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The Durrgûl

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Darth Hauntruss

Wraith of the Sith
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[Note: For the sake of future plots and RPing, information here will be categorized as OOC and IC. OOC is for Admin review and OOC discussion. However, IC is knowledge known to the galaxy and should be the only knowledge a character may know about the Durrgûl.]

Name: Durrgûl
Designation: Sentient
Homeworld: AzaZoth, Corcossa, Mürvarr [OOC] [Have begun to migrate to other worlds]
Language: Gûlgēsh [Native Language], Basic [Heavily Accented]
Average height of adults: [Avg] 5’ 11” [Beserkers] 6’ – 7’
Skin color: Varies from Black to Grey
Hair color: Black
Breathes: Type I - III

[2 minimum]

[2 minimum]

-Enormous bulbous muscled bodies
-Four Eyed, often yellow or green pupils
-Scar Tattoos cover their faces
-Skin color varies from Black, Grey, Brown and the very rare Pale
-Skeletal noses and large canine teeth that protrude form their jaw like fangs
-Some grow horns
Average Lifespan: 70-120 Galactic Years
Races: [IC]
The races of Durrgûl vary not by ethnic differentiation but by occupation and class. In the tribal/clan culture of the Durrgûl, it is your lineage and occupation the denotes your “race”


[Credit: alexnegrea]
The Thralgûl are the slave race of the Durrgûl. These Durrgûl are typically small and timid. They are used by the other races for blacksmiths, construction building and as slaves. To be a Thralgûl is to live a cursed existence. They live inside caves and hibernate in the dark, wherever they may live they always begin by creating their cave dwellings. Often Thralgûl will be used as live sacrifices to the deity of the Durrgûl- the Black Whisperer [Or in Gûlgēsh: Mûrr’Sevlûr].

The Dûmgûl, are the warrior race of the Durrgûl. Large and powerful warriors they make up the elites of the tribal culture. They are often black in skin color and tower over all the other Durrgûl, often varying in height from 6’ to 7’. Only a Dûmgûl maybe elected to become a Chieftain of a Clan or lead a Warband. However, the Dûmgûl, themselves are broken into races as well.


[Credit: MaBuArt]
The Grimgûl are the mightiest of the Dûmgûl. They are actually the only Force-Sensitives of the species. The force attack of a Grimgûl manifests in powerful guttural battle-cry that can knock packs of people over when summoned long enough from the bowels of a Grimgûl. Also because they are force sensitive, Grimgûls often take on roles as Priests of Mûrr’Sevlûr. Most Chieftains are Grimgûls.


[Credit: SARYTH]
The Yazgûl are the footmen of the warrior race of Dûmgûl. They make up the ranks of the warbands and armies of the Durrgûl. They are not force-sensitive and the highest rank they can achieve is Champion, which is the highest warrior rank in the service of a Grimgûl.


[Credit: SARYTH]
The Lûrrgûl are by far the most feared of the races. They are known by another name. In Basic, they are known as the Berserkers, the Bone-Crushers or the Damned. The Lûrrgûl, are exactly as they are named, mad warriors who crave the taste of flesh and blood. They are often kept in chains and watched over by the Grimgûl, only to be released during battles to feast on the enemy. Their name comes from the deity of the Durrgûl, Mûrr’Sevlûr, in basic it is translated to “He who has heard the Whisperer” The Lûrrgûl, usually come from Grimgûl who, as it is been said, have heard the truths whispered by the Black Whisperer and have gone mad as a result.


[Credit: Izsha Starcraft II]
The Valgûl are the only female species of the race. They are the ones who produce the Durrgûl nests that breed other members of their own species. As a result they are also force-sensitive and the most potential in learning actual Force Skills. The females unlike the other Durrgûl have no legs instead the lower half of their body elongates into a serpent like body. The Valgûl are revered as Dark Mothers of the species, they are treated with the highest respect, even Chieftains bow to their presence.

​-Type: Omnivorous
-Description: Durrgûl will feast on pretty much anything, even other durrgûl. However the major amount of the diet is meat orientated. In addition, they have no preference in uncooked or cooked meat. Therefore, that have built a rather powerful resistance to harmful bacteria that exist in the world.

-Type: Verbal
-Name: Gûlgēsh

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Culture: [Describe general culture]

Technology level: [Describe societal technology level]

General behavior: [Describe general behaviors]

History: [Describe an abridged history]

Notable Player-Characters: [List player-characters]

To provide a new and unique race for others to RP as and to provide the Lord of Shadows a new plot device that can attract many other RPers. Also in general, to create a cool new mercenary race of creepy monsters based off of Celtic, Viking and Germanic tribes. The Durrgûl are for the use of the site for ANY plot they wish, does not have to be Lords of Shadows, the race for anyone to assume and add to or play with.
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