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The Day of Evolution and Divinity (Moross Crusade)

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
Star system: Resu
Planetary System(s): Realm of Resu
Affiliation: The Imperial Confederacy of Resu

The assimilation begins...


Shikyu Surface Monitoring Base...

A capsule of water, a drop in the ocean of the galaxy, a molecule to the Universe. No, less than that, but to the race of Resu with deaf ears, mute mouth, and near blindness... what did they really know? A civilization only but a few thousand years old, just beginning in a galaxy that is significantly more ancient. Compare the numbers 5 to 300... no imagine making the difference of those two numbers by pacing that number through a corn maze. The similarities between the numbers are essentially nonexistent, there is no comparison, and thus no comparison to the age of Galactic Civilization alone to the age of the Resu. While factions brawled each other in the deep of space with unimaginable numbers, the Resu were just beginning to crawl out of the mud; they were hardly "sentient" as we know it.

Shikyu base is one of the oldest stations ever employed upon the surface of the Resu's lunar home, or its Solar Empire. It has been under development for centuries, but can only ever be described as a modern research base within this time period, in this rapid explosion of growth and technology among the fairly primitive and violent race that originated deep below the ice. It has only been several decades ago that they have made contact with any entity in the Universe other than themselves. With the benevolence and help (and business) of Corellia in those years that they had discovered the far off world, so many technological gems taken for granted by the galaxy were no soon being reproduced within their own clawed fins with such great care to add the grace of their species culture... and basic senses.

One such advancement was better sensors and communications devices. Some of the technology was still very much experimental, especially since it was difficult trying to figure out the usefulness of a hologram... that they didn't even know was there; as well as other such examples of Resu converting galactic tech. At any rate, this station had a special quadrant dedicated to the curiosity of the stars, and what they may contain. This quadrant may as well be called a listening post, as it was psuedo-accurate of its purpose. Using sensor technology the Resu scour the Universe for specific patterns. Mostly they search for any signals being sent out that are even a little bit similar to the readings of the one other place they know, Corellia. They have developed algorithms and every other thing to detect anything that might be alien. However, what most recently, they have most unsettling discovered, is that there is an increase in chatter between planets all around them... they were generating readings that would suggest a community of worlds. This threatened the Resu, and times were tense as hell. It would almost boil over like a thermal vent in the deep ocean exploding in an unpredictable eruption when the ship came.

A message was immediately relayed as soon as it was within reasonable range. Over and over it again it looped insistently, and impatiently.

"Identify. Identify. Identify. Identify! Identify! Identify! I-DENT-IFY!!" They were excitable, aggressive creatures.
Soliael stood on the bridge of his ship, his eyes lazily watching everything and anything within the empty darkness of space. He frowned slightly as he sensed a disturbance in the force. Something pricked at him, though he had no idea what it actually was. He closed his eyes, focusing his force abilities and trying to draw in all that he could. Slowly he breathed in and out, and the feeling became larger and larger.

He could sense life.

His eyes snapped opened at the exact time that the message popped over the comm-link. The sound repeated itself over and over again like an alarm blaring in pain. The Sith Lord frowned, almost a scowl creasing his entire face. He did not like it when random creatures screamed at him, especially when they seemed to be none too smart.

“Sir? What do we answer?”

Soliael eyed the comm-officer for a few moments, and then replied. “We are the Moross Crusade, and we have come to bring the Divine.”

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
"Identification [Unknown] Crusade, Divine emplacement."

The message echoed through impatient, unlucky, empty headed youth. Only the older Captains could really interpret what was being said. Every grunt that heard the message immediately assumed the worst, an alien nation homed near by had come to bring ailments to the Resu. The older Resu though noting the mentioning of divinity, assumed an even worse possibility. It would take nearly no time at all for the message to reach the highest command.

Though they were a Confederacy, they weren't always democratic, and the infraction of neglecting such an assembly is not severely punished. After all, the Confederate Emperor was an Emperor himself, and as such possessed certain rights or privileges that allowed him greater freedom of control in an Empire that ran itself. Also, this was classified as an Emergency to the Empire. The Emperor pondered the message himself, and immediately summoned his best linguistic interpreters, as well as their apprentices. One apprentice in particular took far too long to join them, but they few that were here would have to do.

