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The Invasion of Barab I: Rewards (Attn: Everyone!)

The Invasion of Barab I: A Job Well Done!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, as of last night the Invasion of Barab I concluded with a CIS victory. Though it was by technicality, this was the first invasion that we as a faction participated in and I am beyond proud to see how well we functioned as a team! As such, it's time to recognize the exceptional job you guys did with some well-earned rewards. First and foremost...

@[member="Neskar A'toll"], for being the definition of badass in the Invasion, you have been Named the Hero of Barab I! As a reward for your squaring off against the dreaded fem-droid, you have earned a unique bar to display in your signature; in addition to a BC-714 Luxury Transport to use as your personal vessel and a CZ-BTN Personal Cloaking Device from our armory, yours to keep. Enjoy them man, you've more than earned them.


@[member="Keter"], you were one of the most prevalent CIS faces in the invasion. For this reason, you are being rewarded with a Punworcca 116-class Interstellar Sloop to utilize as your personal transport. Hope you enjoy!

Finally, all participants of the Invasion of Barab I from the Confederacy of Independent Systems have earned their choice of Czerka Arms slugthrowers, free of charge, consisting of either a: CZ-835 Machine Pistol, CZ-836 Assault Rifle, or CZ-837 Light Machine Gun. Your choice of rifle comes equipped with a lifetime supply of ammunition and our sincerest thanks for your service!
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