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The Graug Hegemony (Darkside Faction)


The Bastard Man
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The Graug Hegemony
"Loyalty, Strength, Dominance"
- The three tenants of the Graug Hegemony
General Information
  • Type of Government: Clan Hegemony
  • Head of State: The Warchief
  • Alignment: Darkside (Old Sith Ways)
  • Hegemonic Conclave
  • Covenant of the Sith
Societal Information
  • Capital: Saberene (will change if we go major)
  • Official Languages: Graug Tongue, Imperial Basic
  • Currency: Pebbles (Graug Credits), Imperial Credit
  • State Religious Body: Cult of the Horde (Graug Based Religion)
  • Secondary Religious Body: Temple of the Sith
  • National Holidays: Horde'ak Monthasi (Glorious Day of the Horde)
Armed Forces
  • The Graug Horde
  • The Sith Covenant
  • The Grand Armada
  • The Slave Collective
"We have no beginnings and we have no end for we are warriors blessed to fight for eternity" - Common Graug Religious Proverb

The Graug Hegemony is the brainchild of Krag, the last Sith Emperor before the Sith Empires dissolving. The faction is based around the ideals and government of the ancient Graug cultures and adds in the twist of Sith teachings, due to Krag's found love of their culture. The Hegemony welcomes all former and new coming Sith as well as any Graug characters who wish to be apart of this great new endeavor. Overall, the Graug Hegemony has two motives that go hand in hand with one another. On the surface, the Graug Hegemony is nothing more than the attempt of the Graug species and former Sith to conquer whatever they can. However, rooted deep into the very heart of its foundation is the motivation to distract the galaxy from the real plans of the One Sith and act in almost the same capacity that the CIS did for Palpatine and Dooku.

The Hegemony avoids the usual power struggles that plagued the Sith Empire by keeping the general understanding that every member is working to strengthen the Sith as a whole by assisting the One Sith. And so, since the Hegemony is but a large scale cover for the Once Sith, there is no need to try and take power from the Horde Master in power. At the current time, the Hegemony is based on Saberene where the bulk of the Graug species is currently residing. A massive renovation has taken place in the mountain ranges of the planet and Graug Hallows currently line crust of the entire planet's surface.


"The Warchief is but one piece in the puzzle that makes up the grand plan of the One Sith, secretly he serves them but he also has obligations to serve the horde and that supersedes all" - Krag's thoughts upon the creation of the Graug Hegemony

The Graug Hegemony has a simple command structure that resembles the even simpler Imperial Graug Hierarchy. The explanation of the Hegemony can be confusing to non-Graug or any species that does not have an extensive clan based culture as the Graug do. The Graug Hegemony is considered to be a "Grand Clan" or a clan that is formed up of smaller clans who have been united or absorbed into the culture of another. At the top of the Hegemony's power structure is what is known as the Hegemonic Conclave which consists of the Warchief (The leader of the clan who currently holds dominion over all of Hegemony Space), the Clan Leaders and finally a representative of the One Sith (whose business and existence is secret outside of the Conclave). Due to the fact that the Imperial Clan makes up the whole of the Graug hegemony, Krag has put in place an order that after a large number of planets have been conquered and colonized by the Graug that those colonies may unite as one into a battle clan.

A battle clan is the result of a single clan growing so powerful that it could rival dozens of smaller clans. As one might be able to guess by the Graug's obsession with war, the battle clans are similar to what a sector army would be in the grand scope of a factions entire armed forces. The Battle Clan is allowed to bear its own symbol, write its own war songs and even have limited authority to conquer what they wish but in the end they are still subjects of their father clan and must obey the will of the Warchief as such. Any Sith or Graug member of the Hegemony may rule a battle clan and customize it within the confines of the Warchief's declarations. At any given time, a member from a battle clan may challenge for leadership or the warchief may decree a tournement to test if the current Clan Chief is fit for his/her position. The fight is to the death or until one of the opponents flees before he can be put to death and the winner take the mantel of Clan Chief. As the Clan Chief, one may change the identity of the clan's culture or keep it the same. However, one must be careful when changing the cultures of a clan for it may upset his subjects and result in an opponent leading angered Graug Hordes to overthrow him/her and restore the old ways.

The Clan Chiefs work in hand with the Warchief and One Sith representative to plan campaigns and synchronize events with the One Sith that will further the darkside as a whole. Any Clan Chief may also challenge the Warchief, but this is a dangerous prospect as the Warchief is usually favored by the One Sith and the challenger may meet an end at the hands of a One Sith assassin to maintain order. Usually, this is not a problem as the One Sith is the organization that the Hegemonic Conclave swears allegiance to and thus there is no real power struggle.

Below the Hegemonic Conclave is the Sith Covenant, an organization made to simply throw off the scent of the galaxy from the Hegemony's true masters. The Sith Covenant is a collection of all the Sith in the Hegemony and are lead by the Council of Masters who decide on all matters pertaining to the darkside and can only be overruled by the Warchief. Any Sith can be both a member (or leader) of a battle clan and still a member of the covenant as this organization is mainly to give the Sith a sense of home and structure. Masters advise the Conclave on important force maters and are usually the ones who decide upon punishments for Sith traitors, the promotions of loyal Sith etc.

