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The Fortan Philanthropic Foundation

skin, bone, and arrogance

  • Image Source: Cincinnati Union Terminal, Jack Berman Photography
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  • Corporation Name: The Fortan Philanthropic Foundation
  • Headquarters: Avalonia, Dosuun
  • Locations: The Frejrik Fortan Housing & Community Center (Kaeshana), the Reima Fortan Center for Art & Performance (Halm)
  • Operations:
    Large-scale fundraising for charitable endeavors
  • Philanthropic infrastructure administration (orphanages, shelters, etc.)
  • Charitable endowments

[*]Tier: 2
Part of being a fascist dictator is knowing your people -- knowing what they want, and if you're not willing to give them just that, knowing how much of your particular brand of leadership they're willing to take. Part of being a smart fascist dictator is using all the tools in your arsenal to cement your rule. Enter the Fortan Philanthropic Foundation, designed to work in conjunction with the propaganda arm of the First Order to portray Natasi Fortan, head of the Supreme Leader's government, as not only competent in leadership but compassionate and generous as well. While Natasi had always made a point of giving back, the Foundation gives a more visible method of doing so, letting the people see her name attached to good works -- an orphanage here, a jobs training center there, a library at a university over there, etc. Despite this rather cynical inspiration for the foundation, it does good work and is closely monitored by Natasi herself to avoid corruption at any cost. Approximately 96% of funds raised are used for charitable purposes, with only 4% going to administrative or other overhead fees.

Natasi began the foundation with her own funds. Some funds were part of her family's estate, and others were Natasi's earnings. The building was constructed on land donated by the wealthy industrialist Jert Amibros, on the outskirts of the Imperial Palace district of Avalonia. Natasi created the company to help keep her personal approval rating among the people of the First Order high. She is the chairman of the board and president of the Fortan Philanthropic Foundation, which focuses on civic endeavors as well as those other areas favored by her parents: her mother favored the arts, and her father agriculture. Running the day-to-day operations of the foundation is the Managing Director, Talbot Vitalis (Duke of Foxfield, Galidraan), a friend of Natasi and Mathes Fortan from childhood.

Subsidiaries: N/A

Parent Corporation:

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