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The Dominion of Bastion (Tekkadan vs TSA)


What sort of resistance should I expect as I launch my generic Mandalorian raid against Bastion? I know the Ascendency has been hard at work reinforcing the mighty fortress world back to its original stature, and I would like to respect those efforts. If you just want to give me a general idea for reference purposes and surprise me with all the details, then that would be fine as well.


Yo [member="Vilaz Munin"] it's alright if we beat up these Mandos right?

Oh double tag at ya [member="Face"] I don't personally know the defenses. Not my thing. Just clearin it up with Manda'lore given the last we knew there was an alliance(?) between Mandos and Ascendancy.

We have a fair number of Sith available to us, and plenty of ships: Kaine's fleet, Abyss' fleet (if it's not at Malachor), Ignus' fleet. You'll need to bring a lot of weapons and resources: we've just gone Major, after all! I should also note that we have our own Mandalorian allies that might drop by to deal with rogue Mando forces.

That said, we're still in the process of consolidation: there are no orbital weapons platforms or stations you'll have to take out, and many of the planet's defenses were neutralised when we arrived, and are thus under repair or reconstruction. Thus, the majority of defenses will be our Sith forces: ships, troopers, the Sith themselves.

Just want to clarify the nature of this one: is it a Skirmish without political repercussion, or something more?

EDIT: Okay, now we know who Tekkadan are...what the heck? You can't possibly think to attack a planet in Ascendancy control with ONE writer. What's going on there?


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
I mean technically they can attack it with one writer, the problem is how long they'll manage to keep up with the thread without help to take the pressure off
A skirmish or rebellion can be launched by one man or woman writer. How they manage to keep up is on them. I have launched multiple Skirmishes alone on chaos and had fun with it. Its legit.

I am interested in this Skirmish. I will donate a toon to attack the TSA.

I GOT YOU [member="Face"]!

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