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Approved NPC The Iron Battalion

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Onith Trill

Replica Droid
Name: The Iron Battalion
Intent: To flesh out Tal's existence in the Fringe, add a unique division to the Fringe Military, and create all sorts of roleplaying opportunities.
Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe
Availability: Uncommon
Type: Infantry
Strength: 1000 Droids(25 TA-3 Droids, 75 TA-2 Droids, 900 TA-1 Droids) + 7 Organic Centurions + 1 Organic Lieutenant Colonel


[member="Anders Sivas"], High Councilor of Military Affairs in the Lords of the Fringe, invested in Hegemonic Automations(Cestus Cybernetics at the time) by purchasing an SC-1 Droid, as well as several other Work and Labor Droids to serve as her personal aides. Impressed with their service and hearing about the newer and smarter Talos Combat Droid Series Anders decided to motion that the Fringe purchase a larger quantity of droids to serve in the Fringe Military. Not to be a source of cannon fodder, but to actually serve as a battalion that can act and react to any given situation as well as a normal battalion.

With the J2 Droid Brain putting the Talos Series Droids at an intellectual advantage over others the Iron Battallion has thusfar served that purpose well, showing the ability to improvise and adapt in combat simulations, though the droids have a noticeable tendency to adapt slower against unorthodox or improbable strategies. Despite this the Iron Battalion has many advantages over a normal battalion. With the exception of a few officers the entire battalion is made up of individuals who do not require sleep, food, water, air, rest, or entertainment. A droid told to keep watch can do so nearly indefinitely. A droid can go into battle in hazardous atmospheres with little, if any, retrofitting necessary. A droid can march for days without lowering speed. A droid can learn a new language in a couple of hours or quicker depending on the programmer. And most important of all, when a droid is put out of commission the Fringe Military doesn't have to send a letter home to the droid's family.

Numbers wise a Fringe Battalion is filled with seven Companies, which equates to 1000 soldiers. The Iron Battalion is headed by an organic Lieutenant Colonel, who is advised by seven organic Centurions, one to lead each Company. Each company divides into three or four platoons(25 total), with each platoon being lead by a TA-3 Tactical Droid. It is planned for the more exceptional TA-3 Tactical Droids to eventually move up to command Companies and perhaps even the Iron Battalion itself, but with the Iron Battalion being fairly new it was decided that it would be headed by trusted and proven officers. While a few of the Platoons are armed with TA-2 Super Battle Droids and used as dedicated shock troopers, the majority of the Iron Company is made up TA-1 Battle Droids, and serve Infantry rolls in the Fringe Military. The TA-1's are programmed with knowledge on how to use all Blas-Tech and Santhe-Seinar weaponry, and are most commonly equipped with the BTI-CC13 as their primary weapon, though some specialize in roles such as sniper or assault trooper and equip different weaponry. Each TA-1 also equips a BTI-WB as a side arm. TA-3's typically have a BTI-CC13 and BTI-WB as well, but as droids intended to be officers rather than combatants they aren't as proficient in their weapons usage.

If the Iron Battalion proves to be an efficient combat unit the Fringe may invest more in Hegemonic Automation's droid army capabilities, but for now the Iron Battalion is mostly a trial run, a proof-of concept. That perhaps Hegemonic Automation has found a way to create a droid army without paying in extreme tactical inefficiency.


*Backstory approved by Anders Sivas, creation of part of Fringe Military approved by Fringe Admin [member="Jared Ovmar"]
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