"My humble linguists, what does this emplacement of divination symbolize in the phrase of one who calls themselves a crusade? Do they crusade against Resu? What Divine do they possess to plant here?" The Emperor swam in a slow loop around a pillar holding a roof of intricate Resu art (consisting of thermal objects, and orbs or wires of electrically conductive material) below the floor radiated with the heat of a dormant Volcanic rift just below, where Magma had been kept at bay for several centuries. This was the Throne Room, and this giant pillar of art would be considered the Throne, and the base of it, a large circular stone of a warming heat his place of rest. His wife and Empress observed while laying there, slightly bigger than any of the males assembled here. She didn't speak to them, and she was not asleep but she made sure her husband was doing his duty according to her whims.

The First Linguist spoke, "Your questions have validation my grand Emperor, but I fret that the Divine they speak of is no Energy of Nature, but some foreign thing, that drives them to this "Crusade". Aliens are strange in their 'arts of war', they do not attack one another to the death when offended, and must have cause for doing so, even when severely insulted. However, there are times when a great influence drives them to engage in acts worse than mortal combat... they call it a word with which we are unfamiliar, but it is a traitor to a former religion, a former purpose to attack, and use these dishonorable to kill their enemy."

Then the Second added, "We believe that they are intent upon some malpractice upon us, but might attempt do so without military conflict." The Emperor rammed his head upon the pillar.

"Revolting creatures!"

Suddenly, a very crippled, very young thing finally arrived in a struggle to swimming straight. The Third Linguist swam by and snapped at him to chastise, while her apprentice jutted his tusks out in defense.

"Fresh blood upon a finished battle never sets, juvenile!" She yelled, causing a bit of numbness upon any flesh making contact with her words. Stone Hermes retaliated with a Resu growl, a cackling of energy that was meaningless. His elder was about to turn to take a small nibble out of him before the Emperor silenced her activities.

"The objective is not taken distracted in discipline! These are not your feedings grounds linguist! The message, how shall we respond?" The Emperor pointed his nose towards his wife to confirm to her that he meant the two of them, rather than the species. She nodded in the Resu equivalent.

That was when he, Stone Hermes, decided finally to speak.

"Let them know the enemy they would make of us. Aliens trust their eyes more than their blood, and seem to fear the absence of this intangible thing known as light, in from this absence we were born." The room was silent, and all sentient fish in the room turned to observe the squirming form of the cripple. He spoke out of turn as an apprentice, but his words were strategic and straight forward. He was commended with possessing the duty of ambassador...


The exchange taking longer than the writer intended, undoubtedly the Resu at this point would have gotten bored repeating themselves, and the Moross Crusaders bored of hearing them repeat. Thus it must have been the greatest gift of this day that a new message had come to be received and sent.

"Resu Empire request dignitary meeting. Transport-shuttle inbound." The message relayed only once in a cooler tone.

@[member="Soliael Devin Talith"]
Soliael stood in the hangar of one of his ships, his face an expression of complete and absolute stone. He had always enjoyed meeting new types of aliens species and this occasion was no different. Still when one met new types of Xeno's one always had to weary, especially when one was posing as a god. Behind him in a crescent were arrayed a dozen or so Crusaders, each one trained by Soliael himself and each one ready to kill with their bare hands if they had to.

Of course the False God was not expecting the new aliens to attack immediately, but he decided to be on the careful side. With his iron mask covering his face Soliael watched as the strange alien ship landed in the hangar bay, the doors quickly sealing and the ray shields that kept the oxygen in shutting down as the shuttle touched down onto the hangar deck.

The Sith Lord did not move, instead he simply waited for the aliens to come from their ship.

This would be so very interesting.

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
The ship opened up to the alien hangar, to which the Resu would descend upon. Several Ray Shields of the Portable variety held the four meter long silicon fish in a tank of water. It had been Hermes idea to approach the aliens in a medium by which they could see the form of Resu while negotiating. A fear tactic and a promise. The second and third linguists, a male and female (who was his Mentor), writhed in the compact area. There was a repulsive barrier the electrify ray shield and the water, so as to not electrocute the occupant inside, however it did nothing to help with the claustrophobic effect.

