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The Hidden Temple of the Jedi

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?

Sorel sat in her cockpit. All the information was available to her and finally she'd worked it out.

She’d spent time at the Free library planet and had been drawn to records of what on the face of it was an average planet in the Zhar system.

And she’d been having dreams and images when meditating of a remote location in the Outer Rim Territories. She’d also had visions of bioluminescent octopoid creatures.

A thorough trawl of databases, using the data the Force had shared with her had hinted at a place shown in the records but not recorded on any star maps. It was the Hidden Temple — a secret refuge for the Jedi during and after the Sith-Imperial War.

It was created as a secret haven for the Jedi in case of another attempt at extermination by the Empire. Having remembered the lesson of the Clone Wars and Order 66, its location, the planet in the Zhar system, was a closely guarded secret. But in her former role as Grand Master of the Silver Jedi Order, she’d found the final piece of the jigsaw — coordinates.

So she waited for her newest Padawan to arrive. She’d already punched the coordinates in for hyperspace travel — at least to the system — and she would trust the Force to locate the Hidden Temple when they arrived.

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Sage would have upon leaving the cantina made her way quickly home, her parents were fully supportive of her in this, they would help her pack her bag, taking only the bare essentials of what she needed for this extended journey. Her father would hug her and tell her that he loved her, her mother was a bit more emotional about it, she would pull her into an embrace and tell her that she was so proud of her in this moment.

Sage would then make her way back to the woman's starship. "I am ready master" She said once she reached the cockpit

[member="Sorel Crieff"]

Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?
Apologies for the delay. OOC poodoo sapped my mojo somewhat. I’ll be slow for another couple of days and then I suspect I’ll be back to normal :)

Sorel bowed slightly from her seated position and smiled. “Excellent. Now, a few questions, but nothing too challenging. Have you ever flown in a ship and have you ever piloted one? I’m not expecting you to straight away, but I can teach you as we go if you would like to learn.”

She opened a comm channel and sought approval to take-off and once given she returned her full attention to Sage.

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Sorel Crieff

Ready are you? What know you of ready?
Sorel smiled. “Then simply pay attention and we’ll see what you can pick up. I don’t know if your wings gift you the power of flight but when it comes to travelling across the galaxy, you need to use hyperlanes and unless you want to be beholden to someone else for the rest of your life to transport you, I recommend you learn to pilot a ship.”

“And most tend to have similar controls, and more often in the same places. So watch and learn.” And with that she left the planet behind and explained each action as she did. Taking off, leaving the atmosphere and finally punching in the coordinates for the planet she believed was there but the star charts said didn’t exist.

“Any questions so far?”

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