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The Keepers



The Keepers

Overview Description:
An organization of Archaeologists, Scholars and Archivists who work to collect and store dangerous artifacts of both a force and non-force nature. The Keepers are focused on the preservation of both the Galaxy and life within it. However while they do not openly seek to prevent wars, they do seek to prevent the use of devastating and powerful artifacts; both force and non-force in nature. They seek to prevent these powerful artifacts from falling into the wrong hands, and thusly prevent their use in a destructive manner; as well as removing the temptation of their use by removing them from the galaxy.

The Keepers are now open and ready for members to join. It is an organization composed of mainly archaeologists, scholars and archivists with a singular and similar goal. To safeguard the galaxy through the acquisition and hiding away of powerful and dangerous artifacts.

I will answer questions to the best of my ability and provide as much information as I can.