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The Correlian Confederation


The Correlian Confederation stands as the last bastion and vestige of democracy and freedom in a war torn Core Region of the Galaxy. Lead by the Diktat, the Correlian Federation has overcome many obstacles: The Humbraine, whom were pacified and brought into the greater Confederation and the Core Imperial Confederation, who waged war against their democratic Correlian allies. They prevailed. Now, they need something. You!

Navy: The Navy was the largest branch of the CDF and acted as a force projection tool for the Confederation, interstellar security, and acted as limited atmospheric support for CorSec Troopers and the Corellian Shock Trooper Corps. Consisting of several fleets, task forces, and battlegroups, the Navy was the main offensive and defensive tool available to the Corellian Confederation and was comprised of thousands of capital grade warships, support ships, and starfighters.

Shock Trooper Corps: The Corellian Shock Trooper Corps were an elite fighting force and specialized component service attached to the Corellian Navy dedicated to defending Corellian Interests abroad. The Shock Trooper Corps functioned as the tip of the spear for the Corellian Military. Better equipped and better trained than CorSec Troopers were organized for mobility. Many Shock Troopers were deployed via drop pods directly onto enemy fortifications where they often faced high casualties but paved the way for future Corellian forces such as the CorSec Troopers to make camp for future engagements. They were deployed most often on Corellian Naval vessels as both on board security and a tool of force projection onto captured and boarded vessels. They also served on Navy bases and space stations throughout Corellian Space, though ground deployments were rare and highly coveted. The Corellian Shock Trooper Corps' special forces units were held in high regard within the Corellian military and were often called upon and utilized by Corellian Naval Intelligence for covert missions. Many of the Corellian Shock Trooper Corps' traditions, unit names, and ceremonies used Olys Corellisi and they had a strong sense of unity, even after discharge.

FLEETCOM & Naval Logistics: The lifeblood of the Corellian Navy, FLEETCOM Naval Logistics managed the fleet movements and supply needs of the entire Corellian Defense Force. Tasked with operating the various medical and resupply stations within Corellian Confederation borders and along external trade routes

Halycon Troopers

To Victory! Halcyon Operations were a Special Operations and Tactics branch of the Corellian Confederation. Comprised entirely of the revered and incredibly effective Halcyon Commandos of the Halcyon Program, they operated in various roles throughout the Confederation. While most served aboard the battlecruisers of the Corellian Navy, many also served alongside CorSec Troopers and as elite soldiers of Corellian Naval Intelligence. They were in fact technically a sub-branch of Corellian Naval Intelligence and acted as their sword, eyes, and ears into the other branches of Corellian Defense. While recruiting into the super soldier program was open, participants were chosen from the pool through very strict criteria, ensuring only the best of the best were admitted. More often than not however the members of the Halcyon Program are hand picked by Director Basali of Corellian Naval Intelligence or a panel of Halcyon Overseers.

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