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Bounty The Cult of Typhojem

Prince of Darkness
  • Intent: To provide an NPC Opposition and incentive for Bounty Hunters and The Bounty Hunter's Guild to track down a rogue Cult and bring their leader to Valen Arenais Valen Arenais as part of his Character Arc.
  • Compensation: The Hunter/s responsible for the completion of this Bounty may request a custom Factory/Codex Submission of their choosing, or be compensated via credits.
  • Cause(s): The Disciples of Typhojem and their leader Darth Veneer are responsible for the enslavement and torture of Valen Arenais in his prior years. Furthermore, they have betrayed the Sith Empire during its time in power and fled Sith Space. Their leader has important information regarding Valen's origins and familial ties: Darth Veneer must be brought back alive. Kill the rest.
  • Target Involvement: N/A.

  • Name of Bounty: Darth Veneer (x), The Disciples Of Typhojem (x), Acolytes Of Typhojem (x).
  • Name of Contractor: Valen Arenais Valen Arenais , The Kainate.
  • Exclusivity: The Bounty Hunter's Guild + Friends.
  • Reward Tier: Tier 4 (High).
  • Condition:
  • Additional Info: The Cult of Typhojem was last seen on Arcadia-N-30 in Silver Concord Space, where an outpost was discovered by two Silver Jedi and the Cultists forced off-world. Intelligence provided by Sith Empire databanks also suggest ties to Rhen Var, Mustafar and Rakata Prime (Aka Lehon). Targets are Force Users, considered extremely dangerous.
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