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Approved Tech The Darkwhip

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It's Real to Pretend

  • Manufacturer: Vanessa Vantai
  • Affiliation: Vanessa Vantai
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: N/A

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Alchemized Star Forge Metal, Blackwing Crystal
  • Classification: Whip
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Average
  • The tassels attached to the weapon's hilt are made of alchemized Star Forge metal and thus cannot be severed by a lightsaber.
  • An exotic weapon, the use of the Darkwhip's combination of dark side tendrils and alchemized tassels makes for a difficult weapon to dodge.
  • Being so free-flowing, it is possible for the wielder of the Darkwhip to hurt themselves with the tassels.
Studies of the concept behind the Rakatan Forcesaber led Vanessa Vantai to attempt to replicate such a weapon - albeit in a unique style. Utilizing a Blackwing crystal from the deepest jungles of Dathomir, the construction techniques of the perpetuating lightsaber, and the exotic construction of a lightwhip, Vanessa created a weapon that was essentially a mobile spell - in this case, the spell of Dark Side Tendrils.

Looking like a serpentine coil made of solidified black mist that emerges from the hilt, the Darkwhip is, like the forcesaber it was designed from, fueled by the Dark Side of the Force. When 'activated,' the whip itself forms - not through the empowering of the weapon's crystal light a lightsaber, but through the manifestation of Sith sorcery, the corruption of the Blackwing crystal as a focus. These tendrils have the ability to multiply themselves - going from a single thicker whip to up to nine thinner lashes no less potent than the original. This in combination with the tassels ensures numerous individual striking points are always on the offensive against even a lightsaber-wielding enemy.

The Darkwhip currently resides in the Malachor V laboratory of Vanessa Vantai, where it is infrequently used by her for more destructive purposes when Gorger is not required.
Not open for further replies.