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The Eternal One

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The Eternal One

The Eternal One
Lords of the Fringe
He was once a human male, now he's just pure Force Energy
Unknown age, but estimated by the state of the entities armor he is ancient
The Eternal one is a 1,98 meter tall being
The armor's weight is 16 kg
There are only sinister green glow where his eyes should be
The Eternal One no longer has any skin
He is able to use the Force
The Eternal One's Attire and The Eternal One's Weapon have both been forged a long time ago and have unique properties
The Eternal One:
He is Eternal
He absorbs the essence of the enemies he has killed

The Eternal One is completely insane ever since the ritual had been performed
He is bound to his mask. If he loses it or if it gets destroyed, he would disappear into the nothingness of the Force
The Light side of the Force makes The Eternal One sick
The Eternal One can be cut by Lightsabers, which would make him disappear and reform at a later date, as long as his mask is intact

''What is it you want the most, my king?'' ''Power.'' ''Then you shall become more powerful than.'' you could ever imagine. After the words were spoken, the witch started the ritual. She set up torches in a circle around the man standing in the center of the plateau. The witch carved symbols into the ground, shaping a weird form. The man just watched as the witch prepared the ritual, he did not want to interfere. The only thing he wanted was that the witch would hurry up. He could no longer wait on the one thing he had wanted for as long as he could remember. The witch continued with her preparations. She had finished carving the symbols and was now preparing a mix of ingredients that were supposed to put the man into a trance, so that the ritual could be completed easier. After a while the witch called a couple of acolytes of hers. They came as fast as they could, wearing black robes with red symbols and carrying many different tools made for cutting. The witch mumbled something to them. She was too quiet to understand from where the man stood, but that didn’t matter, the only thing he was focused on was the ritual that would be performed soon. The witch pointed at various spots around the man. The acolytes quickly moved into position around the man, to the spots the witch had pointed to. Then the witch started chanting something in a language the man had never heard before. Soon the acolytes joined the witch with their own voices. The chanting grew louder and louder, drowning out all other noises. The witch nodded at the acolytes, signalizing them to keep chanting as she went back and picked up the potion he had made. She went to the man, giving him the potion, which he drank as fast as he could. He was growing impatient. The ritual was taking too long. Then went back to the table she had stored all her ingredients on and picked up a mask. She placed the mask on the man’s face. Then the room went dark and the torches’ flames went out for a second before reigniting in a sinister green flame. Most people would be scared of what was happening, but not the man standing in the middle of the circle. He was rather happy about it. It seemed that the ritual was finally moving on. Green tendrils started appearing around the acolytes and the witch. They surrounded them for a moment before rushing towards the man standing in the middle. The man was lifted into the air by the tendrils. They were no longer surrounding the acolytes; they were now surrounding the man and suspending him in the air. Usual men would now experience fear or something similar, but this man felt joy. He even started laughing. His laughter resembled that of a madman. Then something was wrong. The man didn’t feel like he was getting more powerful, he felt the exact opposite. ''You lied to me, witch!'' Anger was the dominant emotion in the man’s voice ''No, this is part of the ritual!'' The witch responded, but it was too late. The man had somehow managed to break free of the tendrils’ grasp and was now slowly limping towards the witch. His eyes were filled with pure rage. The man was beyond reasoning, he was completely deranged. The witch took a couple of steps back ''No! You don’t know what you’re doing!'' Her pleas were ignored by the man and soon he was right in front of her, with his hand at wrapped around her throat. ''You tried to drain me of my power! You will pay for that, witch!'' He crushed the witch’s throat in his hands. For a moment the man was distracted by the joy of killing another human, but then he noticed that some kind mist engulfed him. It was coming from the witch he had killed and it was making him feel stronger. The acolytes around him were looking at him. Their expressions were those of pure dread and terror. The man was now moving towards the acolytes. The man felt something weird. He felt something that reminded him of the descriptions of the Force he had heard and it seemed he was using it as well. He just thought about crushing one of the men’s throats and it happened. One of the six men was now dead. Two of them tried to run past the man, but bolts of lightning emanating from the man’s hands, even though now that he inspected them closer, there was no longer any flesh, just green energy and the bit of armor he was wearing. The man did not care about that at the moment; he just cared about killing the acolytes. The same mist that appeared when he killed the witch appeared from the two dead acolytes and the man felt stronger once again. He proceeded to kill the remaining three acolytes and absorbing the mist that appeared after they died. After he had calmed down from his deranged outburst of violence, the man realized he was no longer human. He was now a being of pure Force energy. It made him completely mad to lose his humanity and he started screaming like a madman. His screams continued until it was morning.

This was many, many centuries ago. No one knows where this king did after that, but I have the feeling that he may return soon.
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Interesting idea.

Remember that although he can be called 'The Eternal One' he is not in reality immortal, a god or invincible. Just keep this in mind. It would also be advised to submit his armour and weapon to the factory so everything is above board.