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The End of Lust

Katina Etheri

Battle Sister
Jerrick didn't know why the dark jedi was here, but she wasn't aloud on Imperial soil. She was a murder, a lunatic, and she was not about live much longer. "Fancy meeting you here." He spoke, tracking her down on Galatos or whatever that planet was that the Golden Crane had been rebeling on was more of a chase here, wait there, keep your distance now, get a little closer. Nearly lost her in a field. He now had her cornered in a barn that was abandoned. "So what does a dark jedi want with the Golden Crane? Or the Imperials?" He poked at her. She wasn't much taller then him, and in her black robes she looked heavier, but that was just the robes.

"You can't stop me test tube." She tried to mock him. Unforntunetly for her, he wasn't a test tube project. She pulled out that damn lightsaber, and ignited the red blade. "I gotta get me one of those..maybe a orange one." He murmured to himself. He unsheathed his sword, "we don't have to fight. You could join us. You're a sneaky little one, we could use you." He tried to resolve with words. It didn't work, as he had guessed she lunged at him, but he side stepped fast enough to elbow her back sending her to the ground, eating dirt and whatever else was on the ground. "Ooh, that must taste horrible." He mocked. She jumped up and tried to kick him, but he caught her foot and slung her into a beam holding the roof up, she crashed through it. "You imperial scum." She huffed out.

Jerrick charged at her slamming his fist into her abdomen, andd started to punch her stomach faster. She spit blood out and fell over, coughing up more blood. "Give up, I don't want to have to kill you." He tried again. She jumped up and began slashing at him with the lightsaber, he had to dodge the first couple of strikes, but he grabbed his composure back, and edged his sword against her blade in a lock. Luckly it was a vibroblade, able to hold its own against the lightsaber. "You just don't know when to give up." He said