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The Flames Snuffed In The Current (WC Training Thread. DragonsFlame/Ijet)

Some time had passed since the Masters Meeting that had concluded with the return of Grandmaster Ben Watts, and the motion to remove Syn from the Council after his behavior both before and during his time in charge. But with that out of the way, the experience paved the way for Master Je'Gan and Josh DragonsFlame to actually speak. Despite their differences, the two found common ground in the Jedi, though of course, they still disagreed on the Jedi's morals on death, and the need for death.

During said conversation, the White Current was brought up. As it was spoken about, the young Jedi Knight had expressed interest in possibly learning it. After hours upon hours of stories, backstories and warnings of it's power, the Jedi Master had referred his fellow Jedi Councilman to Chancellor @[member="Aleidis Ijet"], a woman that DragonsFlame knew incredibly well, giving his blessing for DragonsFlame to take the test from Ijet to see if he was capable of learning and using the Current, and of course, then he would be trained.

Je'gan did warn him though, that due to his specializations, and the way he had shaped himself as a warrior and Jedi... Even if he could learn and use the Current, Josh's potential with it would likely be limited. Anything can happen in this world, but he had given heed to the Jedi to expect it. He may never get past minor illusions, being able to sense others in the current, hiding his own force presence and even possibly making himself invisible... But regardless, even if he was unable to pull off the amazing feats past that, that the Current could perform, Josh was willing to put in the time, patience and training to learn whatever he could, to the best of his ability.

Je'gan had contacted the Chancellor and informed her that he'd be sending her "Enzi" to her, and as the speeder pulled up to the Chancellor's home, the Jedi Knight pondered just how far he could go, just how much he could learn with the White Current.... Or if he could even use it at all.

He wondered to himself, as he got out of the speeder... Why had he never taken any lessons or asked for any from Aleidis before? She was an amazing Jedi Master, even if former now, but very intelligent and skilled beyond her years. Aleidis knew and was skilled in many things that Josh was not... And he himself knew and was skilled in things that Aleidis wasn't as much in. There was so much the Chancellor and the Weaponmaster could learn from each other.. And yet, neither of the two had even asked.

Josh took a breath. He wasn't sure if Aleidis would be gleeful about teaching him, or upset. He could only hope. Finally, he knocked on the door, holding his breath out of nerves. He didn't like making his "Enza" upset after all. He knew exactly how serious the Current was, he just hoped learning it from Aleidis would do more good for their friendship then bad...

@[member="Aleidis Ijet"]

Aleidis Zrgaat

Young soul from an older generation.
@[member="Joshua DragonsFlame"]

Aleidis answered the door in short order, having dressed for a long, comfortable training session that'd likely involve a lot of sitting around. She wasn't sure what Joshua had said or done to get Je'Gan's approval for this, and it likely wasn't any of her business aside from the fact that now she had to go ahead and take the time to teach him things on her days off. "G'morning , Joshua." The Ghostling greeted with a quiet, polite smile, stepping aside so he could enter the quarters of the Supreme Chancellor. Not for the first time, sure, but likely the first time since she and Codi had gotten nice and settled inside them.

The room that served as the Ghostling's meditation chamber was, in a past life, an office - a rather grand one, for receiving guests at home. As Aleidis didn't handle such weighty matters of state at home (and if she did, it was in considerably more casual asetting), the desks and computers and chairs had been moved into a smaller room and the perimeter of the wide room had been re-purposed as a garden for her various plants and sundries. The middle of it was a nice open area on a soft mat, with a couple places to sit and... well, meditate. Aleidis' own little attempt to recreate her garden.

Upon one of the small cushions for sitting, Aleidis sank down and motioned for Joshua to join her, offering a wan smile.
Josh smiled as the Ghostling answered the door. He felt guilty about taking her time, considering she was busy as the Supreme Chancellor and likely didn't get much time off... Still, he was grateful she had taken the time for him, and he promised himself he would take time from his own schedule at some point to repay her in full.

"Good morning, Enza" Josh said as he walked in. He looked around, smirking a bit at the setting. It was obvious the Ghostling had attempted to put her touch on the Supreme Chancellor home... And she had done it well. He was surprised she had settled in so quickly, being so used to the simple life either inside her temple quarters, or in a hut on Datarr.

Josh looked over at Aleidis once he had finished looking around at the refurnished home, and sat beside her on one of the cushions, sitting up straight and attentive out of habit. Normally, in a calm setting like this one, Josh would probably sink back on the cushion and relax, but... This was a serious training session, not a party night with Aleidis or any of their usual social occasions, and he took it serious.

@[member="Aleidis Ijet"]