He though, being a cripple had been packed into an even tighter space, a life support suit. It was a compact machine with powerful legs to keep him up, and arms for a variety of uses. The breathing water was pretty stale considering how little of it there actually was. Hydrogen actually had to be supplied directly to his gills in order for him to have a continuous supply for a long period of time. Had they relied entirely on the water it contained, it would not be long before the hydrogen was spent. There were three other ten foot tall suited Resu, two were pushing the caged ones, while the last one was the first linguist to accompany him and oversee this diplomatic meeting.

There were over a dozen creatures not counting the Resu. They all looking completely identical it was difficult to pick out who would be the leader. The formation though helped a little, thus he stepped his way to the closest being. The rest of the dignitary negotiations team followed several paces behind.

"Identification designated: Stone Hermes; rank: Resu Imperial Confederacy Ambassador." He began. Since there speech patterns were at times difficult to understand, he had been advised to break up his speech to better clarify what or who he was talking about. So he paused a moment before continuing.

"Designated Commander, Identify. Explain intention, 'We are the Moross Crusade, we have come to bring the Divine.'"
Soliael watched the little delegation with interesting, taking in the aliens and all of their...uniqueness. He could sense his own Crusaders growing somewhat weary of the strange alien creatures, seeing their size and strange shape. They were one of the least humanoid looking aliens any of them had ever seen, and the one that spoke was even less so. It took Soliael only a second to realize that the Ambassador as it were was not a healthy one of these creatures, instead he was contained specially to be allowed to move.

His eyes narrowed slightly at the monstrous being, saying nothing at first and instead taking in the creatures.

Normally before negotiating of introducing oneself it was important to know the enemy, it was important to realize who and what they were. Their motivations of course being key to any negotiation. Soliael knew nothing of these beings, and that upset him quite a bit. The Sith Lord looked at the center most creature, observing its maw as it spoke. What interesting beings.

Soliael began to gather the force beneath his skin, he gathered energy and began to stretch his senses outwards. He took in the Resu, trying to gauge their reactions to the force and worm his way into their minds. He did it subtly, in a way almost impossible to notice.

“Moross is a belief.” Soliael said finally in answer. “It is the thought and idea of billions. It is the worship of the Ten Divines.”

He paused for a moment, his force senses extending out like a web. “We have come to bring you the word of the Gods.”

He tried to speak as simply as possible, not wanting to be hindered by the language barrier.

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
As Soliael delved into the minds of these creatures, many of them looked about suddenly. They felt as if though something was watching them, hunting them, but it was merely a feeling. They had no way of knowing it was of his origin that these stirrings happened. The contained Resu 'growled' in their electric cackle, not used to the force at all... almost dead to it, but in fact, they were merely blind to it. Hermes for a moment had difficult retaining his attention, but shook the uneasy feeling away and continued. He was no prey, he was a hunter, and he was supposed to be on the prowl. This was intended to be a demonstration, a show of strength to ward or to impress these invaders. Soon the Lords prodding would be forgotten, each of them calling the sudden feeling a nervousness about the unknown these alien creatures spoke of.

Most of the Resu here had actually never seen any sentient being other than a Resu, only having studied them, their known behaviors, some history, their general appearance, and most common biology... a most difficult thing to comprehend finding out that Resu Silicon base was probably one of the rarest types of life out there. It was nice to know however, that the Resu appeared to be the most advanced of these silicon creatures, known so far. It was unsettling to the collection of Resu to see these... unimpressive, small creatures whom to them seemed deaf and mute, using some inferior medium of communication: sound.

However, when the stranger spoke next while he prodded at their minds, Hermes found he had a greater understanding of what it was he was trying to say. He had heard of a strange phenomenon that happens at times with living organism, but he hadn't been able to comprehend it. It was unsettling further that some beings across the galaxy possessed god-like abilities. He had a hunch from the way that he spoke of belief and divinity, he thought of himself, or portrayed himself as a god. If he was one of these special organisms, it would explain how he could so easily breach the language barrier.

