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Approved NPC The Jen'ari Empire Imperial Sith Troopers

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Darth Vyrassu

Immortal Jen'ari Sith Emperor

Intent: An Imperial Military for the Jen'ari Empire, Used in Dominions and any other PvE Roleplays as such, as well as any other Roleplays regarding the Jen'ari Empire.
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Role: This is the Jen'ari Empire's Imperial Military


Unit Name: Imperial Sith Troopers
Affiliation: The Jen'ari Empire
Classification: Infantry
Equipment: The Troopers armor is a Black Plastoid Armor with Tri-Prismatic Polymer, Their armor was also covered by a spray polymer called reflec, Their helmets were specialized helmets that had an air filtration system to keep out toxins, and also provided micro-motion sensors, targeting HUD and data displays that featured where other troopers were on the battlefield. They are armed with two thermal detonators, a SE-14r light repeating blaster, E-11D Blaster rifles, C-25 Frag Grenades, and Sonic Imploders


Availability: Common
Deployment: Mass
Strengths & Weaknesses:
The Imperial Sith Troopers are hardened troopers trained in basic fire fight combat, hand to hand combat survival and sniping. They went through a severe training regiment to work together as a team to get a job done. They are stronger as a force fighting together. Their armor is basic trooper armor with a Tri-prismatic and Reflec mixture to be difficult to detect by radars as well as reflec scrambles scanners when within range of a scanner. The armor as well is painted black to be more stealth like for operations in low light or dark areas.

When separated they are rather easy to take down. Even though they would be difficult to see at night they can be really noticed by the two neon green glowing dots on the side of thier helmets that work the electronics through thier helmet. With the command piece of their electronics being outside the helmet an EMP could easily take out the electronics within their helmets. Their armor does not provide too much protection from blaster fire except maybe a very low amount of resistance and NO resistance at all to lightsabers.
Description: The Imperial Sith Troopers were formed under the banner of the Jen'ari Empire ruled by Darth Vyrassu. The Imperial Sith Troopers went through a tough and severe regiment boot camp and training in basic fire arms and fire fight training as well as learning to be a sniper, stealth training, and hand to hand combat. They were formed as the basic infantry unit of the Jen'ari Imperial Military. They police the locations of any present Jen'ari Empire Sith as well as aid in combat on the front lines in a combat situation regarding the Jen'ari Empire.
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