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  • Intent: To create a location to facilitate future roleplay.
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  • Structure Name: The Enclave
  • Classification: Haven
  • Location: Roon
  • Affiliation: The Enclave
  • Accessibility: The Enclave is a known location within Mandalorian clans and houses, but those that are outside of the Mando'ade would be hard-pressed to discover its location. The Enclave is a safe haven for all those who follow the Resol'nare or the creed of their ancestors; none are turned away, except those who would do
  • Description: The Enclave is likely best described as the last safe haven of those who follow the six actions. Founded in secret after the destruction of Mandalore by the Sith Empire, the Enclave serves as a place where Mandalorians can meet and rest, safe from enemies and from clan rivalries. It is also a place where initiates can train and develop their skills, and where warriors can buy and earn new weapons, armor, and equipment to prepare them for the hunt.

    Unlike the culture of the Mandalorians Empires, the Enclave presents itself as no political entity other than a location of Mandalorians. There is no ruler of the Enclave, and no house or clan holds jurisdiction there. In the Enclave, all Mando'ade are brothers and sisters irrespective of their own allegiances. Its location is a well-kept secret from those that are outside of the Mando'ade, to preserve its sanctity. The Enclave was founded by various Mandalorians after the fall of Mandalore at the hands of the Sith Empire, to serve as a place where those displaced -- warriors who'd lost kin, family, even their entire clan -- could find rest in a galaxy otherwise completely unfriendly. Built on Roon, the ancient homeworld of the Taung and the Mandalorian way, the Enclave is a base of operation for any Mandalorian who serves as a mercenary or hunter.

    The Enclave primarily consists of places for a Mandalorian to rest, eat, and replenish their equipment. Vendors, blacksmiths, and craftsmen fill the ranks of those who live at the Enclave to arm and equip their brethren. Built into the cliffside of Roon, the Enclave is partially able and below ground, following much of traditional Mandalorian architecture.

  • The hangars of the enclave are built into the cliffs of which the entire compound resides. The main entrance for those who wish to enter, each individual hangar is unique, but none can support a ship that is larger than two-hundred meters in length. The architecture of the hangars relies heavily on natural lighting, and journeyers to the enclave will observe a healthy population of mechanic droids thereto refit and repair ships, free of charge. Less obvious, though, are the guards which keep an eye on the hangars of the Enclave; unwanted visitors will be kept from docking by security droids and warriors present at the enclave.

  • Overseen by the Quartermaster, the Forge is a place where the sacred armor, weapons, and equipment of the Mandalorians are crafted. A variety of vendors, tools, and items are produced at the Forge, but none are more precious than the armor smelted from reclaimed Beskar. The Forge is the central location of the Enclave, dedicated to equipping all Mandalorians with the necessary items. However, a hunter must earn his or her armor, weapons, and equipment, and many vendors in the Forge will send prospecting Hunters on quests to obtain the necessary items or to find relics with which to equip themselves with. The Forge also includes areas for initiates to train, for warriors to duel, and for hunters to perfect their technique with a new weapon or item.

  • The Hall of Valor is the central dining hall of the Enclave, a place for hunters to sit and fill up while their ship is refitted or armor is crafted. The Hall of Valor has regularly-scheduled meals every day and has the capacity to sit and dine the entirety of the Mandalorian race if needed. However, the Hall hardly ever comes close to that maximum capacity, yet serves its meals daily regardless if there are hundreds or just a handful of those present to eat. In addition to that, the Hall of Valor also serves as the functional meetinghouse of the Enclave on the rare occasion that all present are addressed as one.

  • Each clan present at the Enclave has its own designated lodge, consisting of individual quarters for each member of a clan as well as a common room. The size of each lodge varies, depending on the size of the clan in question, and lodges are always being added or extended. The Lodge allows visitors who are staying for extended, or indefinite periods of time a private area to rest and relax. Each Lodge features a wide range of amenities, and clan members are free to decorate their Lodge with various trophies, prizes, and artifacts.
SECURITY | Maximum
The security of the Enclave lies not in technology or even the skill of the warriors who live and train there, but the anonymity of it. For those who live outside of Mandalorian social culture, it is nearly completely improbable to even know of the Enclave, let alone its location. The Enclave as a whole is a closely guarded secret and those who leak its location and information to people outside of the Mando'ade are seen as traitors to their own kind. Even if the Enclave is discovered, however, it has a healthy and regularly-replenished garrison of proven Mandalorian warriors, drawn from any present at the Enclave, to protect it from outsiders.

The Enclave was founded by a multitude of like-minded Mandalorians in the aftermath of the Sith purge of Mandalore. Many clans had been almost completely decimated, and many hunters in the galaxy were suddenly orphaned and left to their own devices. The destruction of Mandalore nearly destroyed Mandalorian Culture, and it was only after several months that several individuals came together, irrespective of their various houses and clans, to form a safe haven for the survivors of the Sith Purge.

They called it the Enclave.

It would be a location hidden from the rest of the galaxy, known only to those who followed the Resol'nare. It would not be a political identity, but a place where Mandalorians could find support and safety among their brothers and sisters. It would be a place where reclaimed Beskar could be forged into the armor of a new generation, where foundlings could be brought and trained, and ultimately where the Mando'ade could rebuild their culture and their society.