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Approved Tech The Lararium

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Darth Imperia

  • Intent: To submit a starship system suited to Imperia's personal tastes and neuroses.
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Sources: Neural Interface Device, Entechment

  • Manufacturer: The Sith Empire
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Darth Imperia
  • Modularity: Can be uninstalled and reinstalled in a different ship, should its original host ship be irreparably damaged.
  • Production: Unique
  • Materials: Computer Components, Cybernetic Components

  • Direct Mind-Machine Interface
  • Complex Life-Support Array

  • Unhackable - One cannot hack a brain. One might be able to reprogram it, but doing so on-the-fly is a talent that relatively few possess. By substituting lines of code for a bundle of hormones and electrical pulses, Imperia protects her ship and its systems from the efforts of slicers. There are still a few systems that are managed by computer programs - the Lararium won't run the caf machines, for example - but all major systems, including power, communications, navigation, weaponry and shields, are overseen by the Lararium's occupant (henceforth referred to as the Lares).
  • Givin Brain - Before its current station, the Lares was a young Givin woman, blessed with the same frightening proficiency for mathematics as all of her kind. As the Lares, it can calculate hyperspace jumps and weapon firing arcs with the same precision as any computer, and as a being unconstrained by programming, is capable of thinking laterally and making unorthodox decisions.
  • Undying Loyalty - As with all of Imperia's important servants, the poor darling stuck within the Lararium was thoroughly indoctrinated before being installed, and is possessed of a love and devotion for its caretaker (or, less generously, tormentor) that is quite literally religious. Short of being dominated via the Force, it will not (without a direct command) knowingly endanger Imperia or her allies.

  • Force Vulnerable - If Imperia can reach out and communicate with the Lares, then any other Force Sensitive can as well. This opens the Lararium's host ship up to a whole new host of security risks.
  • The Foibles of Flesh - Brilliant as it may be, the Lares is still organic, and is still subject to all the issues that stress can bring on. It won't accidentally warp its host ship into a black hole, but it might, for example, waste all of the ship's heavy munitions on a minor target if angered.


Darth Imperia does not like AI. It isn't that she's a technophobe, of course; from cybernetic arms to experimental lightsaber technology, Imperia has long been an enthusiastic supporter of any technology which might increase her power. But Artificial Intelligence unnerves her; by her reckoning, all things which think (even in the rather limited capacity of a ship's onboard programming) should be within the reach of the Force, within her reach. At the same time, having an onboard AI massively improves the efficiency of a ship, cuts down on crew requirements, and generally makes life less stressful.

Enter the Lararium, a unique system based on a fusion of Ssi-Ruuvi Entechment and an ancient Imperial system known as the Neural Interface Device. The result is a melding of flesh and machine, as cruel as it is elegant.

The brain and body of the occupant - known as the Lares - are fundamentally altered once the subject is installed in the Lararium. The body is rendered blind, deaf, insensate. Those parts of the brain concerned with autonomous functions no longer serve their intended purpose, but are instead translated into a series of life support protocols and maintenance reminders. The body itself becomes little more than a shell, kept just alive enough by the Lararium's own systems to ensure that the brain inside remains healthy.

In return, the Lares within is given colossal power. It is not in control of the ship, it is the ship. The hull is the skin, the cameras the eyes. It experiences the serenity of the void and the rush of combat with an intensity unlike any other. So long as the Lararium's life support systems are maintained, it will never die, never age, and never grow ill.

All at the paltry cost of an eternity of servitude.
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