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Approved Location The Epoch Sanctum

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][ A B S O L U T I O N ][


~ Intent: To provide Inon with a residence to live in outside of the Den of Decadence

~ Image Credit: Chris Ostrowski [ArtStation]

~ Canon: N/A

~ Links: The Beast Comes Out At Night [Mentioned in opening post]


~ Structure Name: The Epoch Sanctum

~ Classification: Homestead/Estate

~ Location: Dromund Kaas

~ Affiliation: Inon | [member="Khaori"]

~ Accessibility: A hidden sanctuary known only by those Inon trusts with its exact location

~ Security: Low: Few (MAX 8) Force Sensitive servants/Subjects present at any given time that may serve as sentinels. These sentinels posted on either side of the bridge and one sentry is stationed in the middle of the bridge. They check for clearance and they make sure that the visitor in question is not a threat to any personnel currently inside of the Sanctum.

~ Description: Hidden deep within the dense jungles of Dromund Kaas sits the Epoch Sanctum on its mountainous throne. The estate itself compasses a total four buildings, expanding both up and to the sides. It also boasts two escape routes in case of emergencies or evacuation.


| The Bridge | A stone arch bridge given illumination by the red lanterns that hang from the Pavilion gate. It suspends over a one hundred foot drop into the gorge below. Its start is abrupt, jutting out against the soft, dark soil of the jungle floor

| The Descent | A winding staircase that leads into the natural gorge below, directly to the left of the bridge. Often used as an escape route if one is found trapped within or outside of the Pavilion. Below, there is an escape tunnel that gradually slopes uphill to allow for surface emersion once on the other side of the tunnel.

| The Pavilion | Also known as the Courtyard, it is the main area before one comes upon the main housing area known as the Manor. The Pavilion hosts a expansive stone area in the middle that is surrounded by the Subject’s Chalet.

| Subject’s Chalet | The area around the Pavilion that serves as housing for Inon’s Starved Subjects and various other
servants. The majority of the estate’s population lives in this area.

| The Manor | The main housing area of the Epoch Sanctum. Inon and Khaori live within this portion of the estate. The Manor contains kitchens, living quarters, bathrooms, and three guest rooms.

| Training Hall | To the right of the manor, on a hill, lies the Training Hall. It is used for training in Force application, hand-to-hand combat, and melee combat. It is accessible only to Inon and the people who he personally allows within the Hall’s main chamber. All others who attempt to enter will be stopped and/or cut down by the sentinels posted at the entrance.

| Sentry Garrison | Directly to the immediate right of the bridge, there is a garrison where the majority of his “sentinels” are housed. Within the stone structure, there are eight beds and two bathrooms.


Constructed shortly after Inon comes in contact with Khaori, the Epoch Sanctum was designed to be a home and training center all in one. He needed some privacy, even if his actions would never be entirely private to the Lord of Gluttony. Still, he needed his own space, outside of his elaborate chamber in the Den of Decadence.

Inon and his company relocated to the jungle world of Dromund Kaas, hiked high into the mountainous cliffs that are surrounded on all sides by dense jungle, and began construction. After the Bridge and Descent were built, the labor went by fairly quickly. Now, with the residence that provided the privacy from the public and hidden eyes of the Coven, Inon could operate from his Sanctum with a sense of clarity and time.

As Inon's staff increased, so too did the Sanctum. As more servants were pulled into his fold, he had rooms built into the walls of the Pavilion to serve as quarters for the majority of them. However, some of his more promising and trusted servants stayed with him in the Manor. They were given their own room and given permission to roam the grounds as they pleased.

The Training Hall and Sentry Garrison were the final additions, not counting the two escape routes located above the manor and at the bottom of the Descent flights. The Hall was used to train promising Force Sensitives and Non-Force Users to protect themselves, him, and others. Force Sensitives in particular are rare on the estate, however, they learned to harness the power of the Force and use it properly within the Hall. All under his tutelage learned close quarter combat, should it ever need to be applied.

This home is the mark of a new chapter in Inon's life. One of freedom, however limited, and management. Here, he could grew and allow others to do the same under his watch. As a final touch, he personally craved a phrase into the the Pavilion doors and on the stone floor immediately before the Manor entrance. That phrase was written in Sith and in all capital letters. It served as a constant reminder that good things do indeed come to an end. It also remained as a sign that he had surpassed the obstacles in his path, and that he would do so again when the time came for him to do so.

This phrase was as such:

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