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Approved Location The Genesis Institute

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Name: The Genesis Institute

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Classification: Biogenetic Engineering Lab

Location: Bastion. Built within a hillside on an uncharted island (Charted by The SIth Ascendancy)

Affiliation: Satia and The Sith Ascendancy by proxy.

Description: The building,funded by Ignus Industries, is roughly two thousand square meters on the surface (a third of that built inside the hill itself) and forty-five meters below the surface. The structure was designed to have one entry/exit point on the surface, with an exit point below (a means for evacuation) which is an encased tube made of reinforced glass and durasteel to support the strain from the underground soil. The exit tube is slanted upward that leads to the surface on the opposite side of the hill (from the main entry point) where a small medical station is situated to handle injuries. The buildings color scheme on the surface is a forest green and is coated in chromaflair to make it hard to detect by line of sight depending on the angle of lighting. The building has no defense systems or emplacements outside the security force assigned to guard/protect the building. There are four protruding smoke stacks that are attached to the incinerator on the third floor to flush out the burned waste products.

Surface Layout (First Floor)

Science Labs: There are ten labs, each lab dedicated to a specific genetic study involving the genetic codes of aliens, humans, sub-humans, and animal species (those currently in possession and those that will be obtained over time). The ten labs are categorized by species, each lab assigned accordingly to study one particular species; i.e. two labs for aliens, two labs for humans, two labs for sub-humans, and two labs for animals. Each lab has two scientists.

Botany Labs: There are four labs dedicated to studying the genetic coding of plant life. Each lab has three scientists.

Quarters: There are four quarters, set up in barracks fashion that houses the employees and the security force. Total occupancy for this is eighty-one (includes staff and security force of twenty).

Cafeteria: A place for the employees to get nourishment. Seven employees.

Satia's Office: Her precious room complete with a computer terminal, a massive holoscreen on the wall, a mahogany desk, a big comfy chair, and stacks of data recorders on several shelves.

Mid-Level (Second Floor)

Science Labs: Five labs are on the second floor, and it is here where genetic splicing and manipulation of genes occur. Two scientist per lab.

Storage Facility: The storage system has a built-in coolant system to keep the genes in a frozen-like stasis until needed. A computer system was installed to A. monitor and maintain the temperature of the storage facility and B. act as a safety measure. In order for anything to be removed from the facility, the request being made by the scientist has to be approved by the computer system (which has a file on every employee here) before any product can be removed.

Library: Eleven computer terminals have been set-up to assist the scientists. There are shelves with countless organized data pads that inhabit the other three walls.

Ground Floor (Third Floor)

House of Horrors: The six labs on this floor have been dubbed the House of Horrors due in part they create genetic mutations that include altered animals and other freakish constructs. The scientists here utilize the final products created from the labs on the second floor to assimilate into their "patients" Each lab has two scientist.

Incinerator: One purpose only, to dispose of failed experiments.

Holding Cells/Animal Pens: Twenty holding cells/pens were created to imprison "volunteers" for experimental purposes.

History: After the meeting between Satia and Dr. Tabitha Crowe, they agreed a working facility was required to further their studies. So after pleading with the Lords in the Circle, they were granted permission, however they were required to find their own financial funding to get their operation up and running. They didn't need to search long, for Lord Ignus had taken an interest in this project. With his support and financial support from Ignus Industries, the project was a go.

The first plan to be achieved was settling on a location. Due to the work that was to take place in these labs, it was agreed upon the facility be erected away from any type of civilization. So after weeks of scouting Bastion, they discovered an uncharted island. The island proved to be a reasonable accommodation for the facility. The second was the agreement of a defense installations. After some debate, it was settled no defense of any kind would be attached to the facility outside a small security force. A defense system could make the facility a military target, and thus the facility's main defense was secrecy. Outside of Satia, Dr. Tabitha Crowe, the employees that worked here, and the Circle of Lords in the Sith Ascendency, this facility did not exist.

It took roughly three months to complete the project, with Ignus Industries hiring outside contractors and builders, with round the clock shifts. The facility now complete, the hired workers were executed and their bodies dumped into the ocean. Soon Satia and Dr. Crowe began filling the facility with staff members who had no moral ethnics. Through conquests and other methods the science team began to gather the genes necessary to unravel the mysteries of genetic coding. The galaxy was big and filled with so many species, their work would last them a lifetime.

Intent: To create genetic enhanced mutations (vis Codex) to aid the Sith Ascendancy in the bid to dominate the galaxy. Satia had no desire to create Sithspawn through alchemy, so she opted for a different route. Also, to give a legitimate link for future Codex submissions.

Links: Dr. Tabitha Crowe
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