"Gods. Moross..." He shook his head a bit, wrapping the idea together. "Resu inclusion?" The other Resu writhed a bit in their respective transportation devices. His suit was communicating with the other Resu, so they could hear what he was saying specifically. The could speak to him at will as well, but thus far no major mistakes had been made, and thus there was no reason to interrupt his mission. It was a sly way for the Resu to gauge the strength of the enemy, so preparations could be made appropriate. If this Crusade merely talked, they would figure they would be weak; if they killed Hermes, they knew there would be no alternative to fighting to the last man, in a battle they weren't sure they would survive, considering the obviously superior technology of their enemy. A strategic resource that they have come to value very much.

Realizing this a bit, Hermes decided to issue his first warning to an alien civilization.

"Resu fight hostility. Surrender equals lie. Harm singular Resu, equals harm plural Resu Empire. Moross/Resu relationship hostile? Moross/Resu relationship business?" This would be the Crusades one chance of having a loyal Resu within their domain. Resu worked like killer bees, if you are stung by one you better start running, because they will keep stinging, and they have a swarm on the way to join in until you bloat twice your size filled with venom, blue faced, and no longer twitching. They fought to kill completely or not at all. There is no in between.
Soliael found the minds of the creatures intensely interesting. He began to feel their feelings, their thoughts, and what they were trying to communicate to him with simple body language. It was absolutely fascinating, and he almost did not pay attention when the lead Resu spoke to him again, his mind almost entirely fixated into delving deeper into the aliens minds. The temptation within himself grew to slaughter these creatures and conduct an autopsy on each one.

To simply kill them and find out what made them tick form the inside out. Such a thing would be simple, they were on his ship, and he had the power to kill them all before they even got close with the force. His more reasonable side however knew this would be absolutely idiotic.

“We have no need for hostility.” Soliael said with simple stoic determination. The force now spread across the hangar like a thick net. As he moved into their minds he tried to clear their thoughts, make the aliens understand him better. It was a trick akin to telepathy, albeit slightly changed to work with alien species of such magnitude. “Moross does not harm those who do not seek to harm us.”

That was a lie. Moross had exterminated entire planets when they had denied them, but there was no need to tell the alien that.

He looked at the crippled Resu for a few minutes, taking in the creature and then his kin. His mind worked for a solution to show these creatures his good will. Soliael pondered for a moment or two. He had no idea what the aliens physiology was like, now idea how they worked or even what their base elements were, but an idea sprung to mind.

“Allow me to demonstrate what our divines can do.” It was a statement, but also a question. He knew the aliens would be weary, but Soliael had a plan.

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
When the answer came, the answer was good. A few Resu shuttered a bit, pleased with the result. Until...

"Demonstration?" Hermes asked, his head looked towards the linguist accompanying him, seeking advice. There was no advice to be given, his silence was clear. He was the bait in this algorithm, to see what their possible enemy was. Since he spoke out of turn, and this was his idea, he would face the consequences like a true general. It was almost as exhilarating as combat. Almost. It was a gamble on his life he knew, letting an alien demonstrate upon him. He wondered if his mentor would care if died in the process, would she feel loss for having lost a piece of her legacy? Or relieved that no longer was she burdened with the weight of cripple? He could not know, but the only thing his people would feel if he refused the demonstration would be disdain and possibly hate. He could be exiled if he refused, ignored and detached from society until he finally died shortly there after, or he could face this aliens game with the risk of death, and the last war in Resu Civilization.

He decided that betraying his race was a worse fate than leading it to extinction. He took several steps closer to show that he was volunteering, and also so he was within striking distance should something go wrong. If he was going to die, he wanted to harm the enemy on the way out.

"Demonstrate." His command echoed in a place where he had no command. It was the last word to be spoken before one age ended, and a new one took its place.

For better, or for worse.
Soliael smiled. Demonstrate he could, but it would not be very pleasant at all. The force gathered inside him, and the Sith reached forward. A swirling sort of creature began to pass through his palm, as though something beneath his skin was alive. His palm writhed and moved about, his skin nearly popping as whatever it was moved about. Before the completely touched the strange fish creature however an arm of the force extended into the being mind.

It was like a claw, gripping into the Resu's thoughts and memories, and tearing them out by force. Everything and anything the creature had ever learned came to Soliael, but more importantly so did it's biology.

Within seconds the force told him everything he needed to know about the Resu and their physiology. He tore the information from the creature like a doctor dissecting a fresh corpse.

