium Crystal stealth system.
  • Miniaturised processing equipment. Due to the lack of space only the actual processing and conversion to standard HRDs can occur on the ship. So far the organic covering cloning machines have not been reduced in size enough for this to be included. Due to entechment technology obtained from Rave Merrill the computer system can be reduced in size to fit aboard.
  • Gravitic Modulators and Thrust Trace Dampeners to increase stealth abilities (Provided by Iron Crown).
  • Small fusion furnace for disposal of bodies and other evidence.

Passenger Capacity: 50 battle droids (purchased from Baktoid), 12 organic prisoners in containment cells, up to 50 processed HRDs awaiting reskinning.
Cargo Capacity: 3000 tonnes of cargo. Most of this is spare parts, droid skeletons and additional parts required.
Consumables: Human prisoners can be supplied for 2 months before resupply being needed. The ship itself has supplies of fuel and other necessary components for 1 year under normal operation.
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 6. With its sleek lines and stealthy nature, the ship is fast and agile, able to get out of tight situations it can’t shoot its way out of.


Warden of the Ice
I want a much bigger description, more about the ship itself and its capabilities and limitations. Like why is interior space so cramped with such a small hanger and few weapons. You've limited this ship in a lot of ways which is good but I'd like to see why.
Consumables aren't just food and water, but rather fuel and air as well, basically everything the ship needs to function to carry out its regular duties, give me a time for how long you can stay out before needing to resupply the ship as a whole.


Warden of the Ice
Much better! But now your cloak is working like a sensor mask, with the gravatic modulator you will be pretty much undetectable barring someone running into you. Also feel free to up the time on how long it lasts by quite a bit, you had a lot of great dev threads, don't be afraid to let the quality show.
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