Armed Forces

"You fight until you die, that is the only way to gain your honor here" - Popular Graug saying
The Graug Horde: The Graug Horde makes up the majority of all armed forces in the Hegemony and numbers just under 80 billion strong and that number grows rapidly with every new colony. The Graug Horde is made up entirely of Graug warriors and their warbeasts, there are no other species allowed in this portion of the military. Their ranks are fairly simplistic and are not equal to that of a normal armed forces. To keep the chain of command simple, Graug are only subject to the command of Sith or high ranking NFUs. (Graug will serve as the bulk of all NPC forces used by the Graug hegemony).

Sith Covenant: The Sith Covenant works in the same manner as the Sith Order from the recently fallen Sith Empire, except the Emperor has been replaced by the Warchief and all swear loyalty to the One Sith. Apprentices are the lowest on the scale with Knights heading up the next tier and Masters at the top. Promotions are completely decided by the Master Council who also serve as the highest ranking military officers in the Hegemony aside from the individuals in the Conclave. Sith are generally accepted as the highest field rank on the battlefield due to the primitive nature of Graug Warriors.

The Grand Armada: The Grand Armada is the place where most of the NFU survivors of the Empire go an is also the only place where NFU military personnel have direct command over Graug Forces. Much like the old Empire, the ranks are the same and Graug drones serve as ensigns for most of the ships. Surviving Stormtroopers/Sith Army personnel are also welcome to join this sect as ground pounders for the Hegemony.

The Slave Collective: Like the Graug Horde, I expect this to be mostly NPCs. The Slave Collective is the collection of all slave species from across Hegemony space and are used for canon fodder or simple slave labor. Most of all planets that are conquered and colonized by Graug have their native populations enslaved and so the Slave Collective is arguably the second largest body of individuals in the Hegemony.

Foreign & Domestic Policy

"The Graug have been disrespected for too long, but we shall show the galaxy true power and when the smoke clears the Graug shall be the last advanced culture in the galaxy." - Krag's announcement upon taking control of his clan away from his mother

The Graug Hegemony has a simple foreign policy to conquer, expand and enslave. Though the Hegemony ultimately serves the One Sith, it also has its own motives to expand Graug owned territory with the Sith by their sides. While they share a neutral relationship with the Fringe, they have no diplomatic contact with any other major factions in the known galaxy and refuse to send envoys of any kind. Strength and war is the Graug way and it shows in the way the Hegemony interacts with other factions, perhaps the most frightening thing about the Hegemony is the fact that you never know where they stand on galactic situations and what you thought was a mutual peace may turn out to be nothing more than the calm before a devastating storm.

Races of other planets and cultures are seen as lesser races and destined to be the servants of the Sith and the Graug. Once a planet is conquered the inhabitants are subjected to varieties of medical tests and Sith alchemy practices to try and turn them into mindless husks that serve the Hegemony willingly. To the rest of the galaxy, these practices may seem vile but to the Graug it is simply a necessary step in creating a perfect galaxy where the strong rule over the weak who have been turned into the perfect slaves.

Culturally the Graug do have a valued sense of diversity among their Graug clans and each clan is allowed to have its own identity and cultural values as long as it does not jeopardize the safety of the Hegemony or contradicts any universal laws given by the Warchief. Slaves, however, are not allowed to be apart of the clan and are called "Clanless" in Graug slang.

Overall, policy is based around one thing...the strong thrive and the weak die.

Cult of the Horde

"The Warchief is a a god among mortals and when his taste for blood is filled, he will take his rightful place among the nameless gods." - Belief of the Cult of the Horde

The cult of the Horde is based off of the original Graug religion that tells of the nameless gods who watch over certain aspects of life (more info can be found on the Graug species submission). Upon the creation of the Hegemony, however, Krag established a new cult that believes that the Warchief is a god among mortals who has been sent to the galaxy to lead the Graug to glory. Whether the Warchief is immortal or not is never said, but the teachings do mention that the Warchiefs may take their rightful place among the gods one day which implies that the cult believes in the deaths of Warchiefs at least to some capacity. Graug are the main practitioners of the Cult but slaves are indoctrinated into the belief.


  • To act as a public menace to assist the One Sith in their goals
  • To retake the Graug homeworld
  • To destroy the Jedi and any lightside followers
  • To spread the of the glory of the Graug and the Sith

Closing Statements

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this very long description of the Graug Hegomny! I would like to say that this faction is open to all ex-Sith Empire characters and any Graug characters that may be out there. I think that this faction will add a whole new depth to both the Graug species and the galactic story at large. Hopefully I am correct in that assumption and I can't wait to see all the new and old faces!

Come and show your might!

Our doors are open and we are waiting for you!