Then he worked his own trick.

The techno-virus was a thing not invented by Soliael. Hundreds of years before he was even conceived and ancient Sith had created the techno-virus as a means of forging zombie like weapons. Soliael had taken this idea, and twisted it. Instead of making mindless zombie like creatures he had sought to make better soldiers, greater warriors, and enhanced beings. His version of the techno-virus did not destroy and wipe away thoughts. Instead it fixed ailments, enhanced muscles, and even built new structures it called for.

Soliael's techno-virus created, and as thin streams of the force bounded from Soliaels palm and into the Resu before him that is exactly what the Virus would do. It would drastically change and alter the creature before him, but it would be made better.

(I'm allowing you to describe the changes and such as I figure its not my place :) )

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
Soon Hermes would see the futility of trying to attack such a being before him. He was fool to believe the Resu were even on negotiating terms. This was no negotiation, this was no meeting over some political treaty, this thing before him was no missionary. This was very clearly assimilation... enslavement even. Before him, truly was a god in the minds eye of all Resu. The new age began in pain, terribly pain, everywhere, in places he did not think he could feel pain in... he felt pain in places that he hadn't felt since losing parts of himself on the battlefield that made him into this cripple. It didn't feel possible, to feel pain in places where before he hadn't felt at all in any capacity. It was much like growing a second head, you couldn't imagine yourself feeling that one too in addition to your own.

That, essentially, was how Hermes felt now. At first, he thought that the being tearing apart his head was killing him right there on the spot, his sacrifice meaning nothing to his race at all. Exile or obedience he felt in either situation he was betrayed and left to die. Quickly though, it became clear the God had other plans. Continuously in his electric shriek, he writhed in his now mobile prison. It felt as if though the shell itself was closing in on him, crushing him where he stood, squeezing the life out of him. But it didn't, instead, it felt as if though it had burned his flesh like magma, and fused it like plaster upon it. Some parts shifted and morphed, everything becoming one with the mechanical thing encasing him. The water around him nearly boiled as the heat of change burned his flesh away to replace it with something hardier.

No longer did he feel a fin to where it had once been gimp, now he felt an entire arm that was longer, bigger, heavier, stronger, now he felt a tail once again indifferent in feeling from the rest of his mutilated form. Upon the suit that had been his a dramatic and monstrous mouth had torn itself into existence, as metallic tusks pierced through with a horrid metal screech. His pain in vocal form was the first sound a Resu ever made... if he could be called a Resu anymore at all. Lightning seemed to jump between his new teeth and tusks while his inner beast bellowed in torment. Some dreaded thing had wrapped around him completely, high-jacking his senses, adding new limbs where limbs were never meant upon its host body, and was now proceeding to pierce and prod through his body and internal organs. He fell for the first time to his knees, and kept himself upright by placing his hand for the first time upon the ground. The pain was unbearable, but when it subsided (though lingering), the strength left over was obvious.

In his new hand, he felt something continue to writhe, and for some reason had the sudden urgency to grip it. What he felt was a handle, formed from his own arm and claws. It grew longer and longer, and definitely greater. Now a four foot blade in his hands, the Resu felt a new urge to marvel at it, because unlike many things in the room, it was definitely warm, hot even... freshly forged you could say. His whole suit was. That was when suddenly he noticed that there was no difference between his eyes seeing infrared and his suit seeing infrared relaying it back to him. He and suit were one and the same. He felt his 'skin' and 'skeleton', and the steam rolling off of it. He took in a deep breathe with his gills. Thankfully the familiar feeling stayed exactly the same, hydrogen pouring in... but then, from where? He reached back to where the tank would be. The lump seemed to be there, but it was difficult to make out... though that could be attributed to having felt with a hand for the first time. He was a new born, and this god of Moross was father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, cousin... everything to him. But above all, his new faith. No energy of nature could have produced such results in such a short time, so dramatically, or so profoundly... better.

He dared not to stand, but showed his creator his respect by looking as close as he could come to where he thought his eyes were... not that eye contact would matter due to his blindness, but nonetheless. He decided to give talking a go. As he spoke, more electricity cackled about his body, reacting to creature stowed away somewhere inside. At first, is wasn't anything more than a hissing whisper. But the more he thought on the communication, eventually it came.

