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The Green Faith

The Green Mother

Title of Leader: Archdruid
Organization Type: Polytheistic Theocracy
Governing Body: Elder Council
Commander-in-Chief: Primarch

With widespread destruction and war ravaging the galaxy; the Green Faith seeks to heal those wounds in their own unique means. Through self-improvement, bioengineering organisms and utilizing Vong-Forming - the Green Faith seek to terraform entire worlds in a bid to return them to their natural splendor. While not entirely anti-machine as the Yuuzhan Vong, they seek to ensure that the Wilderness and Civilization do not wipe one another out of existence.

They seek to preserve nature in all its forms; understanding that the natural order is to be respected and preserved. They also understand that the wilderness is harsh, and that some cannot survive without aid which the Green Faith is willing to provide.

The Green Faith itself is separated into three entities.

The Conclave
  • Legislative Branch
    Planar Circle (Sectors)
  • Eldath Circle (Planetary Systems)
  • Alluvium Circle (Singular Planets)

[*]Executive Branch
  • Elder Circle

[*]Judicial Branch
  • The Emerald Enclave

The Conclave is responsible for the daily operations of the territories controlled by the Green Faith and are broken down into three distinct branches.

The Legislative Branch consists of various circles each with their own responsibilities. The Alluvium Circle oversees a singular planet. The Eldath Circle oversees multiple Planetary Systems. The Planar Circle oversees an entire Sector.

The Executive Branch consists of the Elder Circle which also serve as the Governing Body of the Green Faith. They oversee the entirety of the Green Faith and answer directly to the Archdruid.

The Judicial Branch consists of the Emerald Enclave, a force based organization modeled after the Imperial Knights of the Fel Imperium.

The Swarm
  • Grounders
    Cilia (Spies/Assassins)
  • Lotleth (Rank and File)
  • Yuuzhan Vong Warriors
  • Thralls/Krauls (Mindless Biomorphs)

  • Ledev Guardians (Main Fleet)
  • Equenauts (Starfighter Command)
  • Sagittars (Planetary/Sector Defense Forces)

The Swarm is the beating heart of the Faith's expansion across the Unknown Regions. These warriors are supplied with vehicles, vessels, arms and armor all produced by the Combine to wrest control of worlds from enemy hands. Much of their technology is bioengineered and contains very little mechanical technology. It is further separated into two distinct formations, the Grounders and the Fleeters, each of which are separated further.

The Grounders is the formation of all ground assets of the Green Faith and is separated into the Cilia (Spies and Assassins that are deployed ahead of time to scout and disrupt the enemy), the Lotleth (the Rank and File ground forces that are deployed in large numbers), the Vong Warriors (those members of the Yuuzhan Vong that have joined the Green Faith, and serve as experience shock troopers sent in when a location is too difficult or costly to take with the Lotleth), and the Thralls/Krauls (mindless bioengineered weapons and biomorphs which serve as biological tanks, artillery and cannon fodder).

The Fleeters is the formation of all interplanetary assets of the Green Faith and is separated into the Ledev Guardians (the primary fleets utilized in expansion), the Equenauts (Starfighter Command), and the Sagittars (defensive fleets that protect planets, sectors and locations deemed important by the Green Faith).

The Combine
  • Gaia (Planetary Technologies)
  • Uranus (Stellar Technologies)
  • Harmonians (Hybrid Technologies)

The Green Faith is equipped with all it needs thanks to the Combine, those ‘biomancers’ that utilize Yuuzhan Vong technologies and work with Vong Shapers to produce the biological and living technologies utilized by the Green Faith. The Combine is separated into three distinct branches, each with a specialty that they work to perfect.

Gaia are those that focus on civilian and planetary technologies; meaning that if a technology is utilized on a planet or person (such as terraforming machines, clothing, foodstuffs, etc etc), it is a good bet that it was developed by the Gaia Engineers.

Uranus are those that focus on military and stellar technologies; mainly technologies that are utilized in space, or in combat (such as vessels, arms and armor, vehicles, etc etc), they were developed by the Uranus Engineers.

Harmonians are a unique breed of Engineers and the smallest population of the Combine. They seek to find ways to unite biological and mechanical technologies together to ensure greater versatility and effectiveness. Many of the other Engineers look at the Harmonians as insane and provide them a wide berth.

Force Users:

The Emerald Enclave, more commonly known as Druids, are the Force User organization of the Green Faith which also serve as the Judicial Branch. They are modeled after the Imperial Knights of the Fel Imperium and serve the Archdruid directly; only if the Archdruid themselves serves the Light Side of the Force and does not fall to the Dark Side of the Force. They are trained in a similar manner, with a strict focus on mental discipline to prevent members of their ranks falling to the dark side of the force. However, they do not strictly draw upon the Light Side of the Force either and are often seen more as ‘Gray Jedi’.

Members of the Enclave are not trained since childhood, nor is any member permitted to take an apprentice below the age of sixteen years old. They must have some potential to use the force and show loyalty to the Archdruid. Much like the older Jedi Orders, Druids are permitted to specialize in a given aspect upon becoming a Knight.

  • The Blade Singers
    Those that seek mastery of their lightsabers and fighting, they practice the various fighting forms as well as utilize a multitude of lightsaber styles.

[*]The Lantern Bearers
  • Those that seek a balance between the Force and Lightsaber Combat

[*]The Tree Singers
  • Those that seek mastery over the force and how to best utilize it to propagate life in the galaxy.

Upon becoming a Master, a Druid is awarded the title ‘Master of the Wild’.

As a means to show their unity and loyalty to the Archdruid, Druids all use a green bladed lightsaber, with only those granted the title ‘Master of the Wild’ permitted to carry a unique color bladed lightsaber of their choice as a sign of their loyalty and service to the Archdruid and the Green Faith.

OOC Information

The Green Faith is an Eco-Group with a focus on conquering worlds to later terraform them to their previous or otherwise unknown splendor utilizing Vong Forming technologies and bioengineered means. Their primary goal is to ensure the spread of nature across the galaxy and the propagation of life to balance the scales in which constant war has tipped the scales in death’s favor.

The Green Faith’s penultimate goal is to terraform Coruscant and other Ecumenopolis across the galaxy as well as clean those worlds contaminated by Industry (such as Balmorra and Duros).


The Green Mother

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