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Approved Species The Deilokin™

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Rayn H'voc

Credit: Quarian - Mass Effect Wiki
  • Name: Deilokin (Day-low-kin)
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Deilos
  • Language: Galactic Basic
  • Average height of adults: 2m(Males) | 1.7m(Females)
  • Skin color: Purple, Gray, Blue
  • Hair color: Black, Blue
  • Breathes: Type II & III

[+] Mechanical Geniuses - Deilokin work wonders with their hands when using technology. Deilokin design, create, and utilize many different forms of technology that is only usable by their race unless one gets special training from a Deilokin. Deilokin are, also, no strangers to the other technologies of the galaxy. They can handle outsider technologies just as well as their own, after a thorough examination of the technology they are working with.

[+] Cybernetic Resistance - Deilokin have a great resistance to the side effects cybernetic implants usually have on normal species.

[+] Poison Immunity - Upon birth, Deilokin are given Bio-stabilizer implants in order to make their species immune to most poisons.

[+] Keen Eyes - Deilokin have unique eyes that allow them to zoom, without aid from technology, up to 60 meters away.

[-] Simple Lungs - Deilokin may be able to thrive in Type II & III atmospheres, but when in Type I atmospheres it is required that their wear their breathe masks. Without their masks, the Type I air is too rich in nutrients that it's toxic for the Deilokin's bodies.
[-] Scope Vision - When a Deilokin uses it's Keen Eyes, they lose their peripherals more and more the farther they are zoomed in on a location. It's like looking through a set of binoculars.
[-] Naturally Frail - Deilokins aren't the most muscular species. Their bodies are quite frail. Their equivalent in frailty would be the Fosh species.

  • Cybernetic-like skin markings
  • Zooming eyes
  • Three toes/fingers
  • Frail bodies
Average Lifespan:
  • Child: 0-13 years
  • Young Adult: 13-18 years
  • Adult: 18-65 years
  • Middle Age: 65-110 years
  • Old: 110-190 years
  • Venerable: 190-250 years
Races: There are no distinctive races among the Deilokin. Skin color is usually associated with gender(lighter colors for females/darker for males).
Communication: Deilokin speak verbally much like most, if not all, species of the galaxy. They have multiple accents, much like humans of Earth, depending upon where they're from. (Or like the Quarians of Mass Effect)
  • Meats
  • Dairy
  • Fruits
  • Drinks (Juice/Soda/Water)
  • Vegetables
  • Junk Food
  • Drinks(Alcohol)

Female Deilokin Unmasked​
Culture: Deilokin are a regal and cultured race. Their entire species is centered around technology and the benefits it brings throughout the galaxy. Most Deilokin spend their lives trying to improve everything in order to create better lives for themselves and the galaxy. Deilokin technology is very unique mostly because it's designed to fit their lifestyles and theirs alone, most of their technology that is.

Deilokin are also quite religious. The Deilokin revere the many constellations in their planet's skies as their separate deities. It is said in ancient Deilokin texts that each constellation is a spirit that aided in the creation of Deilos and the Deilokin species. The Deilokin may revere animal spirits as their deities, but they are -not- savages or primal creatures like most species who revere animal spirits.
The Deilos Constellations
Cors - The Aiwha - Spirit of Water
Eoli - The Croator - Spirit of Earth
Kuree - The Fynock - Spirit of Air
Vigor - The Arkanian Dragon - Spirit of Fire
Deilokin typically admired multiple genres of music, including Aubade, B'ssa nuuvu, Jizz, Jazz, and more. The deilokin also appreciate the arts of theater, art, and architecture. There have been quite a few accomplished Deilokin artists and singers. Deilokin paintings are mostly of landscapes and portraits. A decent Deilokin painting goes for at least 200,000 credits. Deilokin women sometimes participate in the arts of dance as a hobby or professionally. They also are known for their sublime architecture. Deilokin buildings are normally large, in height, and usually gray or black in color, covered in bright neon lights in a huge range of colors.

The Deilosian Republic is the government system for the Deilokin. It's very similar to the Chiss Ascendancy. Deilos, and all of the Republic's planets, are ruled by a group of people overseeing all sets of government affairs. With the recent happenings of the Gulag Virus, the Deilosian Republic is a bit hectic but soon the oligarchy will be restored to it's former glory.
Deilosian Republic Council
High Lord Rael'Oza - Head of the Council
Lord/Lady ????? - Justice, health, and education
Lord/Lady ???? - Industry and science
Lord/Lady ????? - Colonial affairs, agriculture and redistribution of resources
Lord/Lady ????? - Military and foreign affairs

Technology level: Above average compared to the rest of the galaxy

General behavior: Deilokin are a normally calm and amiable people. It is a rare occasion when one panics or is frightened by something or someone due to their high. The Deilokin are also quite loyal and respectful to their friends. A true Deilokin would be willing to die for a comrade before letting him/her die. Deilokin have a deep infatuation for technology. They treat droids with the utmost respect, take care of their starships as if they were their own children, and never let their gun leave their side. Deilokin, generally, have a neutral stance when it comes the entire Jedi-Sith conflicts considering they are unable to be Force sensitive therefore wish to take no side in light vs dark. Deilokin generally have no hatred for any particular species in the galaxy but they do have some resentment for the Tuskens and Gamorreans due to their uncivil nature and complete barbarianism.

16,000 BBY - The formation of the Deilos Hierarchy
12,000 BBY - Contacted by the Galactic Republic.
9,000 BBY - Deilos civil war begins. Rebellions occur throughout the system to disassemble the Hierarchy.
8,994 BBY - Years of war ended with the death of the High King of Deilos. The Deilosian Republic is formed.
6,000 BBY - The Deilos system is targeted by constant slaver and pirate raids due to their lack of planetary defenses.
5,990 BBY - The Deilos Republic Armed Forces is formed. Engineers and scientists across the nation begin to craft new weapons of war for the Republic.
5,000 BBY - The DRAF goes to war with a Gammorrean warlord threatening the safety of Deilos.
4,950 BBY - After suffering heavy losses, the DRAF defeat the Gammorrean invaders. Massive reformations to the Armed Forces begin to ensure something of this caliber does not happen in the future.
426 ABY - The threat of the Gulag Virus forces the Deilos Republic to begin implementing a new system for the medical department. Bio-stabilizer implants are mass produced and distributed among the populace in order to fight off the virus.
430 ABY - Many still perish from the Gulag Virus' lethality. Most of the deaths include those of the Deilosian Council. Anarchy begins in the system.
835 ABY - Deilos is still reeling from the effects of the Gulag Virus. Reconstruction begins after High Lord Rael'Oza takes command of the Deilos Republic.

Notable Player-Characters: N/A
Intent: To create a unique species in the star wars galaxy with a familiar face to many roleplayers.
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