"...God'sssssss nammmme..." He struggled. He didn't even know it was possible to think in basic. That's when he realized what that nagging thing was suddenly. It was a strange thing, like an electric charge always on and fluctuating all the time. This must be what aliens use to talk with then, this is sound.

He was on all fours, the silver blade protruding from his clawed hand resting on the flat of the blade upon the ground, while an eyeless metal being looked up to its undoubted god. The other Resu who had observed the scene had scurried about in a circle, the tanked Resu being pulled in as maintenance drones illegally outfitted for combat came out in twos, numbering to a measly half dozen. They didn't appear to enjoy the demonstration very much. They held fire however, as they saw clearly (from his extreme temperature at the moment) that Hermes suit was still active and mobile, and they still heard the whispered moaning through the communications link in all of their helms.
Soliael watched as the creature before him began to shift and change. He had no idea what the end of the Resu's transformation would look like, he had no control over that bit. The Techno-virus worked through influences of the force, and not much more. Soliael could modify, stop it from lobotomizing its victims and guide it into making certain changes, but he could not control the finished product. He had already learned that with the creation of the Vali, what the Resu would become was entirely up to the force...and perhaps the creature itself.

Finally the creature finished transforming, its being changed completely both on the inside and out. Soliael's smile broadened slightly as he looked at the new thing that he had wrought. It was changed, and it was wonderful.

“Neth.” Soliael said as he stared at his new creation. He completely disregarded the other Resu, not even paying attention to them as they regarded him in a threatening manner. They didn't matter to him right now, they were nothing. Soliael was always proud of his creations, and this one was utterly unique to say the least.

He forged something new. Something loyal. Something powerful.

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
"Nnnnneeeeeth." He repeated coarsely. With more than a few creaks, he stood, dragging the long sword's tip on the floor as he slouched, not entirely perfect at standing. He stood there wobbling a bit, using the sword more like a cane, before a final alteration had decided to be made. A painful roar, and a piercing continuous shriek echoed as his spines protruded from his back, now in a metallic form. When the pain subsided he continued his previous thought process without pause.

"Mmmoross Neth... Moross Hermeeees." Slowly he cocked his head towards his former people. He suddenly gripped the blade hilt tighter. A low growl emanated from his new mechanical throat, influenced by the animal within and its electric cackle. The sparks danced around his arm, and through his blade excitedly. The several forms never removed their focus from the Crusaders (excluding Hermes), the drones recognizing Hermes' suit identification (what remained of it) as friendly, and the Resu were unsure of Hermes current state, afraid to begin something they had no intention of involving themselves with. Risking Hermes harm by their own hand after the demonstration might break down negotiations into a firefight that might not ever end in the Resu's favor. They were on pause, until Hermes decided what to do next.

"Moross Crusade... Resu!" He lurched forward, sword following, having a strange blood lust for his own kind. But he didn't kill the first Resu he reached, he grazed him basically. Bloody Water was leaking out where he had sliced through the machine that had at once imprisoned him. He placed his off hand on the mechanical hand and pushed the body of the machine off his blade while he pulled it out of the unresponsive thing. Soon, that Resu too would be with Moross, soon they shall see the power of their new Gods. The machines began to attack, but the once defenseless material that had coated the suit formally containing Stone Hermes had been reforged, and made more durable and strong. Carbon scoring dotted Hermes as the frail droids basically shattered like glass the moment the blade touched them. Every once and awhile the silicon equivalent of testosterone would get to him and he would forget to use his sword, and instead pierce their torso's with his tusks to then rip them to pieces. There were now three Resu in the process of conversion, two remained in a tank on the ship, and the droids lay in ruins all around them.

He turned back to his Master, Lord, and God, the great enlightener, the bringer of the ultimate evolution. He stabbed the ground with his blade before kneeling, and bowing to such a height that he would not appear opposing to his current form.

