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The Hierophant's Entity



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Offered Products
>> Chrysalis: Enjoy the power that rushes through your body with this potent combat enhancer! Jedi, Sith, Mandalorians, it doesn't matter; with this you'll find yourself stronger than you ever have before.

│ 200 Credits Per Unit │ Bulk Price (Over 100): 175 Per Unit │

>> Aeshma: An infestation that ruins whatever population center it touches. Be it an enemy ship or a population center full of heretical citizens, look to the Aeshma as your number one source of total war cleansing!

│ 50000 Credits For Single Package [One Queen, 20 Drones] │ 15000 Credits Per Additional Queen │ 500 Credits Per Extra Drone │

>> Sraosha: Lonely? Want to be smarter? Stronger, faster? Introducing the Sraosha! For the small price of extra calorie intake, you too can have the ultimate in body enhancing parasites specifically designed to work with your body. Become a super soldier overnight!

│ 3000 Credits for Unit │ Custom Order For Special Sraosha │

>> Rife Glands: Looking for a new hairdoo? Consider these! In perfect genetic harmony, these stands of living hair create a lightsaber resistant, deadly solution to any of your problems! With additional strength, they too can be arms and legs. Kill, maim, be fabulous!

│ 20000 Credits for Unit │ Custom Order For Varying Lengths │

Offered Services
>> Genetic Alteration: Want stronger bones? A stronger immune system? Even to change the color of your eyes and the shape of your face, we offer an in person consultation on whatever it is you wish through one of our many agents.

Prices are on a person by person basis, beginning at 50,000 Credits.

>> Custom Creation: For the perfect child, the ultimate body guard, or anything in between; we offer the chance at genesis, to put creation's cards in your hand and give you the best of the best.

Prices begin at 100,000 Credits. Wait times may vary.

As I cannot modify myself through a surgery - I am not a fool - and have no one I can trust to fulfill my goals properly, I have sought out you - the only person I have found so far with the hope of eclipsing my capabilities. I know exactly what I need. I need several genetic alterations.

The first will not only enhance the number of platelets in my blood, but generally accelerate my healing capacity by an ample amount, giving my body the ability to more easily clot more dangerous wounds. Essentially, a modification of my blood and body to insure that wounds both clot and close more quickly.

I also seek the ability to control my own pheromones - this could be achieved by genetically modifying my brain to give me the necessary equipment to do so, as well as my endocrine system. Not only that, but I hope to simulate the pheromones of anything that I have come into contact with - with a touch, my body should gain the capacity to mimic a pheromone. I require my exocrine system to be modified so that I can secrete the pheromones through a variety of methods, on a whip.

The third is a Force-connected genetic modification of the brain that will create a powerful telepathic node. It can include the pheromone control node, but I require the capacity to not only render people like my brother calm, but to be able to force him to sleep. He is my equal in combat capability - albeit in different areas - and I need some kind of advantage, otherwise I could lose that fight if I make just a single mistake.

Fourthly, I require all of my senses that have not been modified already to be enhanced by enough that they could rival the senses of anything in the animal kingdom.

Fifthly, I wish for that telepathic node to also grant me control over my pain receptors, and give me the capacity to control what level my sensory system is functioning at - you can't expect me to have the nose of a dog constantly, yes? So, a little more control over my body than what is normal is necessary.

Sixth, I need a telomere extension - mine are only average, perhaps below average. It shouldn't be hard. Just a rejuvenation. I expect it to extend my lifespan by at least 30 years. I believe this is my simplest request.

Seventh, I request that my body develop the capacity to absorb oxygen in water through my skin.

Eighth, I need to be able change my body's hair color, skin color, eye color, et cetera, at will. I can take care of the rest in the field, but I feel the urge to have this as a way to escape.

Money is no object. Quality is, however, something I am very much objectifying here. You are one of the greatest minds that the galaxy has to offer. I do not believe you will be disappointing House Mecetti or your brethren in the Mecrosa Order. We may hide our true selves right now, but you can be you... keep doing that, for the sake of all of us.

I do have a special request, however. I need a technical description of everything you've done delivered in a red, leatherbound manuscrupt printed on 110 GSM ivory paper with room for me to make notes on dotted, not lined paper of the same time. It should be the size of your average book, but thinner and with one of those ribbons so that I can mark the page. I'll send you to the publisher I use. You can trust them with anything, and I do, in fact, trust them with a lot. Not anything, though, but secrecy is their job.

Duchess Ivlyn Mecetti

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