"Resu serve Moross now. Crusade now?" He asked with seeming innocence. With each word spoken, the whisper of lightning echoed to remind Hermes he was more than any Machine, he was after all still Resu... but now he was Moross.
Soliael looked at the transformed Resu. The Horns, the crackling electricity, its now perfect appendages. He couldn't help but grin beneath his mask. The Techno-virus was so unique, so unfathomably powerful, it was strange to think that the transformation had been so fast, but then again the force was a powerful tool. The False god began to inspect the creature before he said anything. He looked it over with a careful eye, checking every nook and cranny.

The blade it now carried was squirming with the techno-virus, only Soliael himself could see tht unique force aura climb all over the metal. He smirked slightly as he looked at the Resu, he had much work before him, much work.

“This is only the beginning.” Soliael began, his voice ominous and resounding through the hangar. “Go back to your homeworld. Spread our word.”

Soliael stopped for a few seconds, looking at the creature. He wondered if the techno-virus had given it a unique means of sub-space communication. The Vali had this, they were linked with the Gods of Moross intrinsically, almost on a subconscious level. Did the Resu as well? Soliael stretched out his mind into the creatures. Prepare your world, and I shall come.

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
"Truuuth." The beast rose, understanding enough of the words. The Resu behind him were still in the midst of the reforging process, when he stood and turned. He stopped only to look around, due to something in his head. A vague sense of being commanded, as if he had been given direction from a general but forgot the orders, thus the sense of them nagged at his brain. He shook it off, dismissing them as the commands he had just received verbally. Electric arcs bounced around his head as he communicated technologically to the Resu who could receive his signals.

The time is now my kin, the Divine have come to our Salvation! Slowly, but with an exuberance of total superiority to every being in the room save one, Stone Hermes returned home with a purpose few Resu have ever known. This day, the waters will be died red, as the writhing wounded corpses forge metal shells, strengthening their hosts more than ever before in their evolution history. The Crusade of Resu had been complete, and with the blessing of Neth...

Stone Hermes would lead it.

What world now, shall the great god lay before him and his ilk?

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
Suddenly, Hermes had remembered something. How would he recognize his god? He looked just the same as the others with a heat signature and a beating heart. Anyone could say that they are Neth and he would be forced to believe them. As such, he need something to identify him. But how do you force a god to hold something not of his faith in order to recognize him? Well then, perhaps he would ask him now, before he left. There were a few books in the shuttle, perhaps he could rewrite one... turn it into a sort of tag on the God, so for he would know for certain there were no pretenders attempting him to betray his new faith. Even as one was still writhing he command his new brother to retrieve the electric orb that to Resu was known as a book, or the closest thing to it.

"Waaait my God. A gift?" He asked him, he outstretched his hand behind him reaching for the tiny orb. Taking it in his new palm, he fiddled with the thing until it was erased. "Forgiiive Hermes, bliiind." Whispering to the small orb the name of Neth in his electric tongue, the thing was imprinted with the word of Divinity, the word of Moross, and to the Resu, the word of the Highest God. He bowed before Neth, his hands cupping the tiny thing.

"Book of Neeeth, Resu hear." He hopefully explained to him. Whenever in the presence of Neth, the Resu would bow, for the electric whispering of the tiny orb shall tell them the one before them is their God.
Soliael picked up the small orb from the Resu. It was an interesting thing, he had absolutely no idea what it was but he understood the purpose behind it. It was a unique little thing, and it would come in handy. The Sith frowned slightly as he inspected the object, looking deep into the tiny orb, he let it run through his fingers for a few seconds and then finally spoke.

“I will keep it.” Soliael responded quickly, hopefully settling the creatures mind. He supposed it was important to acclimate new species as much as possible, then a thought popped into his head. “There are other gods Stone.”

Soliael pulled a small datacron from his robes, simply pressing one key and showing the new Crusader how to operate the object with a few simple motion. “Ten in total, three living upon this plane. Inari and Kalee are the others. The Reviver and the Sword”

He spoke simply, and showed images on the datacron for the Resu to see, then offered the device for study to the newly created cyborg.

Mercury Zealot

Monstrocity of Moross - Deceased
"Gratitude." He took the item with a child like care. "Resu shall learn. Books forged for Gods soon." He bowed one last time, before taking the datacron and his brethren to conqueror Shikyu for not just the one god, but all ten of them. The ordeal was finished, the Divination had come, the Gods recognized, the Resu evolved. Just another successful mission of faith.